Sora's Song

Now that its finally my turn,

I don't know what to do,

I don't know where to go,

I reach down deep inside myself,

to the light that once was,

and I embrace that light with all I have,

Which isn't much tonight.

So take my hand and lead me on,

a journey to find myself.

I can't take the hate and jealousy,

that clings to my heart.

It wraps a hand around me,

and cuts off the blood,

so I go limp beneath it,

and no hero to turn to.

I'm reaching out to you,

to save me from myself.

There's nothing inside me,

that I don't want to know.

So take my hand,

and stir the tingling that you always do.

Expel the darkness in my heart.

Replace it with your love.

I can't feel the life inside me,

and my hand slips from your grasp.

I know you wouldn't leave me,

so I stay to catch my breath.

Nothing enters my body,

and I can feel my heart slow down.

How much more can I take of this,

before I'm lowered down?

Can you save me from that awful fate?

Of going deep within?

Save me from the life,

the one that I once had.

Keep ahold of me,

as the darkness tries to win.

And never let go of that sliver of hope,

that keeps the light within.