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One Day of Serenity

By: Counterfeating Shakespere




"Moon Tiar-"…… "Run! Run! RUN NOWWWWWW!!!!"

Three heads lifted – or snapped to be more precise – at the abrupt order of their leader.

Sailor Moon turned - lacking any form of grace – away from where the iron youma was standing. In her mind was only one objective. To get as far away as possible from the now angry monster as it emitted ball bearings the size of basketballs. What it was about to do with the now spiralling balls were so obvious; Sailor Moon visibly winced as she imagined being bludgeoned.

Even in imagination, it hurt pretty badly. And her imagination – fuelled with countless hours of reading mangga, daydreaming about Tuxedo Mask ( in various state of undress, not that anyone need to know that, i.e Luna ) nearly every hour of the day – was pretty good. Mentally, Sailor Moon made a list of all things she would need to soothe her soon to be wounded body. 'Ouchie…'

Her blonde hair flying everywhere, Sailor Moon felt a sliver of fear. It started at the spine and ended in a loud ringing in her head, like a fire alarm that echoed throughout school halls. It was a sixth sense of sort, the kind you get when the moment of death was at hand.

With in seconds her head was singing, and not in a good way, as myriads of colors bombarded her inner vision, her own eyes momentarily blinded with her blood. She was so intent on the pain; she felt nothing of the protective arms that swooped down to get her as far away from danger.

The youma screeched in annoyance when its target was whisked away before the orbs could do true damage. With more force, it summoned more orbs from its body, the metal balls popping out of the youma's metal skin. It disengaged from the body with a metallic snap. The silver tinted hair of the creature wrapped itself around the fifty or so balls and whipped the projectile for a second attack. This time, the monster centered the attack to the remaining Senshi, because Sailor Moon was currently out of reach, whisked away in a swirling dance of moonlight and velvet cape.

Sailor Mars, her head already swirling from the last blow of the youma, was the first to see the spiralling orbs of metal quickly homing on all the Senshi's head. Reflex working overtime, she turned and tackled her weaker ally, Sailor Mercury, while silently praying that her other friend was strong enough to deflect the weapons hurled at them.

"Mars, you okay? I swear these youmas are getting stronger!" yelled Sailor Jupiter. She stood her ground as she called out her lightning blast and protected herself.

The black haired girl nodded while keeping her grip on her friend. It tightened when she saw that one of the projectiles had graced Mercury's forehead and had given it a nasty looking cut.

"Oh, Ames, I'm sooo sorry." she whispered softly, guilt flooding her.

"Forget about it, where is Sailor Moon?!?"

Jupiter jumped in surprised. "Fuck!". Casting an evil glare at the now smirking youma, the Senshi of Nature and Storm quickly scanned the surrounding battle area. "She better be safe or I'm toasting you, Youma!"

Evil laughter.

"Ooooh, I'm soooo scared…" it cackled in a waspish voice before it dissolved in another inhuman laugh. It even started a little hopping dance, hoping to annoy the Sailor Warriors.

And annoyed them it did.

"That is it! You're toast". Mars screamed.

"Mars Fire Attack!".

The youma watched in horror as fireballs swiftly descended to her (him/it?) making rubber of the rapidly melting iron hide that encased the monster's flesh. Silvery goo started oozing from lacerations on its steaming skin. Incredulous that it was actually being hurt, it failed to notice the twirling tiara that zeroed in on its midsection, much less the loud incantation required to power up the attack.

Three eyes, blue, green, and, purple, grimly watched the monster turned to dust.

It was Mars who snapped out her thoughts and zoomed in towards their leader.

"Moon, you idiot, we could had died! What the hell wher-"

"What the hell is right!" shouted Sailor Jupiter. She stared in confusion, mouth openly gaping as she watched her leader being tenderly caressed by Tuxedo Mask.

They were in their own little world. The petite form of the heroin was engulfed by the man's taller frame. Though all three of the remaining warriors were distrustful of Tuxedo Mask's own involvement with the silver crystal, it was undeniable that he truly cared for Sailor Moon. All three knew, that if push came to shove, the caped hero would gladly sacrifice his life – and most probably theirs as well – to ensure the safety of the leader of the Senshi.

And right now, safety was tantamount. Sailor Mars was quick to stop Mercury and Jupiter from rushing to the two. She knew they would demand that Sailor Moon be released to their care. But Mars, with the help of her psychic eye, knew that getting Sailor Moon away from that embrace would be impossible.

Tuxedo Mask's aura, normally so calm and collected, was spiked with dark swirling colors of anger and hate, no doubt for the youma that they had just vanquished. But more than that, greater and brighter, and most definitely stronger, was the aura of concern, worry…, and love, pulsating from him, as his arms gathered Sailor Moon in a tighter embrace.

