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One Day of Serenity


'Eh? There is someone over there! Did the fog bring her?'

'Huh? But I see no one at al- OW! Hey, that hurt!'

'Ohmegod! Look, look!'




'…would you think me an utter coward if I tell you I'm scared enough to want to contemplate peeing while still wearing my pants? Not that we are wearing anything at the moment.'


'Why are we nekid, 'nway?'

'My head hurts…'


One Day of Serenity

Chapter Fourteen


It hurt to breath and she wondered why that was so. For one, she never needed to breathe; breathing was for the living. She brushed the problem aside though, and settled instead with studying the two forms. One was composed while the other hopped from one foot then the other, arms flailing around to emphasize her words. She felt incredible fondness for the spastic one; from her came life and the promise of the future, but the reserved figure drew from her a sepia lined feeling of memories and admiration. And she understood that she could not choose one from the other. They were one and the same. But still. But still…

She opened her mouth to call out to them, and the golden fog surged into her through her mouth. She felt very languid all of a sudden. Boneless, even.

The startled yelp from the younger one made her close her lips and she guiltily looked at them. How she knew who was older and who was younger, she cold not say. It was just that despite how similar the two were in appearance she could tell quickly who was the ancient one.

She didn't do anything wrong, she wanted to tell the two. And really, that fog was actually very helpful. It took the pain away and she felt so warm right after. But she knew she was stealing. This was the younger one's fog. Even if technically, it was hers as well, she thought sadly. "Forgive me." She took the steps necessary to breach the distance. "I meant no harm."

"You. It is you. It is you who have to choose..."

The younger frowned, and once more flayed her arms about as she squawked out her argument. "Choose what?", "YOU KNOW HER!?" and "Hey, hey, hey!" were the most distinct, the rest was a jumbled brew of inconsistent babbling and even senseless sentence construction.

The third smiled, shook her head, and whispered, "I'm not the one who must choose."

"Yeah!" chimed the younger. "I'm the one who's supposed to choose. I think…" She was confused though. Choose what exactly?

The new comer shook her head again. "No. Not you either."

The older of the two faltered. 'The information is new to her,' thought the third sadly. 'And she is afraid of the choice.' She felt compassion for the delicate creature, and she opened her arms. Instantly, the form run towards her and clung. She trembled, but what of it? She was trembling as well. "It won't be so bad," she soothed softly. She felt guilty for sending her out, to try and convince the younger the importance of the crystal. "In any form, he loves you." Us, came the whisper. In any form, he loves us…


That made the other two laughed and caused the younger to huff in annoyance. She didn't mean to be the comedic relief when she uttered the question. It was just so confusing of late. If it wasn't her choice, then whose was it? One more thing… "Where did you come from, anyway? And why do you look like me! I mean us! Why do you look like us?"

"I'm the one that should have been." She waved a tendril of fog that was trying to weave itself on her form. But no sooner did it disappeared when new pillars of vapour went at work and webbed around her. She could say this much, he was very thorough. "I'm the one that will never be." No, so soft it came this time. You shall be. But you must wait and trust.

"Well, good grief. More riddles!" The younger pouted and held her head between her two hands. "You two belong together. You talk in another language." Around her, the fog swirled, as if dancing. She was not aware that as she fell down, the fog materialized and cushioned her fall; it acted like a bed, and she even lay down on it, face still grumpy. "Why did I ever do to get saddled with two loonies? As if Ami's algebra equations weren't bad enough…" She kept on this litany, until her voice dropped to the barest of sounds, and then all that was left was even breathing.

It was only right; the fog understood which of the three it needed to protect the most. She trembled some more and was grateful it was mirrored by the older one. Too fear was not a sign of weakness, she knew, but it shamed her she could not trust completely. At least, she was not alone in feeling it. 'Soon,' she thought sadly, 'the fog shall come over us and the two of us will disappear.' But that was the wrong word to use, was it not? Disappear was too final. The two of them shall never be destroyed, because when all was said and done he loves (me) us. Rather, she/they shall once again be returned to the place where she lived, in that make believe world he visited in his dreams. He didn't want such an existence for her, but it was all he could do until such a time came when true merging would take place. By then, both she and he would be strong enough to shield her from the guilt.

