Alice paused and looked at the woman sleeping next to her.

"Tiger?" She whispered, softly nudging her wife.

"Hmmm…not now. Later, I promise. " Tracy rolled over, taking the covers with her. Alice bit her lip. She needed to talk before sleep could claim her and the person was needed to talk to was now buried under four blankets.

"Please? I need to talk to you. " Alice gently kissed Tracy's neck. Tracy groaned and rolled over.


"I'm forty-eight."

"Mmm-mmm. You aged well, my love." Tracy traced Alice's face with a finger.

"I know we discussed having kids before you had the attack. But now…" Alice trailed off.

"Monica gave me a perfect bill of health but you want to maybe talk to someone…"

"I can make an appointment for next week. Are you sure?" Alice searched Tracy's blue eyes. Tracy smiled.

"I will have a chance to raise a child with someone I love and in a committed relationship. We're already raising Brook since Ned and Lois are on tour. I know you want a family…"

"But I don't want you to do this just for me." Alice said. "I realized by being with someone older…" Seeing Tracy's raised eyebrow, she corrected herself, "wiser, there would be choices. I need you to be committed to this."

"I will be. " Tracy kissed her wife. "First you need to check out."

"I'll make an appointment. Do you want to come with me?"

Tracy heistanced. "Will it be Helen Meadows?"

"No! I don't think see my ex­-girlfriend in her professorial setting with my current wife would be good." Alice rolled her eyes.

"Good move. You will get to stay in bed for now." Tracy grinned wickedly.

"Until your granddaughter wakes me up for breakfast at six." Alice groaned and rolled over.

"Our granddaughter." Tracy kissed Alice's forehead. "Brook claims you more than me."

"She's your granddaughter at six in the morning."

"Love you honey." Tracy laughed.

A snore answered her.

"Brook Lyn Ashton, get your butt out of bed and eat breakfast!" Alice screamed.

Tracy merely raised an eyebrow.

"And you were worried about her waking us up last night." Tracy sipped her coffee as she read the Wall Street Journal.

"Whazzup?" Brook Lyn mumbled.

"Eat." Alice placed eggs and toast in front of her.

"Can I have coffee?" Brook Lyn pouted.

Tracy passed the coffee to Brook Lyn. Alice glared at them.


"Huh? Use milk, lots of milk." Tracy turned a page in the paper. "Dear, I was drinking coffee at twelve."

"And you turned out so well." Alice muttered under her breath. Tracy grinned wickedly at that remark.

"I did, didn't I? Remember that the next you want me to do that one thing…"


"A foot rub, dear. " Tracy glanced up from the paper. "This is why I didn't want her in public school."

Alice shrugged. "This way she gets to mingle amongst the people. Speaking of which, we need to go."

"Alice?" Tracy called sweetly. Alice sighed, handed Brook the car keys and told her to warm up the car.

"What? We're running late."

"Make sure you make the appointment today." Tracy purred. "I do want to get start on our joint project soon." Her eyes took on a predratory glare that made Alice shivered.

"Of course. Lunch?" Alice asked.

"I'll clear my schedule." Tracy smiled and lightly kissed Alice.

"Brook can't be late." Alice said, breaking the kiss.

"I can't until she gets her license next month." Tracy waved Alice off, turning back to her paper.


"Hey, Nica?" Alice poke her head in. "Dr. Benson had opening at eleven so I want to take it, if you don't mind."

"No." Monica had a puzzle look. "Is something wrong?"

Alice simply smiled. "Just a check-up." Just to see if I can expand the Quartermaine dynasty.

"Hmm." Monica looked suspicious.

"What?" Alice asked.

"Nothing. You just have that look again."

"What look?"

"The same look when I caught Tracy in your room, dressed only in your shirt. The 'Tracy's involved but I'll try to keep it under control' look. "

Alice laughed. "Our Quartermaines are difficult. Too bad they don't come with warnings."

"We'll look into that. It's fine." Monica paused "Alice, Tracy is fine. If you or she have any concerns about…"

"We know. It's me. " Alice glanced at door. "We don't want to wait until it's unsafe. I'm getting old."

"And risks are higher…." Monica nodded, knowingly.

"Tracy's nervous enough. She flipflops on the hour. It gets worse when I actually mention the idea of a delivery. " Alice chuckled. " My girl doesn't exactly treasure the idea of me in pain." Unless she's the one inflicting the pain. Alice grinned at the thought.

"Alan and I discussed the idea of contributing to this little project of yours." Monica had laugh. "I never thought I would say this but if you want to get pregnant by my husband, it's o.k. by me."

Alice groaned. "We meant to have you over for dinner but with getting adjusted to Tracy's new schedule, my new job and having Brook full time, it hasn't happen."

Monica smirked. "And yet you want a baby on top of all that."

Alice's face soften. "yeah…" She could picture a child with her red hair and Tracy's blue eyes. Tracy's fierce devotion to family and her sense of humor. Alice blinked.

Monica smiled understandingly and pointed out,

"Then to be throw to the wolves or grow up as a Quartermaine. To be use as a pawn, to be manipulate and learn how to manipulate…"

Alice sighed. " I have to get to that appointment." What in the world was she getting herself into?