Purple eyes blazed with envy as the scene before her finally registered. 'Get a grip, Rei', Mars chided herself silently, 'Usagi can have him, you have Mamuro now…'She sighed dreamily. 'Now, if only he would show some more interest. I swear, sometimes he treats me as if he was escorting his little sister…'




"Sailor Moon," Tuxedo Mask's gloved hand hovered protectively on the blonde's trembling shoulder. "Are you okay?"

The girl in front of him seemed to tremble some more and without thought his arms quickly engulfed her, tightening as he realized how close she had been to getting seriously hurt. A frown appeared, not quite hidden by his mask.

'That was close' Tuxedo Mask said to himself. 'This was the worse yet.'

He knew he should have been long gone by now. By some weird choice of his long ago, it had become his trademark to leave the moment the blonde heroine has safely dusted the enemy. Sometimes, even before that.

Therefore, his embracing the heroine – after the battle - was truly beyond the norm.

'But she was hit! I felt her snapped back from the impact before I manage to shield her from the worst of the damage.' Unconsciously, his right hand made soothing movement on Sailor Moon's back. 'Where did it hit any way? Godamnit, she better be alright or Nephrite's going to find himself impaled by hundreds of roses next time I see him!'

The handsome man's thought was interrupted as slender arms went around him. He ignored his own pain as Sailor Moon hugged him wearily as if seeking comfort in his embrace. He allowed it, silently urging her to stay as long as she liked to.

"Sailor Moon? Were you hurt, sweet?" asked the mysterious hero. He almost flinched when he realized what he had called her. 'Oh, shit! Did I just say that aloud?'

Tuxedo Mask tensed, waiting for the super hero to react to what he said. Part of him looked forward to the happy squeal that she would probably emit upon hearing the endearment; the other part felt a flood of guilt. Heroine, she might be, but sometimes, Sailor Moon acted a little too much like a certain klutz that he knew too closes for comfort. And worse yet, he could not understand why he felt he was betraying a fourteen years old girl as he continued to comfort the Moon Warrior.

He didn't have to wait long as crystal blue eyes impishly gazed at him. Thoughts of Usagi were whisked away as he stared eye to eye with Sailor Moon. That she could still be up beat despite her brush with death truly left him amazed.

It was one of those things about her that had convinced him why she was necessary to be leader. Unlike her three more able, and more battle ready allies, Sailor Moon was in love with life and all that it offered. While the others felt it was a responsibility and duty to fight the growing tide of evil around them, the golden haired girl viewed her role differently.

Life, with all its laughter and pain, its possibilities, and small moments of joys, was precious to the delicate senshi. And protecting what small hope left in people's heart was no duty to her. Nor a job, but not quite a gift, either. Just, well, was. It was reason to live. Even if sometimes, the price was a bit too steep for someone contented to live a normal and ordinary life.

Mesmerized, he watched Sailor Moon's face break into a happy blush before his own eyes darken with concern. She had a large bruise on her head. It looked nasty. 'And bloody! That fucking youma better be dead or it'll wish the Dark Moon never created it.'

Sailor Moon's heart was singing, in perfect synchrony with her own singing, and very wounded head. 'Sweet, Tuxedo Mask called me sweet!' She calmed herself. Almost willing to believe that she has died or had gone to heaven, she cast her hero a lovesick look. Incredible, but he was still here. Even more, he was embracing her, tightly, instead of doing his usual disappearing act. And all with out the cheesy line, too.

It would have been extremely mortifying to squeal like the teenager that she was. She was embarrassed enough that she had failed to see the youma bombard them with those damn metal thingy just as she was currently making ready to twirl her tiara at it. Youmas were not, as a rule, very fast to retaliate. 'Thank goodness someone was clever enough to place Tuxedo Mask in the scheme of super fighting archive or I would have been dead and buried long before'

'Well, it was not as if you were meant to fight really, I mean, me, yes…or is it you? Maybe it is we? Us? Ohhhh, my head hurts…!'

Sailor Moon blinked. "Did you just say anything, Tuxedo Mask?"

The masked man tightened his hold on his golden angel even tighter shortly cutting off the girl's circulation before he realized what he was doing.

"That wound, it looks nasty," he informed her.

'Hmmn, wait, should I know him? He looks familiar; somehow, the cape is wrong…Or is it? Perhaps armour? But then, he would be wearing a cape with that as well…At least, I believe that to be…Hmnnn, wait, this is wrong. It feels like I shouldn't be in this embrace as it is not proper, and yet….'

"What! Hey, who is in my head!?" Sailor Moon yelped. She glared at her Senshi currently in different state of repose and regretfully moved out of her hero's arms. She flashed a rueful look at his worried face before she stomped towards the black haired senshi.

"Pyro, is it you?"

"Say what!?!" Mars eyes glinted dangerously. "What scatter brained question is that?"

"Scatter brained! Scatter brained! I'll let you know that since you're the only psychic among as four-!"

