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What were you thinking, Hinata chan..? That you could tame me? Well, you were the closest to it. I felt like I actually had a shot at love. You have to understand. You showed me that I am capable of human contact. That I am capable of caring. That I am capable of loving. And it is because you taught me how to care and love you that I am pushing you away. Every time I got a migraine, I didn't know if I'd break down… I didn't know when I'd go ballistic and hurt you. I never want that to happen, and while I can protect you the best when I am in control, I can also hurt you the worst when I'm not. I am unwilling to take that risk.

I came to the conclusion that the less you see me, the less potential there is for me to unintentionally hurt you. You have no idea how hard this will be. But I have to, for your sake, to tell you that I never loved you; that I only used you. I have to break your heart before I… do something worse..

I hope that my act will be strong enough for you to believe, but you'll probably see through me with those beautiful eyes, but play along. I have to save you. I have to hurt you, to save you.. to protect you from myself.

I'm just.. too.. dangerous.

I will always love you.

I want you to hate me.

"You stupid, pathetic, weak little girl. You honestly thought that I am capable of love? How ignorant are you? I was just toying with you. I never loved you. You were my whore. And now, no one will want you because you have been with me. You're guilty by association. I hope your father disowns you. I hope your friends shun you. You're worthless and I hate you."

I know, Gaara kun. It's alright. I forgive you. You know your act didn't fool me and I know you love me. But if you feel like you have to leave, I understand. I hope you find happiness wherever you go. I'll pretend like your words broke my heart even though we both know the real truth. It's because you're leaving me that there are tears in my eyes.

You seem relieved that I am speechless and crying. I'll leave it at that. Good bye Gaara kun. I will miss you. I will never forget you... I love you.

I love you too.