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Fruits Basket: More than Friends

Chapter 1: Abnormal Days

"It looks like it'll be another cold day today!" chirped a light brown haired girl, her blue eyes scanning the landscape filled with newfallen snow.

"It does, indeed. Why, out of all nice days, do I have to go to the counsel?" sighed a silver head teenager with amethyest eyes.

"It'll be okay, Yuki!" she girl smiled.

"I hope so, Tohru..." Yuki nodded, slipping on his shoes, and pulled a small bookbag onto his back. "I'll be back sometime around four, okay?"

"Be safe!" Tohru waved.

"I will." Yuki grinned, walking off, his footprints imprinting in the snow.

Tohru walked back inside, shutting the door. She walked back into the kitchen, thinking of an idea to prepare for lunch. Hmm...looks like I can make raman. Leeks? No, Kyo hates that...well, I'll go ahead and make raman. And so, Tohru began preparing the noodles.

"Ooohhh, precious Toohhhrrrruuuu!" a voice sang.

"Ah! Shigure! You scared me!" Tohru gasped, turning to face the man with light brown eyes and dark black hair that looked blue.

"What is our 'flower' making for lunch?" Shigure drooled, his stomach speaking for him.

"Raman!" Tohru reported.

Shigure nodded approvingly, and walked out of the room. After about five minutes, the raman was cooking in the pot, and an orange head teenager came in the room, his orange eyes searching for Torhu. "Tohru?" he called.

"Please wait! I'll be right down!" Tohru cried, followed by footsteps running down the stairs from her room. She almost ran into the orange head, "Ah! I'm sorry! I nearly crashed into you, Kyo!"

Kyo Sohma grinned shortly, and asked, "What were you doing? I smelled raman when I came back in."

"Oh! I was...painting the papier mache Zodiac ornaments that I got on our class trip." Tohru admitted, blushing a little, remembering that Kyo was flushed when he saw the Cat of the Juunishi on her desk.

"Those things, huh? Well, I was just wondering. I'm gonna go in my room now, okay?" Kyo patted her head, walking by her, leaving her with the cooking raman.

"Okay..." Tohru whispered, the Cat not able to hear her.

She turned back to the cooking raman, thinking deeply about what to do.

Yuki walked down the empty halls in the school. It was Sunday, so school was out. Everyone was also still cleaning out from the play of Sorta Cinderella, which ended up a big hit. Even though Tohru made a slip up, everyone thought it was also part of the play, so they all forgot about it.

Yuki opened the door to the student counsel room, seeing a girl with black hair and brown eyes and a boy with black hair and light brown eyes.

"Hey!" the boy cheered, "The President's finally here!"

"Now, now, Kakeru, don't upset Yun-yun! He just got here. Kimi doesn't want him to be upset." the girl scolded.

Kakeru raised an eyebrow, "I don't upset Yun-yun!...That bad."

Yuki sweatdropped, "Hey, guys, umm...where's Machi and Nao?"

"Ditching for today." Kakeru groaned.

"So, will only be Kimi, Kakeru, and Yun-yun!" Kimi beamed.

"G-great..." Yuki sighed, setting his bag on his desk, scanning at some of the papers.

"Ah! Do not forget: ME!" a man chirped.

Yuki froze, murder written on his face. He'd recognize that voice anywhere...

He turned, seeing Kimi awing and Kakeru on the floor, bowing in respect, to see a man with long silver hair and gold eyes grinning like an idiot. Ayame. Yuki's older brother.

"Commander!!!" Kakeru screamed, "You gotta be our commander!!!"

Ayame laughed, "Well, I don't see why not!"

"Make sure that Nao doesn't take the sign down, Kakeru! Yun-yun, too!" Kimi warned.

"Roger! I won't let Yun-yun or chibe-suke touch the sign!" Kakeru saluted from the floor.

It's gonna be a long day... Yuki groaned in his mind.

Back in the house, Tohru completed her afternoon meal for herself, Kyo, Shigure, and leftovers for Yuki. The three sat at the table, eating quietly until Shigure said, "So, Tohru, I hear you made papier mache Zodiac animals. I saw paint earlier on your hands."

"Oh, yes, you hear right. I bought the suppiles from our last class trip." Tohru nodded, "They're almost finished. I'm working on the Dog right now."