'Ooohh, that was unnecessary. The Fire guardian had always been most fiery, but restrain was best in dealing with her. What would Luna say, what with my loosing my dignity and screaming like this…I'll be hearing a lesson about how unseemly to act and sound like a fishwife…Also, it is so unattractive. Very unbecoming of me….'

Sailor Moon tilted her head. 'What the hell! Who was that!?' "Uh, guys, I need to rest. That last bomb must have hit reaaallly hard." She moved her head from side to side… 'Am I thinking those? It seemed that way, and yet, not me.'

"Right. Sleep. Sleep is good. I did always like sleep."

'Hmnn, yes, maybe that would be best. Something is not right… Trouble abides now. Why is that so? Why am being me always the proclamation on the beginning of doom…? I am being too much my old self…I am thinking much too much like my old self. And I did agree it would be best to repress me…I need to be my other me… WE need to be you…'

Sailor Mercury hastily went to her leader. "Are you alright? You seem out of it." Blue eyes worriedly scanned the gash on her leader's head. It was much larger and possibly more serious than hers was. Worry floored the Senshi of Ice.

"Hmnn? Yeah, I'm fine. Just need to doze of..." Sailor Moon muttered.

'Wait. That was wrong. I have to correct that. I mean, really, I should know better…'

Sailor Moon gave her blue haired friend a brilliant smile. "You must not worry so much, Sailor Mercury. This will heal, after all. I merely need to rest." Ignoring the surprised look on Mercury's face, she then turned towards her other two senshi.

She ignored the pain in her head and with a firm and calm voice regarded them. "That was an amazing feat of teamwork. However, maybe, if we are more focus, this incident of us getting hurt will not come to terms. It would also…" 'Ohmygodohmygodohmygod'. Sailor Moon gulped visibly.

Jupiter was looking at her leader with growing panicky. "Wha- I mean –Huh? Wait, uhm, who?"

"Yeah, like I said, sleep, sleep is good." Sailor Moon turned towards Mars to see her reaction, and promptly started sniggering.

For Sailor Mars, the Senshi of Fire had fainted flat on her face in utter disbelief.


One Day of Serenity

Chapter One


Chiba Mamoru was not in the best of moods.

Yesterday, he had practically lost ten years of his life as he watched in fear the love of his life almost bludgeoned by metal orbs. And it had been close. Deadly close. So close, he still sported at least eight black bruises on various parts of his body when he had swooped down to get Sailor Moon out of deaths path.

Not that anyone looking him over would notice it. Tall and well built, his body was what was defined as that of a seasoned dancer. Not big and bulky, but lean and strong. Underneath his t- shirt, muscles rippled unconsciously as it tensed with memories of last night. The face, handsome with it chiselled planes, and sculpted perfections were anything but rugged. Rather, it was aristocratic in appearance. The face of an angel, with the devil's dark colorings.

"And she still got hurt! Damn it!" Mamoru shouted, causing an old lady walking besides him to jump in fright.

He didn't care. All thoughts were focused on the memory of the blonde senshi sporting a bloody fore head. "DAMNATION!"

It had twisted his heart. So much so that he had tried to stopped her when she tried to dust the youma again with her tiara. So much so that he had wanted nothing more than to drag the her off from battle, find the biggest, coziest, cotton padded room in world and place her there, lock the doors, and kill anyone who so much as try to take her away from him.

'Why padded?' Mamoru thought lazily. 'Well, yeah, it had to be so she would have no chance of hurting herself.'

'Oh, yeah. Like that was what you were thinking you hentai!' his inner voice called out. It never failed to surprise Mamoru how diverse his thoughts were. It was as if he had two, even three, separate thoughts, each with their own take on any particular matter.

He snorted. Okay, maybe not so innocent thoughts then. Still, it could not be helped. Mamoru flushed as he imagined her form maturing, as he did not doubt that Sailor Moon was still in her early teens. 'But, man, what a body! Any curvier, and she'd be a walking seduction.' He almost drooled. 'And she is going to get curvier. Puberty is a natural development after all.' He should know, since he was studying to be a doctor. This time he did drool.

'Fuck!' Mamoru slapped himself. Hard.

"Save the blonde from death and proceed to plan for the best place to rape her…Oh, yeah, now that's heroic!" He was worse than those idiotic youmas.

The upper classman was so intent on berating himself that he did not sensed the umbrella descending on his head with remarkable force. "Hey! Ouch!"

The old woman from earlier glared at him with faded eyes. She whisked her weapon as if asking him for more chance to use it. Then with a sniff, the old hag informed him that if she ever heard of anyone getting rape, she was sure whom to describe for the police. And that he better not be thinking of raping her.


Mamoru wasn't stupid enough to say that aloud though. Chances were the old woman would have accosted him right there on the street and raped him – him, the Hero of Tokyo – right there on the sidewalk if she so much got a whiff of how disgusted he had been at the mental image of anyone doing anything remotely lecherous at the old woman.

