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Katara and the seven dwarfs

1. prologue

Once upon a time, a queen was eating a big bar of chocolate, sitting on a window bank, wich was light brown, staring at the beautiful blue ocean right under her window. She wasn't paying atention and the chocolate bar fell onto the window bank and broke in two pieces. One stayed at the window bank and the other one fell into the sea. She said to herself:

"Oh, how I wish that I had a daughter that had skin light brown as my window bank, eyes blue as this beautiful ocean and hair chocolate brown as the piece of chocolate that fell into the ocean."

The queen got up and walked out of the room to get a new piece of chocolate.

About a year later, the queen gave birth to a girl who had skin light brown as the window banks, eyes blue as the ocean and hair chocolate brown as a piece of chocolate. They named her Princess Katara. But sadly, the queen died after giving birth to Katara.

Soon after, Katara's father, the king, took a new whife who was beautiful, but very proud and possessed evil powers. Her name was Azula, or Queen Azula after she married the king. She had a magic mirror, Ozai, who answerd to all her questions. Ozai always told the truth.

Thanks to her stephmother, Katara didn't grew up as a princess. She didn't wear beautiful dresses with pretty slippers, but old rags and wooden shoes. She couldn't do that much fun stuff because she had to work and clean everything everyday.

And everyday Queen Azula asked her mirror who was the most fairest one of all. Ozai always said it was her untill...


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