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He's so beautiful, and I don't have a chance.

I speak, of course, of the gorgeous, the awesome, the Prince of Kaibara High, Sohma Yuki. He is a gentleman, a hot guy, and...totally out of my reach.


A Minagawa should be able to have any guy she wants, right?

Apparently not.

See, Yuki-kun is always around two peole- Honda-san, or his cousin, Kyo-kun. Honda-san used to be really nice. I knew her in middle school. She was in seventh grade, and I was in eigth, but we had the same gym class. Sure, she was scatterbrained, and yeah, she could be a little too intense, but she was also a good friend. But...about halfway through the year, she started hanging out with Uotani-san. Uotani-san was- and still is- a delinquent. She hardly came to school before the two of them met, and the number of fights that girl was in! It boggles my mind!

So, those two started hanging out together, and I couldn't get near her anymore. The year after next, I'd graduated, and was finding my place in High school. My hair grew a lot longer, and I got a lot taller. My skirt fit better, and I got less shy of showing my knees. (in middle school, I couldn't show my knees for fear of dying of embarassment. They were UGLY.) Eventually, I started wearing the shortest skirt the uniform would allow. I dated some, and I got a group of friends.

In sophomore year, I got to meet the new freshmen. One was drop-dead gorgeous. He was Yuki, and I would spend the rest of my high school career swooning over him.

But one was Honda-san. I thought maybe we could be friends again. We'd started to get friendlier towards each other, especially after I had to take her to the nurse because she busted her knee open during track. With Honda-san was Uotani-san (who was still a delinquent!), and a new girl. Hanajima-san, the wave girl. Hanajima-san uses something called denpa waves. I don't know how denpa waves work, but I do know that she uses them to attack and disable the people around her. People should be warned about her.

My friends- and half the female population- formed the Prince Yuki Fanclub.

It was our goal to get close to Yuki- we began calling him 'the Prince'- and make him fal in love with one of us.

But he started to get friendly with Honda-san. We of the Prince Yuki Fanclub warned her, of course, because being so friendly with the one boy in the whole school that had attracted so much attention was blasphemy, and totally UNFAIR.

We never had a chance, once Yuki-kun fell for Honda-san. I don't understand.

I'm beautiful! My hair is longer than anyone else's, my eyes are prettier, and I have better taste than anyone in the school! I'm richer than most, and the most popular girl. I'm gorgeous...like a Peacock. Why am I getting sidelined by a- by a- by a sparrow?

I don't understand, but I will never stop trying. Yuki-kun can't stay blinded by that Honda girl's charms- which she has none of. No, it must be that the Witch Girl- Hanajima- has ensnared our Prince, and the Yankee- Uotani- has terroized him into submission. That's the only explanation. The Prince Yuki Fanclub must stop them! Our Prince is far too delicate to be toyed with, like they are toying with him.

We shall stop him, even though we may not have a chance. It is our duty to rescue him.