He had hightailed out of that situation so fast ( faster even when he makes his daring escapes from a youma attack after rescuing the gorgeous blonde that was Sailor Moon ) that he was panting by the time he got to school.

So occupied was he with the still disgusting image of an old hag being forcibly dragged to the bushes – a bane, this imagination of his – that it was only during his psychiatry class that he realized why it suddenly felt like his day got worse.

-Sailor Moon had gotten hurt yesterday – brain concussion, anyone -, despite his attempt to make sure she was ALWAYS safe.

-He had not gotten any more chances to see to her well-being – and kiss whatever hurt away – after she went to talk to her Senshi. 'That was weird as well. Something about hearing things…'

-An old woman who looked so old she should have been preparing her funeral rites instead of trying to convince a handsome upper classman that she was his next rape victim physically stumped him…

And the most important of all, the cherry on top, so to speak, was that-

-He had not had his usual head on collision with another blonde haired angel.

'Not that I was looking forward to it or anything… Or that she is angelic or anything…


'Shut Up!'

'If Sailor Moon knew you have two love of your life-'

'Be quiet! Sailor Moon is-my-one-and-only! Odango Atama is for amusement! And I hate the brat!'

'Oh, wait; you HAVE three love of your life…'


'The woman of your dreams? Ring a bell?'

'Oh, yeah. The princess… Hey! What do you mean by three love of your life? Odango is by no way counted! I repeat, I HATE THE BRAT!'

'Right' the voice in his head replied silkily.

With a muttered oath, Mamuro thumped his head on his desk earning him his classmate's weird looks. In moments like this, he had long ago realized that silence was best. For some reason, his subconscious has a way of getting the last word. Best to ignore it before it started enumerating the many actions he had gotten lengths to fulfil, just so he can have a daily encounter with his 'amusement'.





Tsukino Usagi was trying her best to ignore her hyperventilating teacher.

Ms. Haruna, for some reason, decided that today was the day that Martians attack the world, or maybe the beginning of Armageddon wherein tens of thousands of angels would fly down from heaven, defeat evil, and kill all those who opposed the great ruler of heaven.

Or maybe even more fantastic, maybe, elves would appear along with dwarves and some goblins announcing that, yes, Lord of the Rings was based on true events and middle earth was once again about to start because some perverted Hobbit had taken into its head to create another ring…

Yeah, that might work.

It had to be in the realm of fantastic because it must co exist with the reality that, Tsukino Usagi, the Mistress of Tardiness, has finally broken her record. For the first time ever, the blonde ditz (though Miss Haruna IS fond of the child) had gotten to school eight minutes before the school bell rang.




The brown haired teacher glanced toward the young woman who for some time now was considered a permanent accessory of the school hall. What she saw made her scream in fright. It was loud enough that her students were startled to silence.

Tsukino Usagi was silently reading a book. A Biology book.


Or, maybe not. Maybe, just maybe, her klutzy student was still her klutzy student. Innocently, Ms. Haruna sauntered toward Usagi, seemingly in random, glancing here and there to see what the students were up to before the start of the class.

What she saw made her want to scream in fright.


Because Usagi REALLY was reading a Biology book and there was no mangga in between the pages.




"Err, class, I'm not feeling good right now." The teacher said in a rapidly fainting voice, her eyes darting back and forth to the window (was that a U.F.O? oh, just a plane, hmnnn…) and then to the door and then to the quietly reading blonde. "I'll be back, just need to collect myself…" the last words ended so softly, no one heard it at all.

The classroom erupted as soon as the teacher left the room. All save for two students; they excitedly conversed with anyone they wanted to exchange gossip. This would have gone on for some time had not one of the "two" students looked up to see what her friends were doing. What she saw made her look twice.

Then made her look again.

And again.

"Uh, Makoto…Gomen, uh, is Usagi READING!?!", Ami hissed towards a tall brunette who was busy flirting with the most popular boy in class.

Makoto did not even bother to look toward Ami. "Funny, Ames. Hahahaha. Really." She gave the boy in front of her a wink. "Usagi. Reading. Yeah, right."

Ami sidled closer toward her friend. Whispering furiously at Makoto's ear she half dragged her away from their classmate and forced her to really look. "I'm serious. She is READING!" A lone finger pointed toward the object of their conversation. "Look!"

Makoto was not convinced. "Maybe its manga?"

"No, I'm seated behind her. I saw it. Page 106, Evolution of Fungi."

"Yeah?" this was spoken with dubious uncertainty, "maybe she got fascinated with the pictures?"



"I can't think…" Ami wailed.

Makoto grinned, albeit with a small frown on her face. "Maybe that's it. I mean, Usagi finally found a way to make you stop reading textbooks yourself. Something about irony…"

The blue haired girl stilled at the words, pondering the probability of the situation.