"When was the choice made?"

The younger one was already falling asleep, her face losing the irritated lines and succumbing to the innocence it shall always posses.

She sighed and watched a fine mist now trying to cloud them over. 'Goodnight, little one,' she thought fondly to the sleeping form. 'I'm sorry I tried to manoeuvre past what was decided and be awakened. But I was afraid he would forget me… and love only you.' She dropped her head and cried silent tears. "A long time ago. Even before we were reborn."

Now they were both crying. "And will she remember? Or will this moment just pass by her like a dream that will be forgotten?"

To smile despite the tears was a great feat. "Can you not guess what we will do?"

"Alas, you know her better than I. Already I accept I am but recollections and knowledge gleamed from the past. I may know the very principle that is her, but not all of her." A sob torn from the depths of the soul followed this statement. "I wish I had been more like her."

The fog was so thick now; she could barely see anything but the barest of outlines. "She will remember enough. We succeeded that much."


"But without the crystal, the knowledge is worthless. We will not be awakened."

She could feel herself disappearing. Already, the older one, the one that was of memories and of sepia musings was merged into her being. Still, she managed to ask one final question. "She will not find the crystal?"

A sigh again, but this time, it was both sad and happy. Endymion was truly a very wonderful man. "He will not let her find it. Not yet. Because he loves her/us to much to let it be so."


One Day of Serenity


He watched the Odango'ed one sleep, amused despite himself when she started murmuring about octopus balls and fish sticks. He couldn't help the chuckle that he let out when she whined about choosing between chocolate cake and chocolate milkshake. 'It must be wonderful,' he thought to himself, idly brushing a strand of sunshine away from the girl's face, 'to dream her dreams.' Her sort of innocence should be treasured and protected always.

Out of the blue came the idea that if she ever became the princess, that incorruptibility would be destroyed. His face hardened and a sort of hated for the royal maiden overtook his heart. Gently, he touched the soft cheeks of his blonde haired nemesis, sighed some more, and then stood. He went to the window, and was able to catch sight of two of the senshi before they made fantastic jumps and was swallowed by darkness. No doubt when Usagi woke up, and returned to them, she would be asked non-stop about things pertaining to the Moon Kingdom. Rei and Ami would be the most persistent, both inquiring in their own manner.

But she would be unable to answer anything.

This he knew and he did not question the knowledge. Mamoru guessed that Usagi would be able to reply to some of the more basic questions and even be able to come up with bits of history, but that was all. The intricate details were not for her to remember, nor the full memory of what happened. "Usagi," Mamoru whispered softly to himself, "You will come back. I don't want the princess if it means losing you."

His gaze slid to the sleeping from of the Moon Warrior, and he felt calmed to see her safe and near him. Now that he was alone with Usagi he could let himself relax and actually think.

If what Luna said was right – and he believed the feline no matter how far-fetched the story – then he was indeed Endymion. And if Endymion was in any way similar to him in thinking and principles, then he already guessed what the ancient prince did to safeguard Serenity's soul.

Endymion made himself keeper of Serenity's recollections. It was his duty to keep the past safe and away from the reincarnated form of the Moon Princess until such a time when both were ready to become one. That was why he dreamed of her asking to search for the crystal even at such a young age. The Silver Talisman was the key to unify both psyches. As Prince of Earth, nothing would have been greater than the idea of being together with his true love. She knew this as well, the dream maiden who called out to him night after night. She wanted them to be together once again, with their memories intact. 'To make the reunion sweeter…'

'Except I am not just Endymion,' he thought with a bit of regret. He loved he so much, owed her so many childhood laughter. She was his shining light during the times he felt all was lost to him. But now he must disappoint her when she needed him the most. 'I am also Chiba Mamoru…'

So what? Did it mean that Usagi meant more to him than the Moon Princess? The young man turned away from her, and looked outward again, this time directing his gaze on the full moon. It was time to be honest with himself; was he in love with Tsukino Usagi?

