Chapter 2: Beginning of a normal day
Warnings: Smut, Fluff, Slash, Kissing, Cuddling, Playing, Hunting (sort of)
Words: 1584
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After Eragon and Murtagh had finally found the courage to get up and bath quickly, they dressed and got ready to eat breakfast. For today, they had planned to take Saphira with them and fly to the nearest forrest. There, they wanted to hunt and then eat breakfast. After that, they would go swimming in the lake, go hunting again, maybe take a little nap and then eat lunch. After that, they would play with their dragons and relax, until the dawn came. They would sit together in the forrest or maybe fly towards it, and then return to the Varden.

"I'm a little suprised..." Eragon muttered, while he put on his trousers – which Murtagh eyed hungrily – and searched his shirt. "What do you mean?" Murtagh asked. He had already dressed and began to pack the food and weapons they would need on their hunt in a bag. "I mean the fact that Nasuada didn't try to wake us up already. You remember when I needed four minutes more than usual?" Eragon groaned at that thought, but the raven-haired, older boy just laughed loudly. "I remember! She brought the whole guard with her! She thought Galbatorix had you captured or something! Man, it was hilarious, seeing her breaking up your door and you just standing there with your trousers on!" He laughed and then tried to finish the sentence. "That...that was really...a heroic...moment!" he gasped.

Eragon had blushed so hard his face had turned red at that time, and he tried to hid that by putting on his shirt – he finally found it under the bed – and just saying. "You are the one to talk...Shall I retell you how she thought you had drowned in the lake? And she tried to rescue you?" This time, it was Murtagh's turn to blush. "C'mon, that's an old already had so much fun with telling it Saphira, Thorn, even after they saw it with their own eyes-" "-and laughed their asses off..." "- and your guards, the children playing outside, your pillow,-" "Wait, one second!" Eragon requested, raising a finger and an eyebrow. "What do you mean with "your pillow"?" "You're talking when you sleep, silly!" Murtagh said, slightly poking Eragon in the ribs. "Besides drooling, snoring, kicking and growling, of course!" the raven-haired finished.

"Grr!" Eragon said, reaching for his pillow and tossing it at Murtagh, who caught it and threw it back at his lover. Said one tumbled backwards, on the bed, and Murtagh used the golden opportunity to pin him down and poke him until Eragon began laughing hysterically. "Stop it! Murtagh, go off of me! That's tickling, c'mon! What if Nasuada sees us? Murtagh, stop it!" he giggled. Finally, after a few minutes, Murtagh released the blonde and pulled him up. He kissed him softly before saying. "Get dressed, Eragon. I want to go within the next hour."

About 20 minutes later...

Finally, Eragon had found and packed all the things he and Murtagh would need today: Two bows, Za'roc, arrows, bread and apples to eat, water, some wine, a few other fruits and some clothes to change and a few blankets. He couldn't remember how he managed to put all that stuff in two big bags, but he was more than proud to have done so.

Murtagh was already finished with his own things and waited for Eragon impatiently. "Eragon, you are the laziest and slowest Shadeslayer I have even seen! How many minutes does it take you to take a step? Five? Ten?" he teased, grinning. Eragon pouted and just said "I have so many more things to pack than you, that takes a while! And as long as the bags aren't on Saphiras back, I have to carry them myself, which makes me slow!" he argued.

Murtagh shook his head and turned around, only to find Saphira landing behind him. Her saphire scales looked mystic and beautiful in the bright sunlight, and the atmosphere around her was calming and warm. It seemed like she took all her riders feelings within her and gave it back to the world. She bowed her head a little before lying down and making it possible for Eragon and Murtagh to climb on her back, with their bags.

When the two young mean finally sat in the saddle, she raised to her legs and took a look at the two.

"You two are gleaming with love, little one. I never thought you two would be so happy." she said to Eragon, who just smiled.

