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Axel walked down a narrow corridor. Why was everything so quiet?

"Nooooooooo!" A loud cry rang forth.

Axel halted, wondering where the cry had come from.

"Aaarrrrrgggghhhh! Noooooo!" Came the cry again.

Axel laughed nervously as he created a portal and stepped through it. He re-emerged into a room, and saw Vexen pacing nearby. "Hey Vex! What's up?"

Vexen stopped pacing and walked over to Axel, peering at him intently.

Axel leaned away. "W...what?"

Vexen let out a sigh of relief. "Oh good, you're normal..."

"What do you mean?" Axel asked.

Vexen looked around warily. "Zexion stole a potion from one of my labs...he spiked some drinks, so if anyone were to drink one of the contaminated beverages, they would start to act...strange..."

Axel was silent for a moment as he absorbed the information, then began to grin. "Sure Vexen, if you say so."

"What?! You don't beleive me?" Vexen asked in exasperation. Before Axel could reply, a voice, Roxas', spoke.

"Axel!" Roxas called out in a sing-song voice, swaying slightly as he moved. Roxas looked at Vexen. "Go away old man."

"What?!" Vexen exclaimed, looking offended.

Roxas waved a hand at Vexen. "Go away."

Axel watched as Vexen stared at a nearby wall gloomily, muttering. "Why don't I get any respect?" Axel turned his attention back to Roxas. "You okay Roxas?" He asked the swaying boy.

Roxas giggled as he approached Axel. "Yeah, m'all right." He stared at Axel for a moment, looking feverish, then suddenly wrapped his arms around Axel's waist tightly. "I love you Axy!"

Axel stared in open-mouthed disbelief. What the hell was Roxas doing? "Get off!" Axel snarled, trying to pry Roxas away from him.

Roxas held on tight and refused to let go. "No!"

"Vexen! Get him away from me!" Axel called out.

"No respect..." Vexen muttered as he sulked by the wall.

Axel sighed, then set about trying to get Roxas to let go of him, when another voice sang out.


Axel looked over at Vexen again, and saw Demyx standing there. Axel paled as Demyx staggered over to him with a silly grin plastered on his face. 'Oh no...' Axel thought in horror. What kind of potion had Zexion fooled around with this time?

Demyx stopped when he noticed that Roxas was higging Axel. "Roxas! Get away from Axel! He's mine!"

"W...what?!" Axel exclaimed.

Xemnas entered the room at that moment, and saw Roxas and Demyx clinging to Axel. "?" He let out a gasp as someone grabbed him from behind.

"Xemmy!" Saix sang, laughing as he hugged a distraught Xemnas.

Xemnas glared at Vexen. "What did you do to them?!"

"It was Zexion." Vexen answered. 'No respect, not even from him...' He thought gloomily.

"Get the hell away from me!" Marluxia yelled, entering the room and slamming the door. Frustrated sighs could be heard outside the door. Marluxia stared at Axel as he tried to get away from Demyx and Roxas. Axel managed to get Demyx off, who went over to Marluxia and promptly latched onto one of his arms.

"What the? Get off of me Demyx!" Marluxia snapped, trying to free his arm from Demyx's death grip on it.

Demyx held on, looking like he was on the verge of tears. "Why doesn't anyone love me and want me?" He asked sadly, looking up at Maluxia with puppy dog eyes.

Marluxia stared at Demyx as though he were insane. "Get off...or else..."

Demyx burst into tears as Marluxia broke free of his grasp. "Nooooo! Don't leave me too!"

Saix was still hugging Xemnas, and was now murmuring things to him, making Xemnas look a little more than uncomfortable.

Axel was still struggling to get Roxas off, and finally succeeded.

Roxas was on the ground, staring mournfully up at Axel. He pouted. "Don't you love me?"

Axel backed away very far, until he stood next to Marluxia, who was eyeing the crying Demyx distastainfully, as though he had something contagious. Both Axel and Marluxia looked to one side as another door opened.

Zexion came into the room, smirking at Saix, who was trying to drag a terrified Xemnas into another room. Zexion caught sight of Axel and Marluxia. "Are you having fun? I call it payback for all the pranks you've all pulled on me." Zexion watched as Axel and Marluxia spoke in low tones. He gulped when he saw weapons appear in their hands.

Marluxia swung his scythe. "You've been a bad boy Zexion. You need to be punished now."

Axel took a step forward. "I get him first."

"Whoever catches him gets him first." Marluxia replied.

"Fair enough." Axel answered, grinning.

Zexion fled the room, as an angry Axel and Marluxia chased him.

This left Xemnas alone with Saix, who was now trying to force him into a room with his claymore. Demyx and Roxas had latched onto either of Xemnas' legs, sobbing broken heartedly about how Axel had left them.


The next day...

Vexen relaxed in a chair in the castle courtyard. It seemed like everyone had recovered fom the potion, since none of them seemed to remember what had happened, except for the people they had bothered. Vexen saw Saix pursuing Xemnas around, asking why he was avoiding him. Vexen turned his attention to Axel, Demyx and Roxas, frowning suddenly. Roxas and Demyx seemed to be having the hardest time recovering from the potion. They kept relapsing.

Axel stared up at the sky, feeling somewhat sorry for Zexion. He was still probably being tortured by Marluxia. Axel noticed that Demyx and Roxas were approaching him. "What is it?" He asked them.

Roxas and Denyx merely stared at Axel.

Axel gasped out as Demyx and Roxas grasped either of his arms.

"Do you love me?" Roxas asked, his eyes hopeful.

"No! He doesn't! 'Cause he loves me more!" Demyx replied.

"Let go of me!" Axel said, annoyed.

"No! I'll never let you go!" Roxas cried.

"Shut up! He's mine!" Demyx snapped. He and Roxas glared at each other for a moment, then released Axel and began to fight.

Axel snuck away, relieved. He wondered again what potion Zexion had stolen. Axel created a portal and walked through it, not noticing that Roxas had followed him.

Demyx was on the ground, dazed. He stood up slowly and shook his head, before walking away, looking lost and confused.

Vexen went back into the castle, heading for one of his labs. He passed a room and heard anguished screams coming from within, accompanied by evil laughter. 'Poor Zexion...I did tell him not to mess around with any of my potions...' Vexen went into his lab, and shut the door, blocking out the screams, as well as a horrified yell from Axel somewhere in the castle, when he discovered that Roxas had followed him into his room, still acting strangely.


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