Looking back on all the things that happened that day, he would admit to deep attraction. He found her very attractive despite all her convulsive moods and idiocrazy. And he found her delightful and engaging that despite she had the face to make her one of those girls, she stuck to being convulsive and idiotic. Still, if there was love, it was sheltered behind animosity established by them both during their earlier meeting. That and the constant reminder of her age. No matter how hard he tried to forget she was very young to be in a relationship with someone as old as he was. He wasn't that desperate to be with a girl yet. And if he was, there were plenty to choose from rather than stoop down and court the klutz of Juuban. Or so he kept telling himself.

He always ignored his friends' veiled suggestion which girl they believe might be good to be his girlfriend. He always made excuses whenever they set him up on a blind date. He became a regular face in the arcade when he realized Odango Atama was a regular there too.

And he forget one more detail, he mused ruefully. His feelings for Sailor Moon.

'Ah, yes.' He scratched the back of his head and grinned, blue eyes widening at he understanding. She he loved and admired openly, even if it was tempered by the fear they were fighting on opposite sides. That girl he recognized openly as equal, and with none of the scathing remarks he and Usagi shared in between to sour the emotions. And unlike Usagi, he never once truly worried about age and status when it came to the senshi. That he has a sensory button in his body when ever she came out was indication enough they were connected in more than just principle levels. Doesn't matter if she was young or from a family background very much removed from his; he was born in this world to care for her.

The moon's light shown down on him, and he was bathe in the silver glow. He raised one hand to his face and used it to rub his temple. Time to use logic, so he would not try and excuse himself from the facts: If Usagi and Sailor Moon was the same person, and he admired Usagi and loved Sailor Moon, then he, Chiba Mamoru, both loved and admired Tsukino Usagi. Another way of stating would be: …then he, Chiba Mamoru, both loved and admired Sailor Moon (Who was also Tsukino Usagi).

Again, what of the Moon princess?

Mamoru braced himself for the answer honesty would provide. The love he has for the young woman, who begged to be released from her shadow prison, was but a lie of the heart. Emotions sprang from the depths of the soul, remains of the supplication his soul answered so very long ago. He loved her. He loved her as Endymion (As Luna claimed) and he loved her as the young Chiba Mamoru. He continued to love her until a senshi claiming to be of the moon came into his life. Until a wad of paper was thrown to his face and caused a tick in the fluid routine that was his life.

A lie of the heart.

Was it just him, or did the light suddenly intensified? He dropped his gaze, and was wary to see that yes, the silvery glow was now very strong. And that more alarming was it wasn't coming from above, but from somewhere behind.

The young man spun around and came face to face with a now fully awake Odango Atama. An Odango Atama who was now in civilian form rather than the white senshi armour she was donning a few minutes ago. But the silver crescent on her forehead remained still; it peeped out behind the gold fringes like some exotic tattoo.


One Day of Serenity


"I have so many questions!" she looked at the young man still with his eyes closed being bounced along as Makoto continued her jumps. Mina almost faltered as emptiness crept into her heart at the sight of his silver hair half hiding his aquiline features. What did it mean - this sudden sadness that seemed to be taking over her soul? She slipped her footing when she landed on a slippery roof, before regaining it a second later. "Like, do we fight because we need to redeem ourselves as well?"

Makoto threw in her two cents. "Ne? I don't think so… I certainly don't feel like I need to clear myself to anyone!" Her last words were grunted as she heaved the man mid air to keep him from falling.

The temple was only a few meters away. Rei landed gracefully on the Shinto grounds. "Weren't you listening? She was the only one to be given an opportunity to. We didn't need any redemption." The priestess nodded her head and looked at the moon. Her words were spoken slowly and precisely so the latest blonde among them could understand it. If she was anyway near as air headed as the former leader…"And yet here we are, fighting along side her." She turned towards the other girls and her face has no trace of regret, no malice. Hino Rei looked very content as she spoke her statement. "Here was exactly where we all wanted to be."

Ami took her last leap, one great enough to clear the distance of the roof she was on all the way to where Rei was standing. Without a hint of surprise, she felt herself transformed back into her civilian clothes.

Minako, still looking at the unconscious form of general Kunzite, bit her lower lip, mulling Rei's words, before she made another jump, following Makoto. The priestess spoke loud enough to be heard by everyone, seeing the Shinto ground was vast – and empty of other people – enough for such loud discussions. And even if Rei's grandfather was around, the black haired warrior would sense the old man's presence enough to have cautioned them before hand. Having an empath of sort as a friend and ally was a very good thing, she realized then and there.

