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A/N: I wrote "Call Me Probie-no, idiot." So if you like that short one-shot you might like this. Or, if you like this one check it out. I love reviews so please tell me what you think! A couple seconds of your day can make mine. Anyway it's just a little one-shot of what I think a day in the lab of Abby is like. Enjoy!

Abby and McGee were playing video games in her lab. They got really into it and Abby almost has McGee beat, but she celebrated too soon. McGee finally won and began doing the "McGee victory dance", which, incidently, is not very pretty.

Abby got mad...really mad! She tackled McGee, or tried to. She was on his back and he couldn't get her off and couldn't stand up completely either. Abby let out a wild Amazon call and then yelled in frustration because she couldn't knock McGee down. Meanwhile, with a screaming Abby straddling his back, McGee had to resort to spinning in big circles to try and sling her off. Her lab coat and pig tails are flying in every direction.

That is, of course, is the exact moment that jolly-old-Gibbs chose to walk in. He, at first, thinks something has gone terribly wrong (and it has, but not what he's thinking). But Abby's cries off "DIE! DIE! DIE!" and McGee helpless shouts of "Get her off me boss! Get her off!" as Abby latches hold of his nose and hair for support, made him realize there was a bit more to this than he would like to know. His brow furrowed with his deeper look of exasperation, but before he opens his mouth to yell "What the hell are you two doing? You are Federal Agents for crying out loud!", he decides the best course of action is to let them fight it out. He turned with half a smile and promptly exited the room.

hehehe. Well, can you picture it? Please let me know what needs work and/or if you liked it.