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Summary: Almost five years after college, the Ouran Host Club had established a facility, a facility that would 'conquer' the world with its manly charms. Needless to say, one member had 'turned' into a beautiful woman…jealousy abounds when she starts to attract other men.


Water Falls


Out of all places, one of the most crowded cities in Japan, not only is it the capital of the country, but home of the largest and famous buildings. Bright lights abound everywhere, students roam freely, adults submerged in their own busy world.

Haruhi lost in the sea of flesh and machines.

'Crap…ahh? Where is the third district?'

About five years after high school, the infamous Ouran High school Host Club had broken up into their own ways. It was sad, in a way, that everyone pursued their own dreams. Although they still kept in touch, it wasn't the same…'And here I thought I'd have my solitude…'

Four years in getting her Master's degree as a lawyer was a swift breeze for Haruhi. Being the top student and having most of the teachers presenting her to all possible interns, it was a hassle, but it paid off. She attended college in America at Yale, it was a tough experience to learn English.

As for the rest of the gang, Tamaki had been fortunately been forgiven by his grandmother and he quickly attended a college in France to be in touch with his mother. Kyouya's father had promised him their company, but in conditions of taking college in Ivy League. Hikaru and Kaoru stayed in Japan, and attended Tokyo University, because they wanted to be 'traditional.' 'Whatever that means…' Hunny-senpai was offered a military secret operation to help train the soldiers of the UN army, Mori-senpai, followed his cousin's footsteps, and joined with him.

Haruhi was in a whirl.

She didn't know her own destination. First of all, the generous person who funded her college fees to Yale had suddenly had 'the urge' to call her in the middle of her case back in New York. Then, when she got home, she found a letter and a ready plane ticket to go. It was all confusing and frustrating. 'Arghhh!! Even though I wanted to meet him or her a long time ago…but noo!! It always had to be a secret/privacy thing! By gods, all I want to say is a thank you, it's not like I'm gonna robbed them!'

Haruhi sighed dejectedly and frowned as she stared at the letter and directions in hand. 'This all feels so…familiar…'


Haruhi Fujioka,

I had been aware of your studies in Yale, and I am very pleased that you had done your very best. I wish to speak to you in private. I am aware that you wanted to see me for sometime, but I deeply apologize I could not. Come to Tokyo in the Third District, I hope that you would enjoy your stay.

See you soon,

Your Provider


'Your Provider…'

'Somehow that just really insults me…' Haruhi sighed again as she stared up around the buildings. She had never been much in Tokyo, and it was only one time when the Hitachiin brothers asked to help her get around the 'The Commoners Tokyo Campus.' Haruhi smiled, she missed them all very much. The first two years they had all kept in touch but it began to dwindle after the third, and the fourth year-there were no contacts at all. It pained her to see that they had all forgotten each other, but she consoled herself that they were all very busy.

College was a tough nut to crack.

'Oh well…it's not like they mean it, besides I was busy t—'

"Quick!! There she is!! Get her!"

"Are you sure that's her?"

"Yes, I'm sure!! Grab her before she gets away!"

Haruhi turned around to see the commotion, but quickly regretted it as two burly men in black cloaks were headed for her.



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