Another thing she realized was that it didn't matter that her questions remained unanswered. Mars just said the most important thing. 'I chose this fate. Heck, we all did!' she marvelled. 'And that's enough answer for me.'

With a happy heart she glomped her new friends, the emptiness leaving her soul and throughout the night, not once did her cornflower blue eyes strayed towards the man they held hostage, much to Artemis' joy. She was a Senshi. She was reborn to protect and serve the princess.

That was all that mattered. That and she have prospective best friends now. Four wonderful girls who could make high jumps like no one else's business. With powers of their own. And one of them was apparently some big shot royalty.

Life for the blonde was no longer full of crap.


One Day of Serenity


It was a dream. This was what she insisted to herself over and over again. The fog with the gold sheen, the mirror reflection that was imperial and every inch the lady, the fact that she kissed her greatest enemy and that she was still alive after standing up that way against Rei-chan, the gorgeous senshi uniform (She hoped this one could somehow cross over to reality… the cool dagger rocked!), that she kissed the enemy. That he kissed back! Oh, great kami, he kissed her right back! All those things – especially the kissing part - and so much more were a dream.

Certainly the feelings she has for the devil's spawn was some sort of hallucinations brought by lack of oxygen.

Maybe even the Dark Kingdom being very clever with their attack tactics!

She could think of more reasons, she was certain, except he was gazing at her with his bedroom eyes and thinking was becoming very hard. The incident in the moron's car kept popping to her gray matter and was making her hyperventilate. 'That did not happen!' she maintained. 'I would never have allowed it!' But her brain – and her heart – wasn't convinced. So to safeguard her sanity, Usagi grabbed the pillow besides her and threw it at him. "Baka!" she howled indignantly. The fabled quiet of the Chiba flat was forever destroyed… "You kissed me! How could you?!"

Enemies do not kiss each other. It opened new paths and prompt for startling developments. Good grief! If he was Motoki, the issue was more than welcomed, but he was the Baka and so any possibilities that did not involve him croaking in the next ten minutes were unacceptable. She saw a substantial looking vase and picked it up, then made the beginning actions of throwing this at him as well.

He moved so fast, she barely blinked and he was before her. His right hand held her wrist in a firm grip and the striking cobalt eyes glinting with just enough danger to make her rethink her plan of action. "Put the vase down," Mamoru ordered. "It happens to be very precious to me, so I suggest you do as asked."

She worried her lower lip; a sure sign of indecision. Then with her nose scrunched, she dropped the vase, which he managed to catch with his left hand. He was beginning to smile, and say "Good girl," when Usagi shrieked a warrior cry and head butt him. The reverberation of skull hitting skull (No matter it was covered by skin) sounded very loud.

Not that it was heard because Usagi's howl of pain merged beautifully with Mamoru's swearing. "Ow, ow, ow!" Usagi was hopping up and down now, hands clasped on her forehead. "You jerk! That hurt!"

"You were the one that rammed your head into mine! Why the hell are you complaining?" The words were gritted out past his teeth, and he was trying not to choke the lovely idiot. The upperclassman kept reminding he just admitted to himself he was in love with her and choking her to death would not reinforce the concept.

Usagi stuck out her tongue, hands still on her noggin. She looked like she wanted to bite him, the way she was looking at his neck. 'But,' thought Mamoru acidly, 'I can envision choking her. Thinking and doing something is not the same thing.'

Finally he sighed, placed the crystal vase that used to house his rose away from the girl's reach and sat down besides her. She was back. The desire to both weep and laugh was very strong. He wanted to mourn the idea he was not able to question the princess more thoroughly before Usagi reverted again, but at the same time he felt relieved that she was simply a transient. He meant it when he wished for Usagi to return; he needed that girl's laughter. His life was devoid of it and only she could provide it.

