Tracy!" Alice hissed as her wife 'accidentally' brushed against her for the fifth time.

"What? I'm incredibly horny."

"We're having dinner in three hours."

Tracy's eyes glinted with mischief. "Plenty of time."

"We can't just leave the party."

"No one will notice. The twins will be asleep for another hour."

Alice felt herself wavering. "An hour?"

"Mmmmm. No one will know."

"I suppose."

Alice rolled on her back. "Not even close."

Tracy sighed. "I know. I shouldn't have rush you. I'm sorry."

"It was nice. I just---" Alice was interrupted by a wail. "They want food."

"I'll get them. Just relax." Tracy threw on a robe.

Tracy was met by Monica at the nursery's door.

"We were wondering where you two went." Monica said as they entered the room.

Tracy sheepishly shrugged. "We're still newlyweds, we're entitled to steal some private time now and then."

Monica picked Morgan and started to changed him. "I'm not sure having sex at a relative's house is proper."

"We didn't exactly have good sex, if that helps. Besides, it's your house and you don't care." Tracy switched babies with Monica.

"Hey baby boy, you hungry?" Tracy cooed to her son as she entered the bedroom. Alice smiled at her children.

"I'm getting use to them nursing at the same time." Alice took Aidan from Monica, "Baby girl, ready for dinner?

Alice started to unbutton and paused. "Um, Monica, could you?"

Monica noticed Alice's uncomfortableness and smiled,

"I'll leave you alone. Dinner's in two hours."

"Thanks." Tracy gently touched Alice's face. "I love watching you nurse them."

"Hmm. Keep that in mind when my breasts are down to my knees."

"I'll pay for your breast lift if you really want one. But I don't mind them now," Tracy grinned.

"I'll always enjoy your attention."

"Mmm…" Tracy kissed her wife. Morgan let out a wail of protest of his dinner being interrupted.

"Apparently, your son is upset, Tiger."

"Should I explain that those things he's enjoying now are on lease and I own them?"

"Actually I would like to think I have some control over them."

Tracy played with the twins while Alice showered and dressed.

"Hey, you look…." Tracy's jaw dropped. "That wasn't the dress you wore before."

Alice blushed, and spun around revealing the low cut back to match the front.

"I decided to buy two. I hope you don't mind."

"We have to go downstairs, in five minutes," Tracy reminded her wife.

"Mmm, then you'll have to wait to unwrapped me."

"You tease."

Alice picked up the twins. Morgan reached for his other mom and Tracy held him.

"Are you ready to open presents?"

"Tiger, he's six weeks old. I don't think he cares."

"Then are you ready?" Tracy asked.

"I can't wait."

Spencer and Alan kneeled down by the train. Alan had his conductor's hat on.

"Grammonica, Grandpa won't let me play with the train!" Spencer pouted.

"Alan, do we need to go over the concept of sharing?" Monica asked.

"No, I'll share. But it's my train," Alan said, almost whining.

"Oh, Alan, you would never share your trains when we were little," Tracy said.

"You didn't want to play the game I invent."

"You ran over my dolls!"

Alan shrugged. "And you didn't want to play that?"

"Oh, Dad!" Emily groaned.

"Well, it's time to open presents. Put the train down." Monica said.

Ned gave Tracy a jewelry box. "From your kids."

"All of you?" Tracy asked.

"We even took Aidan and Morgan shopping," Dillon smiled.

"Yeah, Aidan has expensive taste in jewelry," Brook Lyn added.

"I wonder where she gets that from…" Alice muttered. Tracy glared at her wife and then opened the box.

"Oh…." Tracy lifted up the necklace, which had birthstones of her children and granddaughter.

"There's even room for more stones," Ned said, beaming.

Tracy looked questioningly at Alice.

"I'm positive that Ned meant for grandchildren, Tiger. Not children," Alice said, firmly.

"Just checking."

Alan laughed at the conversation and then handed Monica a box.

"Not jewelry?"

"Haven't I gotten you enough jewelry?"

"Oh, darling, a woman can never enough jewelry," Monica laughed opening the box. "'The Quartermaines'—Monica's House, given to her by Alan, the rest are freeloaders' . I love it, Alan!!!"

"It's for the front door. But here's your real present." Alan handed her a box.

"Two weeks in Rome?! Alan, this is great!"

"I was thinking we could go for Valentine's Day. Me and my personal Venus," Alan nuzzled Monica's neck. Monica kissed her husband.

"Well, there goes our baby-sitters, Tiger," Alice said.

"Hey! I would be happy to baby-sit for you," Edward said.

"Good. We'll probably take you up on that," Tracy said, taking Aidan from Dillon.

"It will give me a chance to teach the twins about ELQ."

Alice sighed.

Georgie laughed. "I'm sure Dillon and I can help."

"Yeah, sure. The twins need to learn about modern cinema anyway."

Tracy got up and fished a box out of the gift pile. She handed the box to Alice and kissed her wife.

"For the person who gets my motor running," Tracy winked.

Alice looked intrigued. She opened the box and pulled out a leather jacket, gloves and helmet.

"You know I love you in leather. Why don't you try on the jacket?"

Alice put on the jacket and reached in the pocket. She pulled out a key.

"Tracy, is this? You got me a motorcycle?!" Alice squealed.

"It's in our driveway. That's the real reason I wanted to stay here for the week."

"You are the most wonderful-" kiss " –wife" kiss "-ever!"

"You'll take a motorcycle safety course. But I thought maybe we could capture our lost youth, out on the open road…." Tracy teased.

"Hmm, well, my gift is more the opposite…." Alice handed Tracy a black box.

Tracy looked confused and Alice smiled. She leaned over and whispered, "It's more adult, Tiger."

Tracy shot Alice a look of disbelief.

"Why are you hesitating Granny?" Brook Lyn said.

"No reason." Tracy opened the box. "Oh my…."

Monica quickly rushed to look over Tracy's shoulder. "That looks like it could hurt."

Alice merely grinned at Tracy, who blushed. My wife had to give sex toys and bondage equipment for Christmas.

"What is it?" Dillon moved to look in the box, which Tracy snapped top down on.

"It's a reward of sort." Alice said.

"Oh? For what?" Brook Lyn asked.

"It's personal, Brook." Tracy said.

"It might be useful considering…." Alice said.

"Well, I look forward to trying those out."

Aidan cooed happily while chewing on a ball.

"Of course the best gift are these two." Edward said, smiling.

"Of course. I think they will keep on giving us joy to come for many years," Tracy said, catching Alice's eye. She winked and Alice laughed, knowing the adventure only had begun.