Chapter Eight- Attraction

The final chapter! Originaly there was going to be one before this one about Katara's mother's death anniversary but I couldn't write it very well and 8 is my lucky number anyways.

"Can you believe them?" Katara asked as she and Zuko walked away from others. "I mean how could they think we flirt with each other? We don't even like each other." Zuko looked to the side not really wanting respond.

The gang had finally called them on their flirting, well mainly Toph. Aang stayed somewhat quiet and Sokka started every sentence with "If you were flirting with her…" Toph was the one who tended to point out everything that went on. Zuko and Katara blushed when she did. Katara denied it all and Zuko stood there trying not to smile. This was all entertaining to him.

Eventually, Katara stopped fighting and just went off into the woods, dragging Zuko with her even though she knew that wouldn't look good. Now they were just wandering in the woods.

"I mean there's absolutely no attraction between us at all, right?" She kept going. She wasn't sure what else to do but deny everything. Nothing could happen even if she did admit she liked him. All of a sudden, she found herself trapped between Zuko and a tree.

"You talk too much." He told her putting one arm on either side of her, pinning her.

"What is with you and trees?" She asked realizing this was at least the third time he'd had her against one.

"They make it easy to corner your opponent." He answered. He then leaned down to whisper in her ear, "They're also great for flirting." He pulled back with a smirk on his face.

"Why would you care about that?" She asked hoping to wipe the smirk off his face. It didn't work. "You don't like me, Aang does, remember. He loves me."

"Didn't say anything about you did I?" His smirk remained.

"You're not attracted to me then?"

"Well," He took a step forward pressing his body to hers. "Let's see." With that, he pressed his lips to hers.

Katara's eyes went wide for a moment when she realized what he was doing. She slowly realized just how much she wanted this and started to return it. Her eyes closed and her arms snaked around his neck. She surprised him by pulling him a little roughly, trying to get even closer, as if it was even possible.

Zuko placed his hands on her waist and pulled her just far enough away from the tree to wrap his arms around her. He moved his lips more passionately and let her taste every emotion that had built in him from the day he met her.

Katara felt like she was on fire and it was great. She felt Zuko run his tongue along her lips and she parted them, allowing him in. It was hard to deny him. He was just so… hot. There really was no other way to describe him. She ran her fingers along his neck and tilted her head deepening the already passionate kiss.

Zuko slowly pulled back and heard her moan in protest. He rested his forehead against hers and allowed them to catch his breath before he spoke.

"Nope, no attraction." He said leaning down to kiss her neck. Katara let out a small laugh before falling deeper into him.

This chapter was somewhat inspired by a picture I saw on Deviant Art called Zutara: No Attraction Unfortunately I don't have the link to give you guys but I'm sure you can find it. Oh and anyone else notice how in many fanfictions (including my own) Zuko tends to have her against a tree at one point? Anyways, this was the last chapter. Hope you all enjoyed it! Everyone who has gives a signed review this chapter gets a reply too.

I've actually got a chapter story I'm working on. Since it's my first it will be the cliched story about Zuko capturing Katara but I hope to do well on it and make it my own. Until then! Hope to hear from some of you on other stories I'll have up!