He tipped his head on the sofa's headrest, hands on either side of his body. He was looking at the patterns the shadows were making on his ceiling, and doing his best not to think yet. More contradictions were cropping up; he was satisfied simply knowing Usagi was near him, yet at the same time he felt so awkward being alone with her he could feel his entire body twitching, ready to bolt away. That are be all I'm-the-upperclassman-with-the-perfect-test-score-while-you're-the-head-on-my-chest- collision-Odango-Atama-who-do-nothing-but-screech-and-play-video-games to the blonde. Never a good thing, he knew. The conversations that followed those instances were the sort that made him want to go to an ear doctor: Little Odango has a voice that could wake the dead. He always wondered just how she made those loud sounds when she shrieked at him.

The silence that came over them was very loud. A lull that was filled with whispers, echoes and what would be said. Chiba heard it and the way Usagi was now seating, a pensive look on her features, he knew she was hearing them too. He himself was trying to get past the conversations being played in his mind. There were so many, ranging from the most idiotic (Usagi claiming she was abducted by aliens and mentally forced to act the way she did for one whole day), to the most …romantic.

He shook the image of the girl and he making out right there on his sofa, face searing a brilliant red. It was a mystery why the room did not lit up with it.

"Heh. What exactly happened?"

Incredulously he turned his head, and found the girl gazing at him. She looked like she was close to tears, but he expected as much from this girl. And because she was this girl, he took caution as his course of action. "What do you remember?" Mamoru countered. He made sure his tone was kind and not the least bit patronizing.

Tsukino huffed but he noted she was also blushing despite the low lighting of the room. She sat down primly, hands now on her lap. She looked serious as she tried to find the right words to explain. "Just so you know, I do remember I everything." She stuttered at the last bit, and the flush on her face deepened. He thought it endearing and should she have looked, Usagi would have seen a very tender expression in his eyes as he watched her.

But she was so concentrated on trying to make him – and herself – understand that she did not see. Speaking was hard enough, she thought quietly. Speaking while looking at his face would be harder. "I kinda know it was me who did all those things but it also felt like something I dreamed to life."

Her words jolted him to attention. Dreamed to life: The words kept repeating themselves in his head even as she spoke some more.

Usagi sighed, and she tucked her legs close to her body, propping her chin on her knees. The scrunched up nose, the quirked brows, all helped make her look like a little girl pondering the mystery of life not because she was being curious but because her existence depended on it. Mamoru bit the swear words that came to mind, and held himself in check. He wanted to hold her close, to offer comfort, but he just didn't dare yet.

For herself, Usagi was feeling torn. She has this idea that if she said the right words to Mamoru, that the girl she was just a few hours ago would stay for real. When she said dreamed to life, she wasn't sure if it was her who did the dreaming or someone else. Someone who was also her, but not her at the same time. Maybe the princess?

'Maybe,' she reasoned. Briefly, an echo of what transpired came to her, but one that was not shared to the rest of the world. She was not even sure it happened in any known world. The idea was enough to scare the living shit out of her.

It was misted and shadowed and there were two girls that looked like her. One of them was distinctly Usagi in thought and action, while the other one was this ethereal young woman who could settle comfortably among the fairytale princesses read to her as bed time stories. For a while it was just the two of them, and then another girl came and she too had Usagi's face and body. And the Moon Warrior knew without a shadow of doubt it was that girl that reprimanded Rei-chan, kissed the Baka after admitting she loved him, and made those awesome moves during the youma battle.

A perfect Usagi, the girl bitterly thought. The sort Luna always wanted Sailor Moon to be. The kind that Hino Rei would listen and obey to. The sort Makoto and Ami would not need to constantly help just to be able to survive one more day in school. Certainly that Usagi would be able to defeat The Dark Kingdom without even pausing to breathe.

"I'm the one that should have been."

What if she was also the one Mamoru Baka wanted? Her brow furrowed some more at the wayward question. Not that she cared, she insisted, but what if? He kissed her (the whole kiss thing was popping in her thoughts so much, interfering with the logical flow of her views). As innocent as she was about those sorts of things, the girl recognized the promise of love in the kiss. Was she the sort Chiba-san would like to court to be his girlfriend…? The concept caused a sharp jab of pain deep within her chest area. Was she not good enough?