"No." Shaking her head, she steely gazed at Makoto's eyes. "Usagi is not that smart."

Blue eyes locked with green. Both nodded slowly as it finally seeped in the repercussions of their blonde friend reading something as geeky as biology. With out words the two girls agreed to keep a closer eye on their leader.




Four girls seated themselves at the farthest booth inside the arcade. They were about to start their daily Senshi meeting, and the farther from prying ears, the better. It had been a ritual with them. It was as much a part of their lives as breathing. Normally, they would do this in the local temple. However, recent developments have been brought to the attention of the three of the girls in the group. It was best, they had decided, to be in looser surroundings.

Of the four, three had a secret. These three had, minutes before the final school bell rang, contacted each other and silently agreed to watch any discrepancies in the fourth one's action. It had to be kept secret because as Ami had stressed in the communicator, "She might be an enemy in disguise." to which Rei had scoffed and said, "I thought you scanned her and said she IS Usagi?" Ami, blinking, blushed a furious shade of red before announcing in a voice suspiciously sounding like Usagi's "But she was reading. BIOLOGY!"

That did it. Usagi, reading. Biology. Oh, yeah, something was most definitely up.

Ami, Rei and Makoto glared suspiciously at the blonde in front of them. Nothing seemed amiss. But all three agreed that the Dark Kingdom was a very sneaky enemy.

For her part, Usagi had long lost awareness on the actions of her three friends. Her mind was now wandering towards what had happened in breakfast that same day.


"A pleasant morning to you all!"

The calm surrounding the breakfast table instantly vanished the moment those sunny words reached its recipients. Mrs. Tsukino froze from her spot where she was currently pouring coffee for her husband while Mr. Tsuiko became unmindful of the hot coffee that was slowly dripping towards his thigh. Even Shingo, the smart alec of the family, was in a state of semi comatose.

Usagi drifted towards an empty seat and sniffed the breakfast with appreciation. Pancakes, and bacon and eggs. 'Delicious,' she thought.

"This looks good, mother. May I have some?" Usagi happily chirped.



Shingo was the first to gain coherent thought. "Eh, Odango? Are you aware how early it is?" This was followed by a smirk. "And what's with the may I have some routine? Normally, you just gobble everything in sight without bothering to ask."

His sister merely tilted her head and gazed at him with sad eyes. "Must you start the morning with such rude observations?" Usagi said with a soft sigh. "Never mind, Shingo. I suppose it is expected by now, your taunting. Still, one wishes you will outgrow it."



Shingo was back in comatose state.

Usagi frowned at her family. They were acting peculiar. 'As I am, I suppose. Something is different with me today, and yet, I still feel me/ But then, I'm feeling pretty weird myself.' She glanced at the clock and saw the time. Gazing wistfully at the food in front of her, she stood up, kissed her mother, her father, and, yes, her brother, on the cheek and informed them she is off to school, as it will take a while to walk.

On her way out her feet tripped on a loose floorboard.

The sight of his sister doing a USUAL (a. k .a tripping on her face) released Shingo from his frozen state. Little brother that he is, he was about to jeer at Usagi again as payment for acting nice before he was stopped cold by the next event.

For instead of falling flat on her face, Usagi somehow managed to find a hold on the handle of a kitchen cabinet. With dignity and grace and a cute hop, she flashed her family a charming smile, uttered "Goodness, that would have hurt…", and promptly left the house to spread sunshine and charm to the whole Juuban city.

-end of flashback-

'They really weren't themselves. I wonder why that is.' Usagi's mind contemplated the strange reactions. 'Is something the matter? Out of the ordinary, perhaps? Even Ames was acting different from who she is at class today.'

With those thoughts, her blue eyes drifted to her friends only to find that she was under intense scrutiny.

"May I ask, if there is something on my face?" Usagi said with embarrassment, a blush forming as she imagined some soot somewhere in her creamy cheeks. "You were all staring at me so closely…"

Mizuno Ami snapped back quickly. "What? Err, no, gomen, are you feeling well, Usagi-chan?"

Frowning, the blonde answered them earnestly. "Hai, I'm fine, really. Is something the matter?"

Hino Rei was almost at wits end. It was Usagi in front of them that much she gauged from Usagi's aura. It was still a bright silvery radiance extending a good three feet from the girl, spreading in delicate tendrils toward anyone near her. Anything that tendril touched always managed to feel encompassing warmth surround them.

Rei would rather die than admit it, but she had always strived to be near the clueless blonde after her own first encounter with Usagi's aura. It just felt so good, being near it, though she had long shut close her third eye to see it. The radiance of that aura was dazzling. Dazzling enough that despite her deep desire to lead the Sailor Senshi, she knew it would never happen. Rei's own red-hot aura paled in comparison against the other girl's warm shine.

