One shots, based on drabble titles.

A collection of One Shots about our favorite blonde and her dark haired prince.

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"I dare you." This was uttered with a soft drawl, already sure, that the girl before him would back out at anything so far away from the realm of sweets.

"You- Baka, You think I won't?", Said the girl, shrieking at the top of her lungs.

Black brows rose incredulously while sculpted lips smirked with unholy glee. "You'll never even get past the second sip."

"Ha! Shows what you know…WHICH IS NOTHING!" This one ended with the words shouted loud enough for anyone with fifty meters could hear it. Mamoru visibly blanched and waited for the ringing in his ears to stop.

Swearing underneath his breath, he contemplated how the situation had gotten so out of hand. One moment he was minding his own business, sipping his usual dose of very black, very strong coffee, and the next, he was readying himself for battle when sunshine in the form of Usagi Tsukino had sweetly asked Motoki for her usual dose of cloyingly sweet chocolate milkshake, extra sugar. Just the thought of it gave him a toothache.

So now, here they were, face to face. The clumsiest, loudest, ditziest girl of all of Japan, against Chiba Mamoru, Mr. Suave and Collected Personified himself. They were in front of the Crown Arcade counter, Motoki already in knots at how this confrontation would end.

"Motoki, give the brat a triple Black Java laced with Extra Strong Indian Roast."

Motoki visibly paled. "Usagi-san, please, for the love of all coffee lovers in the world, back out now!"

Blonde hair flew everywhere as Usagi shook her head. "NO! Damn, but if this idiot thinks for one minute I'm gonna back down, well, tough! Now, give me the freaking brew!" Her aquamarine eyes were icy in its resolution. There is no way in hell she would backed away from any dare given by this idiotic, moronic, annoying jerk.

Mamoru stood with his hands inside his green jacket. "Tsk, tsk. You should watch your language, Odango Atama."


Motoki knew when he was defeated. Glaring at his best friend for this predicament, the sandy haired man reluctantly handed the girl the large white coffee cup. All the people in the Arcade watched in awe as the petite golden haired girl drank all the coffee in one long gulp. What was left could barely be called a teaspoon.

"So there! Jerk!" Usagi stood, hands on her hips as she gave her nemesis a triumphant look. The coffee had been every inch as disgusting as she had imagined. Already her whole being was buzzing with the rich caffeine as it coursed trough her. The Dark Kingdom would no doubt get a nasty surprise if it decided to send in some Youmas tonight. Sailor Moon would be in her most aggressive, fighting form.

Mamoru himself was pole axed. Disbelief was coming from every pore of his body. With a frown, he turned to the man inside the booth. "Did you lace it with sugar? A lot of sugar?"

He ignored the hiss of disbelief from his friend, as well as the loud squawk that came from his blonde prey. With resolution he took the cup that Usagi drank from and promptly sipped what few remains of the coffee left in it, intent on proving the brew she drank was sweetened.

But more important, he ignored his inner voice that slyly asked why he had to turn the cup just so that his lips drank on the spot where the imprint of pink gloss was visible on the stark whiteness of the cup…