McGee decided, after about ten minutes of frantic spinning that, since he was already so dizzy, he would lay down. He did so and ended up, of course, laying on top of Abby. Abby was shrieking below him.

"Ow! McGee, get OFF!" She was kicking her legs wildly and swinging her arms helplessly from under the Probie's weight.

"BERT! Bert! Save me Bert!" she yelled. Tony and Ziva, passing by, heard someone call for help and came charging in.

"What's going on?" They shouted as he came through the lab doors looking very professional and fearing that Agent Lee had turned into Chip II.

"McGee is trying to kill me." Abby replied calmly from the ground at Ziva's feet. McGee instantly rolled off.

Ziva, looking confused, gazed blankly at one, then the other, and back. Leaning forward for balance, McGee slipped on the slick lab floor and grabbed Ziva's calf for support. As a instinctive reaction, she kicked him forcefully. He fell backward with a groan. Tony turned around from helping Abby pop back up at the familiar sound of McGee getting his butt kicked.

"What do you think you're doing Probie?" he demanded, putting his gun back in his shoulder hoister.

"Well, McGeek?" he pretended to snap.

Tired of waiting for an answer, he reached forward and Gibbs-slapped McGee. In return, possibly from the all the spinning, McGee throw up all over Tony and his designer shoes.