"Yay!" Shigure clapped.

"Why do act like a drunkerd?" Kyo inquired, annoyed at his cheery attitude.

"I drink sake, Kyo, but I do not get drunk!" the inu explained.

"Well, you can't get drunk because you're always drunk!" Kyo yelled.

"No, I'm not."

"Please, you two...don't quarrel." Tohru begged.

"If you insist." Shigure smiled innocently.

Kyo fumed, but obeyed, calming himself. Once they were finished, Kyo offered to the onigiri, "Here. I'll do dishes."

"Oh? How come?" Tohru blinked.

"Don't you want to finish the ornaments?"

"Yes, I do! Thank you very much!" and the girl ran upstairs, shutting the door to her room.

Kyo turned and placed the dishes in the sink, and waited a minute. Why do I do these things for her? I can't feel that way...oh, well. And the Cat began on washing the dishes.

Tohru began humming a tune to herself while dipping a small paintbrush into black paint. She picked up the Dog, and carefully painted the color.

...Come back safely and, at least, a little happy, Yuki. Tohru pleaded, waiting for the afternoon to pass by quickly.

A couple hours later...

Yuki stumbled through the door, exhausted. His brother, Kimi, and Kakeru wore him out, especially after they put a paper crown on his head and called him 'prince charming.' The Rat sighed quietly, and slipped off his shoes, walking to his room. He passed by Tohru's room, and tapped on the door, "Tohru? ...I'm home, okay?"

He heard a quiet muffle of, "Yuki?...welcome...home..."

Yuki blinked, but pushed it off, and walked into his room. Maybe she's tired, he assured himself. He slid the bag off his shoulder, and sat down at his desk, leaning back in his chair, and sighed once more. He opened his vegetable growing book, and studied it, wanting more strawberries to grow when the season came.

In Tohru's room, she really was not 'tired.'

Tohru was backed up against her wall, away from her window. It was opened, and a figure dressed in all black- a black longjacket, blank flare jeans, and a black shirt, with a mask over her face, her hair tuck inside her jecket, and all that. But she had a real sword to Tohru's throat. Her fierce, unkidding eyes told Tohru she was serious. "Tell me..." the person whispered, "Where is the Sohma estate reside?"

Tohru realized the voice was feminine. The onigiri muttered back, "What do you want with the Sohmas?"

"I see you know where they live. Tell me." she bit out, the tip of the sword right by the heroine's throat.

"What do you want?"

"Tell me, I'm not playing with you."

"Tell me and I'll tell you."

"I have my own problems. Where's Shigure Sohma?"

Tohru froze, but didn't change her expression. "They live down the road, more than twenty blocks, on the other side of town."

Without another word, the girl backflipped, landed on her hands, and jumped out the window. Tohru began gasping after trying to hold her breath so her neck wouldn't nick the blade. She slumped to her knees, her elbow banging across her desk, making a loud thud. Tears came to her eyes as she looked at the Dog ornament that the girl destroyed.

"Tohru, are you okay?" Kyo asked on the other side of the door.

"I'm..." Tohru murmured loudly to answer, but she couldn't think of any word to use.

Kyo opened the door, and saw splattered paint, an open window, and a destroyed Zodiac Dog ornament on the floor. All the others were unharmed. Without thinking, Kyo ran to her, and took her shoulder with his hand, "Are you all right?!"

"I...I don't know!" Tohru sobbed, tears flying out her eyes. Forgetting the curse, Tohru flew forward, wanting warmth, and she hugged the startled Kyo. Unfazed, she still hugged the orange Cat in her arms gently.

"Hey...what happened?" Kyo asked quietly.

Yuki and Shigure decided to pop up at that moment. Yuki had the same reaction as his cousin: "Are you all right, Tohru?!"

Tohru couldn't say anything, she only cried. Yuki ended up transforming, too, unfortunatly.

Shigure frowned, scratched his head, and looked out the open window. Huh. Interesting. Who - aside from Kyo - could jump out a two story window and survive without injury? Maybe...a ninja! No, be serious... the inu thought, shutting the window.

The girl, however, was standing right outside, grasping her wrist. She must've sprained it a little on her landing. Heh. I outta leave that to Hikaru. the girl thought, before saying aloud, "I knew that girl was lying. I need to act quickly."

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