Author's Note: I was seriously contemplating leaving the story as it was, but I know that I hate to be left hanging, and a lot of people were asking for more... So here's a little tidbit that will lead you into the sequel with new eyes..-hint hint-

PS: It may take a while for me to begin writing the first chapters of the book. It's a lot of stress to write a sequel that connects to the previous book. I need to make sure I have a solid plotline with no loopholes. THANK YOU ALL! very much for the reviews. It means a lot, and I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to replying. I do read them all and I love your imput, good or bad. I do not own Twilight or any characters of said book. Happy reading/writing! Much love!

PPS: This chapter is only dialogue as you will see...I'm sorry if it's a little confusing, but I tried to differentiate the characters by using different fonts of:: bold, italic, and regular.


"We have to help him!"

"No, wait. Get down! They'll see you!"

"Look at them! Edward's killing him. We have to help. This guy's smartass idea for a war isn't worth all this shit! I'm not waiting around. Carlisle needs help. He won't fight back."

", wait. It's almost over. He won't do it...not Edward."

"Quiet! Both of you, now! Ah...see? There. True love conquers after all..."

"It should not have had to end this way."

"Now, now...cheer up Jasper. Bella will be one of us in three days time. This is just the beginning..."

" Oh God, Bella...I can't believe it worked...I can't believe he did it...Edward broke the treaty... The werewolves will be coming for us..."

"Oh yes. I am counting on it. There has been peace amongst us vampires and werewolves for far too long...And to our expense! The restrictions, the rules...the treaties. It is time that one of our races are abolished. It seems Miss Swan has become very..partial to our war."

"She is more than just a pawn!"

"Yes, yes of course, Alice...Much more..Oh, you young ones have no idea!...And it is up to you both to protect her. Her transformation must be you hear me?...Do you?!"


"Yes, Aro."

"Good. And do try to smile. It is only a matter of time before your family is safe and happy again..They will join us soon enough"

"There is no need to lie to us..."

"There's no going back from this, is there?..."

"Alice, we lied to them! We manipulated their feelings. We turned them against each other. Of course there's no going back from this!"

"How optimistic you are!...Oh well, those are the fares of war. Now go. And remember what I've told you...she must come to full power. We're going to need all the talented vampires we can possibly get...if we intend to win..."