And today, it was brighter than normal. Pulsating in little burst of light, the silver being broken by crystal like glow. How was that even possible, Rei could only guess, but the crystal light was beginning to blind her. Yes, it was definitely Usagi in front of them. But she was acting, well, un Usagi like. 'What the hell is happening!' thought Rei.

"Are you sure nothing happened to you last night? Did Luna and you stayed up late and do things? Like- err, hmnnn, protocol and all that? Or whatever it is that the two of you talks about?" the black haired girl demanded. She wanted to get to the bottom of this.

Makoto nodded wisely, her ponytail bobbing up and down. "We should tell Luna to lay it low with Usagi. I think she is starting to unravel with all of Luna's nagging."

The blonde laughed, momentarily filling the arcade with melodious laughter. All male in the vicinity felt a pang of pain at the sound. Every one knew that Usagi was still single and that she considered all male acquaintances as friends. No matter how sweet her laughter, it was a hopeless cause.

"Luna didn't nag me last night." Usagi hiccupped between bouts of laughter. "Besides, how can Luna nag me? She is a cat, you guys."

Rei stared hard at her friend. Ditz that she was, it seemed incredible the implication of what Usagi had just said. "Usagi, did you see Luna today?"

"Iie, demo, I think she was in Shingo's room, so I didn't get a chance to see her this breakfast…"

Usagi raised her eyes to stare back at Rei. "Not that I mind, but why so much fascination with my cat?"

Ami, Rei, and Makoto stared right back at her. Rei once again spoke. "Odango, in case you are still asleep, I will say this very slowly. Luna is OUR guide. You know, as", her voice dropped to a whisper, "Sailor Senshis…"

Blue eyes regarded them quietly. "Rei, err, what are you trying to say exactly?"

The miko was now incensed. With an oath, she took Usagi's pigtails and started yanking them. "I don't know what you are playing at but you better stop it, coz I AM NOT PLAYING!"

It took Makoto and Ami's collective effort to pull Rei away from their leader. What Usagi said next effectively pole axed them on the spot.

"Hey, be gentle you two. I think Rei is stressing on her duties as miko." The blonde carefully rearranged her hair. "And Rei, must you tug so hard? It takes forever to fix this hair…"

Makoto almost fainted dead away. Usagi was not wailing. In fact, she was sitting down calmly, her two hands in her hair, fluffing it and giving Rei a compassionate look.

Ami, still holding on to Rei's left arm, gazed at Usagi quizzically. She had enough time to collect herself and had come up with various explanations for Usagi's behavior. Now was the time to see if her theory was correct. "Usagi-chan, do you remember what happened last night?"

"I bumped my head, I think, because there was some bruising. It must be while I was dreaming and fell from the bed." Usagi gave them a rueful look. "I swear, I am the only girl I know that gets hurt while dreaming."

The blue haired girl continued her interrogation. That Usagi mentioned the 'bump' on her head had given the fourteen-year-old genius more ideas. For a moment her eyes searched for any wounds or scarring, but was once again amazed when all she saw was a barely there discoloration on her friends forehead. 'Usagi's healing powers are getting stronger.' Ami thought to herself.

"Usagi-chan, can you tell me anything about your brooch?"

Pale fingers quietly traced the outline of the jewelry where it rested on Usagi's ribbon. For a moment, all three girls saw sadness in the blonde's eyes as it circled the golden brooch. It was replaced instantly with a look bordering on happiness, but not quite.

"A gift, from my mother…" their friend answered. "Ami, that is a weird question. What do you want to know about my brooch anyway?"

Something clicked in Ami's mind. "Usagi-chan, demo, uh, can you tell me what you know about Sailor Moon?"

Frowning, Usagi answered her friend with uncertainty. "Ames, there is no Sailor Moon. I mean, I believe there is a Sailor V, but no Sailor Moon, ne?" So saying, Usagi pointed to a game console to their right to show her friends the Sailor V game currently in use by two elementary kids.

The three girls sucked in their breath. Shocked, Makoto released Rei and promptly started shaking Usagi. "What the hell are you saying, Usagi?! If you are joking, like Rei said, I will personally slap you, then punch you silly, and then wring your neck, just for good measure. " Her voice dropped so that only the four of them heard what she was about to say, nevertheless making sure all the urgency and conviction was blatant for Usagi's benifit. "YOU ARE SAILORMOON!"

Usagi raised her eyes to her friends, her face rebellious. All the other girls held there breathe, waiting for the blonde's reaction.




Blue eyes clouded shortly. Something flickered in its aquamarine depths, knowledge of things past. Somewhere, in a place surrounded by silvery fog, two girls stood in front of each other. They were both identical in every way save for a slight difference in height.

Both had hair the unique color of antique gold and darkly hued honey shimmering underneath the sun, giving it various shades of amber- yellow tints. On the taller one, pale silver streaks weaved in and out of the blonde tresses.