Who would not want a perfect version of Tsukino Usagi? Even she used to wish herself to be that sort of person. 'What was the expression?' she mused. 'Be careful what you wish for…'

She was getting lost thinking. A rare moment. Had Luna known it was transpiring, she would have held a party for the anomaly. Thankfully, her Baka was around to bring her back crashing down to reality. "To be frank," she heard him say softly, "it's not what you remembered that is my real concern. I'm more interested with whether you meant all the things you said and did."

Hungrily he deepened the kiss, insistent for the girl's response. His mind spun into the oblivion for the softest, most delicious of explosion.

The kiss.

"Mamo-chan…I think you should know. I—I love you very much…"

The declaration.

'…oh, crap.'

Ever so slowly, she turned her head, angling it so that she was looking directly at his. Her cerulean gaze was wide; her eyeballs looked ready to pop out. And breathing was becoming very, very difficult. 'God, how could he?' she seethed. There should be rules about how one handled situations like this. Usagi wondered if she could fake a fainting spell once more, and escape the whole issue for one night before she come face to face with it again.

She hasn't even cleared the issue between her gray matter and her ticker and here he was pressing the whole thing to her. True, both mind and heart were in agreement that yeah, the cover was blown and it was time to bid farewell to the alibi that was Motoki and finally fess up to the truth, but Usagi could be an ornery sort of girl when it came to the important things in life.

And the way he was manipulating the conversation, she would be the one to admit to having feelings while he listened at leisure. She would sweat and agonize if he also felt the same way as she stammered the whole thing. Bastard that he was, he would let her sweat and worry and would take his sweet time with it.

What nerve! What gall! Why was he slowly coming closer?!

His eyes were narrowed as he peered at Usagi's eyes. "You're pupils are dilated," he told her clinically. "I hope you're not going into shock, Odango. Not that I'm surprised if you did. I guess your brain just can't stand too much thinking…" Gently he patted her cheeks, trying to make her focus, and was contemplating making her rest and get some sleep when she bit his hand.



One Day of Serenity


Endymion never understood his people's fear of the Lunarians. Even his generals' occasional admission to feeling apprehensive of what sort of powers the Guardians wielded he found ridiculous. Only Lord Nephrite was of similar standing with his beliefs; the Oracle was grounded enough with knowledge of magick craft not to be intimidated.

When Malachi, or Lord Kunzite as he was known in court, asked what his stand was about the Lunarians being 'decreed' to watch over Terra and Her people, the Prince of Earth smiled and said he did not believe it. The silver haired general was curious and wanted a further explanation.

The answer given was that Terra itself housed a talisman as powerful as that held by the Lunar Kingdom. While both power stone possessed different qualities, and therefore emitted magic vastly altered from each other, they were nevertheless of equal value. And while it was true that the Queen of Silver Millennium was of the gods own bloodline, it did not mean She and Her Court were Terra's better. It just meant She knew how to handle Her crystal more intimately – having the knowledge passed down by the gods themselves - than Earth's own high King with his own stone. But a time would come, Endymion prophesied, when the control over the Golden Crystal would be complete as well. This he vowed; he would be the man to wield it completely.

That day, Kunzite bowed respectfully to his Prince and accepted dominion at last. The young man, young still to be bogged down by responsibility and duty proved himself deserving his arrogant nature. Young Endymion was wise as he was noble. And as sword master to the Royal Son, the general knew he would be relentless in his search for control over the Terran power stone.

These things happened. And all that was written Endymion did do and thought. In his search to control the talisman, the young prince found himself seeking alliance with the Lunar Court, backed by the High King's own seal. By then, rumours also circulated of another agenda; the prince was also hoping to make a royal union.

Tavern songs, gleamed from minstrels and bards own stories, tells of how a Lunar Maid one fateful night fell from the sky into the Golden Kingdom's royal garden. Her unexpected meandering was not significant; anytime she could summon the moonbeams to bring her back to her castle way up the sky. But Fate was not to be denied. That night, she fell on the glade where a prince slept near among a copse of evergreen trees.

From there, Fate murmured farewell; Her job was done. It was Love's turn now, and Love was an even more powerful force than destiny.

All these were chronicled by Kunzite himself in his journals, though the parchment where the words were written was now mere dust. Of those moments that he was absent, he kept absent in his writings as well; he was not the sort to theorize and make allegations. If there was truth in the story of the moon maiden and the sleeping prince, then let them be turned to myths, fuelled by poets' hearts and young fools wishing for stories that they could claim as similar to their own.

