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Chapter 4: Libraries, Confrontations, and Misunderstandings

"Aaaaaagh! I'm -yawn- BORED! Sakura-chan! What the hell're we doing so late at night still up?! And in the library of all places!" Yes, it was true, Naruto hated learning of any kind unless it involved some kind of physical activity like learning a jutsu or something. And besides, who liked old libraries with cobwebs in every crevice. Naruto was eyeing the walls, thinking that this place was overdue for a remodeling. Magic indeed. You would think they could clean the place up a bit with a wave of a stick. Also, the creaking floor made Naruto feel paranoid and uneasy.

"Quiet, Naruto! You want someone to find us snooping around down here?!" It was also true that Sakura hated hated virtually any kind of noise that escaped from Naruto's being.

"Well, no. But c'mon," Naruto said in a, now, hushed voice, "you gotta admit this is boring! Even for you! It isn't even like you not to do something without permission," Naruto said with a slight mocking tone in his voice.

"Look, Naruto. If you want you could go back upstairs and guard the dorms with Sasuke if you want to so much," Sakura said trying to test Naruto's patience.

"WHA- of course I don't want to do that... ok, ok. Geez," Naruto said as he went to look through a shelf across from Sakura, "so what exactly are we looking for again?"

"A book."

"A book? Ok... aaand?"

"Yes a book. With letters in it," Sakura said as mockingly as she could.

Naruto then whipped his head around. "For once I'm taking something seriously and you're screwing around?!"

"There. Now I have your attention." Sakura didn't think this was any fun either. And teasing Naruto was the only fun she could find at the moment. "We're looking for a book about, um, what were they called again? Death..."

"Uhh Death...death something...death gods? (1) No, that's not right. Uhh," Naruto said as he scrunched his brow in rare thought.

"Death Eaters."

Sakura's eyes lit up. "Yeah! That's it! Death-," Sakura's eyes then widened as she saw the amused face of Hermione. "Oh, um, good evening."

Hermione forced back a grin. "Evening to you too. You wanted to look up something about death eaters, if I'm not mistaken."

Sakura fixed her composure a bit and continued the, now awkward, conversation. "Yes we were. We figured if we could learn more about our enemy, we would have an easier time protecting the school and everything."


"Yeah. Me and Narut- Naruto? Kuso, ano boke wa doko da!" (2) Sakura said, as she added that last part in a hushed voice even though she knew the other girl wouldn't have been able to understand. "Well, my colleague was here."

Hermione was laughing through her eyes now. "Ah I see. Well that's fine. Um why are you down here this late? You could always come here when it's light out and you can actually read without going blind."

Sakura was thinking how karma can be a bitch. "We didn't feel like it. Being out in the open is uncomfortable for ninja. You know, in broad daylight with people wandering about." No more teasing Naruto for maybe the next hour or so.

"Ah, I guess that makes sense. So what you're saying is that you're camera shy?" I guess you could say Hermione was a bit bored also.

"NO. Geez, cant we do anything around here without being interrogated?" Sakura was on the way to losing it. "I still haven't heard your reason for being here."

"I like to read."



"...you...like to read. That's it?"

"Yes. Am I supposed to have another reason?"

"You just sa- you know what, nevermind. You're right. It IS late. We'll let what happened here stay between us, 'kay? I don't want to report you to the headmaster nor do I want the same happened to me," Sakura spat out, trying to avoid any conflict and just hurry and go to bed.

"All's well. You guys are here to help us. So I shouldn't be complaining. Good night, Sakura-san," Hermione said as she picked up her books and walked out. Sakura could barely see some Japanese writing down the side of two of her books.

"-sigh- Trying to learn about us too huh? Heh," Sakura had a grin behind her white and blue ANBU mask. She too picked up her two books, both on dark magic and dark magic users, and headed for the window. ((Since when do ninja go though doors when there's a nice window?))

Screw karma. She was going to kick Naruto's ass when she finds him.


(1) I'm such a Bleach whore xD

(2) "Shit, where did that idiot go?!" Note, that 'boke' is the term for the person in one of the many Japanese comedy acts in 'owarai kombi' where there are two people, the 'boke,' who is the less intelligent of the two that slips up and has a lot of misunderstandings in which results the verbal and physical abuse by the 'tsukkomi,' who is the person that is the more reasonable and intelligent person. Boke generally means 'idiot', but is less insulting than 'baka.' Boke is just SO fitting for Naruto xD

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