Both hairs were styled in a cute bun on top of two long pigtails on either side of their head. It fell, unheeded to their knees, the ends sweetly curling. A crescent moon was inscribed in gold, at the center of both their foreheads. Both have eyes, the color blue, the sort only found at the most clearest, deepest part of the ocean. Or like the crystalline blue shard of a very large chunk of iceberg floating in the cold arctic sea. Ice blue. Crystal blue.

The face was a study in exquisiteness. Heart shaped with a high forehead, both mirrored each other in the perfect arch of golden-brown brows, a small upturned nose, and sweetly curving rosy pink lips, the lower portion more full so that the lips was in a suggestion of a pout. The chin was small, lifted in defiance as if daring anyone to call her out as fragile. Both had no dimples, but this only proved how perfect the two were. What were dimples, anyway, except a facial mutation that charmingly managed to mask itself as endearing. Both faces were unmarred by such discrepancies. It was a perfect face…

Small boned, and petite in height, both girls had proportions that any man would happily look at the rest of his life. Though small in stature, both girls had long and well-shaped legs ending with the smallest, most delicate feet. Generously endowed on their chest, it appeared bigger by the impossibly small waist. The gods of beauty had liberally spread all form of graces and muse on both. The two girls were the embodiment of golden perfection.

Yet, oddly enough, the two girls emitted a musing glow. Serenity seemed to cloak their small forms, and a feeling of deep, nurturing quiet surrounded them. The radiance of their perfection was not the glaring brightness of the sun, but the soft, soothing, and melancholy glow of a silvery moon.

The only discernible difference between the two was their age, and afore mentioned height, for the other one was clearly older by two to three years. The features were sharper, her jaw line and cheekbone prominent and more defined. The younger girl was chubbier, the picture of healthy adolescence on the thresh hold of adulthood. Both had porcelain white skin, a delicate flush overlaying it, as if the skin was in a constant state of blushing. Rosy white was the perfect definition to it. It was clear, without any marks or scarring.

It was the younger of the two that spoke first.

'Nani? Where am I?"

'Here, with me… You are, well, I am not sure exactly where we are. I have no recollections of this place. I am simply overcome that we can even view each other as that are impossibility. Since I am you, and you are me…'


'I think I am a memory. Does that make sense? A physical representation of what you once was…What you wanted so badly to ignore, to forget.'

'Oh…Well, what are you doing out of me?'

'I suppose, I was getting tired being suppressed. Do you not want to be me again?'

'This is giving me the heebie-jeebies…'

'Must you talk in such a'

'Prissy? Dumbassy? Eh, stupidsy?'

'CHILDISH manner… look, can we not be more like me while we exchange words? Half of the things you spouted at me do not even belong to any known language…'

'Heck, no! Look, you, well, no offense, but I think the reason I don't wanna be you is because becoming you have too much responsibility. You look like a girl with responsibilities. And responsibilities, I can honestly live with out. You have no clue the responsibility a stupid black cat just handed me recently. And to be honest, you have sad eyes. I don't wanna have sad eyes…'

'Are you not being selfish in not wanting to be more mature in your duties? As for the sadness, t'was not easy, the memories I have. However, I see your point of view in the matter. Mayhaps, we could forget the sadness. You wanted so terribly to be different from the last time, because you blamed how you were caused it all …but it does not need to hinder us in being you, if you remember me…'

'Can't. I think that once I'm fully conscious of you, there is no turning back. So, since you are a part of me, kindly get back to where ever I have holed you up and never emerge again. There must be a good reason why I wanted to forget you existed, if all that melancholy around you is any indication.'

'Do not deny my existence, I beg of you. For one day, let me be. Let US be. You know you want to…In truth, I know you do, for I am you'

'But I know this is how I – err, we want to be now...Something just tell me this is the way I want it to be. Not graceful, not witty. Just me…'

'True. However, it is nice, to be the one you were once, do you not agree? Just one day, when all WE repressed shines through. And all that we are now, all we have strived for fourteen years to perfect, is merely an illusion.'

'Well, I really do think I am clumsy. And I know I do wail, A lot. Those aren't illusions.'

'We have always been thus. I suppose being nobility did not give us monopoly on being not awkward. Just that, now, we make no action to mask it. Moreover, as for the wailing, I like it. It is nice that we do not have to hide our displeasure, or even our joy.'

'Hmnnn, true. I think the last time, we had to stay calm, ALWAYS. Even when I wanted to rant and rave, it wasn't allowed.'

'So, shall we? Just for a day. Then, after, we can be the same old Usagi everyone knows as to be. Nevertheless, for now, until midnight, lets us be the nobility we always were. It will be fun, I believe. I truly miss being graceful. It is so tiring being unexceptional. Well, except maybe we are exceptionally pretty. No effort on our part can change that…It has always been our gift and our curse…'

'Pretty cocky, 'aint ya? And you love them big word a little too much, I think. Still, it could work…But what if they guess? I thought the purpose of being as exact an opposite of who we once were is so that Luna can't find us? Err, what was it again that she wasn't supposed to figure out?'

