A/N: Just an entertaining idea that popped into my head, I was considering making into a series of little stories, but only if people would like that. Review! Oh and by the way "Scotti" is the girl, Matt is the little boy, might seem odd but I'm starting to like the name Scotti for a girl.

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"Shh…" Scotti whispered to her brother. They tiptoed into the exam room single file.

"I think he's sleeping," the small 4 year old blonde told his sister. "Scotti, he is sleeping."

The girl crept up to the bed and nodded to her brother. They each took opposite sides of the bed and climbed up on the edge of the bed.

Scotti reached over and touched the breast pocket of the man's suit. "I feel them," she giggled.

"Get it." Matthew told her.

The sleeping man woke up suddenly and caught Scotti's hand.

She screamed and tried to get away. The man sat up and reached over to pick the kid up, tickling her as he did so.

"Uncle Greggy! Stop it!" Scotti said between fits of laughter.

"What are you two doing? Don't make me tell your parents that you got out of the daycare again," House threatened.

Wide eyes stared back at him. "We just wanted the pills." Matt ran over to House and stood next to his sister.

'Oh dear god, I've got them addicted to Vicodin' House thought, and then realized what the naïve kids wanted. He pulled a roll of Smarties out of his pocket and twisted an end open. "Take one pill every 5 hours. Just one," he told them seriously, handing them each three Smarties.

They smiled and chewed one pill, saving the rest in their pockets.

House grumbled and stood up, snatching his cane from the bedside. Before he had a chance to tell the children that they better get back to the daycare room, Chase and Cameron walked in.

"Scotti, Matt, what are you two doing?" Cameron asked.

"We had to get our medication," Scotti explained to her mother matter-of-factly.

"For what, sweetie?"

"Mo...molaria." She stammered, trying to remember.

"Malaria?" Chase asked. "That's pretty serious."

"We're fine," Matt assured his dad.

"Yeh, we got the pills," Scotti explained.

Cameron and Chase glanced over at House, who mouthed "Smarties".

"Honey, can you take them back up?" Cameron asked Chase.

"Come on you two," he said, picking Matt up and taking Scotti's hand.

"Daddy," Scotti started on the way out. "Do you need the pills too?"

"No, Scotti, Daddy's fine," Chase told her.

He had gotten so used to calling her Scotti. Her given name was Samantha, but the nickname had stuck, fitting the first grader's spunky personality perfectly. House had come up with it originally by singing "Scotty doesn't know" repeatedly to the kids. Cameron wasn't in love with it but nevertheless used the nickname.

"You told them they had Malaria?!" Cameron exclaimed as she and House walked towards the break room.

"You worry too much about them," House said, hanging his cane on the whiteboard, he barely needed it nowadays.

Cameron chuckled. "No, I think you are trying to turn them into mini-you's. They escaped daycare to get 'pills.'"

"They thought they were dying!" House told her. "You should feel proud; they had to have been crafty to outrun that old lady up there watching them."

Cameron just laughed. Her kids were little mischief makers, that was for sure. At 4 and 6 Scotti and Matt were learning quickly from House how to play practical jokes and suck up to Cuddy, who they often visited at the most inopportune times. Cuddy had practically dragged them by their ears back to Cameron when they had busted in during a meeting with hospital contributors screaming that everybody should duck and cover because they were having an 'earthquake drill'. Cameron took a wild guess to say that House had something to do with that one. 'I really shouldn't let them be around him,' Cameron thought.