Title: Songbird

Author: Paige/Kate McTiernan

Fandom: CSI: New York

Pairing: Danny/Lindsay

Rating: FRT

Spoilers: Season 2

Category: General Fluff

Summary: Lindsay's surprising entry into a fundraiser forces Danny to make his move.

Warning: None really

Disclaimer: Not mine, don't sue. The song Lindsay sings is 'Out Tonight' and is owned by the estate of Jonathan Larson so don't sue me for that either.

Feedback: No flames, flying objects or flaming flying objects please.

Email: ever notice how one little moment can change your life? That sometimes the kick in the pants you've been needing comes in the weirdest forms? Mine came in the form of a song sung by Lindsay Anne 'Montana' Monroe. I'll admit that I had a thing for the newest member of our team, but wasn't quite sure how to pursue it. Until one song kicked my head out of my ass.

It started innocently enough. It was announced that the NYPD and NYFD was going to be hosting a talent show to raise money for police and firefighter's widows and children and everyone was being asked to contribute something. Mac signed up to play something with his band, Stella and Hawkes were going to dance, Don refused and Lindsay just wrote that she was gonna sing. Well, we're all thinking that she was gonna sing some country song about cowboys and drinkin' but she just smiled.

Well, the night of the fundraiser came and we'd heard Mac's band play and watched Stella and Sheldon dance a pretty good salsa and then it was Lindsay's turn. Only it wasn't my sweet country girl that walked out on stage. This was a gorgeous woman dressed in a short skirt, low-cut spaghetti top and knee high boots. Her hair was straight again and her make-up was definitely heavier than normal with lips that could double as a stop sign.

She stood with her back to the audience until the music started and it wasn't some twangy country song either, this had a heavy metal feel to it. And the voice that came out of that petite body wasn't the sweet voice I was used to hearing, this sounded like Pat Benatar in her heyday.

"What's the time?

Well it's gotta be close midnight

My body's talkin' to me and it says

'Time for Danger'

It says

'I wanna commit a crime

Wanna be the cause of a fight

I wanna put a tight skirt and flirt

With a stranger'

I've had a knack from way back

Of breakin' the rules

once I've learned the game

Get up, Life's too quick

I know someplace sick

Where this chick will dance in the flame

We don't need any money

I always get in for free

You can get in too

If you get in with me

Let's go

Out Tonight

I have to go

Out Tonight

You wanna play?

Let's run away

We won't be back

Before it's Christmas Day

Take me Out Tonight.



I swear on every saint in the calendar, I have never been more turned on by someone's singing before in my life. She howled the word 'out' like a sexy she-wolf, throwing her head back a little and licking her very red lips with a smile. I could tell that I wasn't the only one being affected. Don, Sheldon and Mac were staring at Lindsay like they'd never seen her before.

And she wasn't done, the guitarist had gone into a brief riff and she was off again.

"When I get a wink from the doorman

Do you know how lucky you'll be

That you're on line with the feline

Of Avenue B?

Let's go

Out Tonight

I have to go

Out Tonight

You wanna prowl?

Be my night owl?

Well take my hand

We're gonna


Out Tonight.

In the evening

I've got to roam

Can't sleep in

The city of neon and chrome

Feels too damn much like home

When the Spanish babies cry

So let's find a bar

So dark we forget who we are

Where all the scars

From the nevers and maybes


Let's go

Out Tonight

Uh Huh

I have to go

Out Tonight

You're sweet

Wanna hit the streets?

Wanna wail at the moon

Like a cat in heat?

Just take me

Out Tonight."

At that point, Lindsay turned around and focused her eyes on me and only me as she finished the song.

"Please take me

Out Tonight

Don't forsake me

Out Tonight

I'll let you make me

Out Tonight




"Messer," Don said as the banquet hall we were sitting in thundered with applause. "If you don't get offa your ass and ask Monroe out right now, I'm gonna knock yer teeth out and ask her myself."

"He's right Danny." Stella piped up, "If you don't ask Lindsay out now, there are plenty of guys in here who would probably jump at the chance to date her."

Yeah, they were both right. But those other guys were just interested in the beautiful vixen that they saw on stage. Most of them didn't know that Linds loves football and that her favorite team is the 49rs. Or that she can down beer and whiskey with the best of them or that she cries at the end of 'Spiderman'. That she could pull the sweet and innocent routine and then flatten you with a left hook worthy of the Italian Stallion himself and they probably wouldn't care. All those other guys wanted was a fling and my Montana was too good for that.

Making my way backstage, I found Lindsay packing up her stuff, still in her stage outfit. Her face broke out in her sweet smile. "Hey Danny. What're you doing back here?"

I smiled, "Came to congratulate you on bringin' the house down." Before she could say anything else, I crossed the two feet between us and kissed her long and hard. When we pulled apart, she gaped at me, "Wow. That was some congratulations. Got any other ideas?"

I smiled at her, "Well, how about I do what your song says and take you out?"

Lindsay smiled "I think that's the best idea I've heard all night." As we walked out, neither of us saw Mac snapping a picture of us with his personal cell phone.

What happened after that you ask? Well, after dinner we went back to my place and I did exactly what the song said. That was nine months ago and right now I'm sitting in Linds' hospital room, holding my daughter in my arms. She's got Lindsay's hair and coloring and my eyes. We've named her Aiden Rose Louise Messer, we aren't married just yet but I'm fixin' to change that very soon. And all thanks to a kick in the pants in the guise of a song.

The End

Yeah, I know it doesn't seem like a song Lindsay would sing but she was trying to get Danny's attention.