"Eragon!" that was Nasuada's voice. Eragon turned his head around, watching the beautiful woman making her way towards Saphira. "Where are you two going?" she asked, a slight frown on her forehead. "We want to go hunting in the forrest. It will take until the evening, but we'll be back before the moon appears on the sky, I think." Eragon said. Nasuada didn't seem to like that answer.

"Hunting? Why? We've enogh meat here, you can eat as much as you want to." she said. Eragon laughed and leant down. "But that's not the same as hunting it on your own!" he explained. And, as if commanded, Saphira raised herself from the ground completely that moment, flying away, leaving a worried Nasuada behind.

Their flight towards the forrest wasn't very interesting for anyone of the three. Since Galbatorix' death, traveling became a lot safer than before, the only things that were dangerous were bandits, the wild animals, the stony ways and the weather.

So Eragon and Murtagh were beyond suprised when they saw big, dark clouds appearing at the sky, next to the forrest they were flying to. "Oh no." Eragon whined, turning around to face Murtagh, who's expression would have let little children run away. Screaming. The darkhaired eyed the horizon and the big clouds. "I hope they aren't going to stay there. That's exactly where we are going to fly to." he stated. Eragon rolled his eyes. "Yes, obviously." he said, sounding annoyed. But when Murtagh eyed the blonde, he began grinning and blinked with his eye. "They won't, Murtagh. I'm sure they won't. And, I mean, we still have the Ancient Language, don't we?"

Murtagh gave Eragon a tiny smile, before letting his eyes wander back to the dark clouds. A first thunder was heard. "We should land in a few miles and walk the rest of the way. It's too dangerous to fly that far. Even for me." Saphira said, lowering towards the earth. Eragon told Murtagh about Saphira's plan, who agreed with her. A few minutes later, they landed. It wouldn't take long to reach the forrest, so the dragon let the boys sit on her back and walked towards the trees.

Eragon and Murtagh got a little tired while Saphira walked. The slow, rythmic steps and the slight rocking was calming after a long flight with more or less cold wind. And besides, the two hadn't slept that much at night. But when the blue dragon sensed her rider becoming tired, she changed the speed. Sometimes, she was running, sometimes she walked very slowly. And if the boys become too tired, she made a hard stop, which made Eragon landing on his stomach once.

But after nearly 15 minutes, they finally arrived at the forrest. And the clouds had wandered towards the other direction, so the sun shone down on the trees once again. Eragon grinned widely and felt Murtagh bending down, giving him a soft kiss on his cheek. "Seems like your sunny mind made them go away." the dark-haired, young man said. Eragon laughed and jumped from Saphiras back. "If you think so..." he simply said, still grinning. He suddenly ran towards the trees, raising up his arms. "Freedom!" he shouted and then laughed again.

Saphira shook her head, while Murtagh jumped from her back, too. It was fascinating. Sometimes, Eragon seemed to be an adult, a hero, a leader, a warrior. Aged, matured, serious. He was able to decide what was best, how to act, what to say. And he was able to stay calm. But just seconds after, he totally changed, became childish, almost crazy, had lots of power and just followed his heart and his feelings. He was totally outer control. It was almost as if he had a split personality; On one side the adult Eragon, who was political, wise and brave, but didn't loose his temper and was calm. And on the other side, there was the child, the playful, free and happy young boy he met years ago.

Eragon would never loose both sides. They would stay within him. One created by the war, one by his loving family. And brought back again by his lover. Murtagh smiled and went after Eragon, who waited for the older one. "C'mon! How can you be that lazy and serious, Murtagh?! And Saphira, when did you become an old lady?! We wanted to have some fun today, not walking around like the old people!" he laughed. A second later, his laughing stoped.

Saphira and Murtagh looked suprised, then eyed each other, grinned, and looked back at Eragon. He could hear the both saying something; Murtagh with his mouth, Saphira with her mind.


And Eragon ran, Murtagh and Saphira chasing after him. "How do you dare to call me old?!" Murtagh shouted and laughed as he saw Eragon running a bit faster. This was going to be another funny, totally normal day.