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Chapter 4

The dwarfs were just comming around the last corner on their way home.

"Heigh-ho, heigh-ho
it's home from work we g..."

"WTF! Our house, thr, the lights are lit!" The one named Haru said. He was kind of the leader of the dwarfs.

"OMG, the door is open!"
"The chimney's smokin'!"
"Something's in there!"
"Maybe it's a ghost or a goblin!"
"A demon or a dragon!" Several dwarfes yelled.

"Hmmpf, mark my words," the grumpy looking one named Hahn said, "this means troubble. I felt it comming all day, my corn hurts."

"Oh no!" Aang, the one who's almost always happy, said.

"That's a bad sign!" Teo yelled.

The other dwarfes looked up. This was one of the few occasions Teo yelled something. Almost every other time he turned as red as a tomatoe if he just said something a bit louder then usual.

"What'll we do?"

"Let's sneak up on it!"

"Yeah, that's a good idea," Haru said, "C'mon men, follow me!"

The dwarfs silently walked through the door.

"Ok, guys," Haru said, "search everywhere and...ohh, check this floor. It, it has been swept!"

"And look," Hahn pointed towards the dining area, "the chairs have been dusted!"

"Our windows have been washed!" was Aang's reaction.

"Oh no!"

"What is it, Teo?"

"Our cobwebs are missing!"

"Why is the whole place clean!?" Haru asked.

"There's dirty work afoot." Hahn stated.

"The sink is empty." Jet, the one who was allergic to almost everything, said. He tought for a second and came up with, "Hey, someone stole our dishes!"

Aang sighed, "They're not stolen, smarty pants, they're in the cupboard!"

"My cup has been washed," Teo said, "The sugar's gone."

"Mwwah, I'm tired," Sokka, the one who was always sleepy, yawned and went up the stairs, "I'm taking an early night."

Longshot sniffed and pointed towards the cauldren. But he couldn't speak so no one saw it. Longshot stepped in front of Haru and sniffed again.

"What is it, Longshot?" Longshot sniffed again, "Do you want me to snif?" Longshot nodded, "Ok then, hmm that smells good." Haru turned towards the cauldren. "Hey guys, something's cooking and..."

"AAAAAAAAAHH!" Sokka ran down the stairs and screaming like the death itself was after him.

"What is it, Sokka?" Haru asked.

"It's, it's...actually, I don't know what it is. But it's spooky! It laid on our beds. Three of our beds!"

"Yeah right, Sokka," Jet said, "You didn't drink any cactus juice like on our vacation in the desert last summer, right," Jet winked at the others, "Or was it another 'friendly mushroom'?"

Every dwarf, with acception of Sokka, couldn't stop laughing. Until they heard a sound comming from their bedroom.

"See," Sokka said, "there really is something up there. And I think Jet should take a better look."

"WHAT," Jet screamed, "are you mad! I say Haru should go, he's our 'leader'."

"No, no, no, no, no," was Haru's reaction, "Because I'm the leader, I musn't be eaten. Aang, you go."

"No way I'm going up there! It's more something for Teo!"

"Yeah right, like I'm that stupid. Hahn, here's a chance for you to do something for our litlle group!"

"Hmmpf, I don't think so," Hahn smirked and grinned at Longshot, "Ohw Longshot, why don't you go?" Longshot shudded a big 'no'. "What is it Longshottie, I can't hear you." After some more 'no's' Longshot gave up, took a candle and walked up the stairs.

"Don't worry, Longshot, we're right behind you!"

They all walked up the stairs, but Longshot was the only who entered the bedroom. The six remaining ones stayed just outside the bedroom door and talked a little.

"I don't think that thing is that bad," Aang said after a few minutes, "we haven't heard anything of Longshot. If it was some kind of evil creature I think Longshot would have been out already."

"Unless, he has been eaten." Hahn said.

"Oh come on Hahn," Teo said, "why do you always have to be so negative?"

"In that case it's always like I said or even beter."

Suddenly the door opened and Longshot came out. He had a smile on his face. The others looked up and gathered around him.

"And, what was it?"

Longshot took a step aside and let the rest inside the bedroom. They took a look at the beds.

"It-it's a girl!?" Haru said.

"It's not just a girl," Aang said, "she's a pretty girl."

"Pretty?" was Jet's reaction, "She's gorgeous!"

"Yeah, just like an angel!" Teo said.

"An angel, ha!" Hahn looked away from the female form on the bed, "She's a femal! And all females are poison! Theye're full of wicked wiles!"

"What are wicked wiles?" Sokka asked.

"I don't know," Hahn answerd, "but it isn't anything good!"

"Shut up," Haru said, "you'll wake her up."

"Well, if she'd wake up we could send her away!" Hahn responded.

"Watch out, she's moving!" Jet said.

"She's waking up!" Aang said.

"What do we do now?" Sokka asked.

"Hide!" Haru said.

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