By mkusenagi2

The story concept © 6-03-2006
Kim Possible and other characters
from the show are © Disney Co.
I don't own any of Chip Delany's
awesome characters either.

Chip. Rest In Peace Man. You were one of the BEST.

1 The Cap'n

The Cap'n was dressed in his finery, ribbons and medals aglow; when he left the port outside the tiny town and went to one of his old childhood haunts.

Now he stood before the grand yet simple home.

He walked up the steps and looked at the place that held so many memories and sighed.

It had been a happy place, now it was a gloomy, brooding edifice that reared out of the Seas of Nightmare and Sad Memory.

The one that was his heart, that had given him his life back was gone.

She had disappeared.

He knew one person she'd always look after no matter where she was in the Galaxies.

Her mother.

He grabbed the knocker and struck the door.

No answer.

He struck it again.

A maid came to the door and recoiled from The Cap'n's scarred visage. "Go Away. The Madam's not taking visitors."

"She'll wanna see me lass." He leered. "Tell her it's an old friend of her Daughter's… Tell her from the old days. I'll wait."

The maid left.

She quickly returned. "Yes Sir! The Madam will see you now. Right this way please!" she said as she scurried up the steps in the grand houses' velvet and shadow cloaked, crystal-lit foyer.

The Cap'n grinned as he walked up the steps, absorbed in the memories of his youth.

"Here we are Sir!" the maid said as she opened the study's door, bowed to him and ran off.

"Come in." a woman dressed in Widow's Weeds said from her high back chair as he stood on the threshold and peered in. "You were bold before Sir. Why hesitate now?"

The Cap'n was as bold as they come. A man to be feared not only for his daring but for the fact that he was a Chosen…

More because he had faced Death and she refused to take him because she loved him.

He was feared far and wide for that and many other things…

Yet when he stood before her he only said, "Yes Ma'am. May I have a seat?"

"Yes you may. Do I know you Sir?" she said as she peered through the gloom at his scarred visage.

"Cap'n Light at your service Ma'am. Here Miss," he said as he took a chair and sat before her, "Let me sit closer so you may see."

"HA! You're so kind Sir, to call me Miss… I haven't been called that since my dear Husband. Let's take a look at you." She said as she turned on a lamp and gazed at his face. "OH! Your Face… The War?" she asked as she ran her hands along his scar.

"In a manner of speaking… you know why I'm here?" he asked.

"No. You claim to be a friend of my Daughter's… Who Are You?" she asked. 'He looks familiar…'

"You know me… Miss." He said with a grin that made his face look like a volcano. "Or should I say Mrs Dr P."

The woman paled.


"Righto on the First Try! I know she's alive… and I found what she's been looking for… I need to tell her. There's a plan in the works Ma'am." He said with a grin.

"I… she… I'll tell you if you tell me about your face." Anne Possible said.

"Brick." He said with a scowl.

"Oh! Ron you can have it fixed in this day and Age. Why I can…" she said as a tear formed in her eye.

"NO! sorry… no… it's a reminder. When he split my face… he gave me a helluva gift. Now I know when folks honestly want to be with me." He said with a wink.

"Where is she Anne? I have to know."

"She's called The Gypsy these days… She's to be found… in the City." She said as she hugged him and kissed his cheek. "You know where. She's been selected for a mission." She whispered in his ear.

"Thanks… I'll get them for ya… Anne." He said with a blush.

"Thank You. So who ARE you Ron?" she said eyes glistening with love for a lost and forgotten son, "Who's The Cap'n… You? Even here I've heard of the Man of The Five Galaxies. The Hero to All. That's You?"

"Yeah. I've used the Power to help others… and the Others when I can. The stories are true." He said with a grin.

A Mother laughed as her adopted son regaled her with tales of his adventures among the stars.