Time has made it but memories of the past, and one that would never be remembered by both men.

Still, a passage in the many scrolls deserved mention. In the last year of the Golden Kingdom, during the Feast of the Solstice Harvest, he wrote in fevered haste that the when the weather proved unsuitable for celebration, the Prince Endymion glowed a distinct golden aura, looked up the heavens above, and willed sunshine and blameless blue sky to come and grace the festivities. 'All it took was a few seconds,' Lord Kunzite wrote. 'I asked him if he made true his vow, and my prince grinned at me and said he was almost done.'


One Day of Serenity


'Foolish of Them, my love, to think you shall fight on Terran soil alone. I am the Prince of Earth, and Heir to the Throne of the Golden City. Did They think I would let you walk my land unescorted? Did They think I would suffer the idea of you finding love with someone else?

You asked me not to forget. I heard your words, beloved. They followed me as I travelled the great river, ferried by Charon. And I vow that I will not forget.

Neither will you, fair Serenity. For what good is remembering if I cannot share it with my heart's keeper…

Wait for the memories, Ashke. Wait for me.'


One Day of Serenity

Chapter Fifteen


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( Preview )

She expected a lot of things after she bit him. The tears that sprang from the depths of those sexy eyes of his were one of the expected things. His swear words, spoken in Japanese, English, and what she guessed as Spanish and French was also expected. She ogled him shamelessly as he hopped around his room, holding onto the injured appendage. And she admitted to awe when she heard him curse. My, but who would have thought Chiba Mamoru knew so many colourful language…

It was fascinating to see him so perturbed, that she conveniently forgot her own reason for biting him. Until he finally let enough steam out that when he faced her, he was the Baka again. Meaning he looked the way he did every kami-forsaken afternoon in the arcade.

The only difference was that his eyes weren't so Baka'ish. It looked instead the way it did inside his car just this afternoon. It was filled with promises and dreams and hopes and all those things she sometimes glimpsed in Tuxedo Mask's cobalt gaze. The only difference was this was directed at her and not at her alter ego, Sailor Moon.

Her lips parted open. "Endymion?"

Mamoru frowned, and before she could even squeal in protest, he was before her, fingers digging in her both her arms. All the things she noted was still there in his eyes, but now they were added with another emotion; the need to be recognized, she thought dizzily. She was getting lost in that sapphire world…

"Not Endymion," he said fiercely. "He died and will remain dead. I am Chiba Mamoru."

She blinked back tears as the harshness of his delivery. As soon as he saw it, his grip slackened and his voice dropped to something more calming. "I am Mamoru-san. Don't ever confuse me for Endymion, Odango."

"How could I?" she retorted waspishly, giving him a look that was meant to make him fear for his soul. "As if I'd forget when you keep calling me that nickname, you jerk! And how dare you imply my brain shuts down when I try to think!?"

This scenario she knew. They've had this sort of conversation countless of times. The only difference was that they were in his flat, in the middle of the night and not inside the noisy Crown's Arcade and Parlour. Usagi almost relaxed at the normalcy of it all except he started to laugh.

What. The. Hell?

His hands stopped gripping her completely, but only because he suddenly decided he was going to gather her in his arms and drew her close. Usagi squeaked and struggled but he did not let go.

"Baka, what are you doing!" She pushed her forehead against his chest to shove herself away, but he placed one of his hands on her head and then gently caressed her hair, going so far as to pat the buns that was reason for her nickname. Then he placed his chin on the top of her head. He was still chuckling at her outburst. It was vintage Usagi after all.

"Just so you know," he told her softly, throwing her own words back to her, "I won't accept a 'no' for an answer. So either say that yes, you meant everything that happened and that you will stand by what you said, or shut up. I can wait until you are ready to repeat the whole thing again and mean it." His hand stilled, dropped to her back, and stayed there. He could feel her muffled breathing on his chest. "I want this clear; when I said you, I meant my Odango Atama"

She froze at his words. And then she cried. She cried until he felt tears soaking through his shirt.


-hugs and snugs people-