'But she already found us. Just not the US she was suppose to find.'

'Okay. I'm convinced. Just so, you know, if that nosy cat connects two and two together, I'm gonna fight it like heck... I like being ordinary.'

'WE both enjoy being ordinary, silly. But for today, shall we be the way we were…'

'Okie-dokie. Uh, so, how do we go about it then?'

'Allow yourself to forget. Remember only how we were before. Or, better yet, just let your natural reaction be. Do not fight it and try to make a fool of ourselves. It will be great fun, I promise.'

'We are doing this for fun?'

'A little, I suppose. Mostly, just to show everyone that there is more to us that what they see. WE do have pride. And it annoys me to be treated so beneath our station…'

'Again, I think that was the plan.'

'And you executed it so well. A little to well…'

'I really love the life I have now/ I love who I am now, but I miss being how I was, sometimes…'




Usagi's eyes flickered. The confusion in there vanished instantly to be replaced with amusement. In her head, she knew something important had just transpired. But, for the life of her, she couldn't remember what it was. "That is quite a joke, you girls. Really."

Ami gasped. "You don't believe us?" The blue haired girl stared at her blonde friend. "Usagi, we are telling the truth."

'Hmnnn, I think, for now, we do not remember that, do you not agree? Let us make it that we remember all our friends as normal...'

"Ames, really, I've had enough." Laughter bubbled from Usagi's lips. "It's not even that funny but I just imagine myself protecting the world from robbers like Sailor V would, and well, you get the thought…"

Still chortling with laughter, she did not hear the softly uttered word of Ami.

"Selective amnesia…"

Usagi had enough. Something in her told her to leave her friends.

Usagi knew something was different, she had agreed to herself as much. But she couldn't seem to grasp exactly what was changed. It was as if something in her mind was trying to block it.

So intent was she on dodging Ami's stare, the blonde haired girl did not see the gorgeous obstruction in front of her. With in seconds, she tumbled back seemingly to land in her butt had not said obstruction promptly wrapped his arms around the girl and held her close.

All male, and female, for that matter, brazed themselves for the wail that would follow the encounter. This was a daily occurrence inside the Crown Arcade. They were used to it, and even looked forward to the occurrence. It was a fascinating real life soap opera, albeit with only two main characters.

Above her, a slightly irritated voice muttered something with exasperation. "Here we go again." The voice said.

Everyone made a play of covering his or her ears. Getting deaf was not an option as this thing with the two may stretch for a good long time, like any great soap opera. Shockingly, the wail did not come.




'Such a beautiful voice,' she thought. 'It had a drawl, somewhat lazy and content.' Images of caramel lacing dark chocolate flashed inside Usagi's flustered mind. 'That's how his voice would taste, if it was edible…' she thought faintly.

'Ooohh, I remember him…At least, I think I do. Why is it so hard? I think, yes, it would be best, if we treat this as a first meeting. There is something about him that is familiar, too, hmnnn, poignant?' Usagi's thoughts drifted.

'Now is not the time for us to dwell in it. It will ruin our day of being us, do you not agree? Except, why is being with him feels so…right? Shall we keep him close to us? He seems important in our new life somehow….'

"Gomen nasai …" Usagi whispered furiously towards a black shirt cladded chest. She was blushing like there was no tomorrow, and her nose hurt where it had bumped the man in front of her. His chest was that hard. Her eyes downcast, she did not see the suspicion clouding the midnight blue eyes. "I wasn't looking. Please excuse me."

Usagi dared to look up at the tall man holding her. Straight to the darkest, bluest eyes she had ever seen in see in her entire life. He was handsome. But handsome in a way uniquely beautiful. As if a sculptor, finally realized the concept of male perfection and created a living, breathing art. And this perfect man was holding her, embracing her, with an attitude of someone who had every right.

'Do I know him?', she thought to herself, confused now with the way her mind seem to be thinking in two related yet separate way..

'Ne? I am not certain…Does it matter? As I said, we must begin anew as if every thing is slightly altered to suit our one day of serenity. Thus, for today, we are strangers, meeting for the first time…Just ensure that he gets a good impression of us, please? '

'Roger that.' Usagi flashed her most dazzling, most charming smile. "Thank you, for breaking my fall." The hard look of her rescuer's eyes did not thaw. If anything, it just got colder. Suspicious, even. She tried again, this time adding a lilting tone to her voice. "However, if you are to save me from falling every time we meet, falling on purpose might become a daily habit…" the words ended with Usagi blushing prettily as she realized how forward she sounded.

Whatever reaction she was hoping to get with her flirting, what happened next was definitely unexpected. The blonde squealed as the arms around her tightened some more…