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#58 At the End of the Day

683 words


He was treating himself to some Odango Atama watching.

He just got his latest test scores from his final exams and they were, yet again, the highest in his class. Not a big deal really, but it was gratifying to know all his studying was being rewarded justly.

That wasn't all.

The last fight against the Dark Kingdom, just minutes after daybreak, was also successful. Sailor Moon had kissed his cheek shyly for saving her life when the youma tried to slice her head off while she and Mars were busy bickering.

Not that there was any need for her to be grateful.

Just the thought that Sailor Moon was alive and unharmed was enough for him. But he didn't mind if she kissed his cheeks more often, despite the fact that Mars would howl at the sight afterwards. He could, as Tuxedo Mask, get use to the idea, truth be told.

Then his agent called and told him he was receiving a bonus for the last photo shoot he attended because the photographer entered it in a competition and won. The guy was generous enough to share a little of the price money.

His visit to the arcade went without a glitch as well. The coffee Motoki gave him was just perfect. The blend was exactly the way he wanted it. Bitter, with that underlying taste of vanilla laced in it. The fact that the arcade was free of those incessant fan girls who mooned over him was a bonus he was quick to be grateful for.

Mamoru shifted from his seat, still musing about the day's events.

Even his dream of the princess was not so dire that day. He couldn't remember all of it, but instead of the usual search for the Silver Crystal scenario, he was pretty sure the dreams constituted of him in a tuxedo and dancing with the golden maiden in a crystal bedecked ballroom.

Yes, everything about that day was faultless.

This was why he was treating himself to some Odango Atama watching.

And maybe, just maybe, to some Odango Atama insulting and jeering later on.

Illogical reasoning aside, having a verbal spat with the klutz of Juuban City was the only way the day would end in a perfect note.

Never let it be said that Chiba Mamoru denied himself of the things that mattered in life…

His blue eyes watched as the blonde-haired girl pursed her lips and sneak a suspicious glance his way. The two of them were currently in some form of sneak-a-look competition. The person who gets caught looking would end up blushing beet red for a good five minutes, muttering about Baka's and silly Odango's.

Then, when the mortification died down, it would begin all over again, with both of them giving each other guarded looks.

Motoki, watching him and Usagi, just shook his head and rolled his eyes.

The raven haired young man heard his best friend murmured something about Mamoru being too stubborn to admit he liked the blonde.

"In fact," said the towheaded boy, "I'm pretty sure it's turned into love." He gave Mamoru a significant look.

That comment almost threw him off.

Him? Like the Odango?


"Yeah, right," he murmured, his gaze still directed to the now scowling Usagi.

Ah, sweet denial.

It would get him one day, but for now, Mamoru would feign ignorance and simply wait for the blonde to come stomping his way.

Then he could stop watching and start insulting, and then she would start wailing, maybe jab at him with her little pointer finger, face just a little too close to his.

They have this tendency of invading personal spaces as the squabbling continued.

Both didn't seem to mind that fact very much.

If she would somehow trip and fall in the vicinity of his arms, he supposed he could grin and bear it.

He supposed.

After all, what's having the Odango in his arms for a few minutes if it meant having the perfect ending for a perfect day?

It wouldn't be too much of a sacrifice.

Not at all.


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