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BTW: this is about 30 years after bella is changed.

Mysterious Presence

She was so slight, so fragile looking. No one expected much from her, not from a girl like her. She was quiet, weak, seemingly insignificant. However, she was far more important than any human should be. This girl who seemed to buckle under her own weight would be the one factor that kept humans and vampires seperate. The only thing. Such a tiny girl... could she have seen this coming? I know now that... she must have. With her overwhelming knowledge... how could she not? The one thing that disturbs me the most is, we didn't.

London: 2036

I stumbled on the stairs as I had many, many times before. It seems that as a vampire my clumsiness was enhanced. Emmett called me 'The Klutzinator". I gave him a thank you glare every time he called me that. I suppose Edward was overcome with joy when he realized that was my 'power'. Clumsiness, what a great gift. I guess I had to be given a crappy gift to counter the fact that I had two. Yes, I was still immune to most vampiric abilities. Most.

"Sweetie, you ok?" Edward called down to me. Though he knew I couldn't be injured, I'm sure he worried that I would some how find a way. In his eyes my number would always be up. Of course that's just fine by me. It keeps him close.

"Yea..." I moaned. I heard Emmett snicker from his room. I growled just loud enough for him to hear. I would be smacking him with a pillow when I got home. I picked myself up, ridding myself of imaginary dust, and tried to walk out the door. Tried is the key word there.

"BELLA!" Rosalie called. I cringed.

"Yea?" I answered reluctantly. She rushed over to me, examining my outfit.

"WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! Don't you know newsie hats are OUT?!" she yelled as if I'd committed a hideous crime. In the fashion world, I suppose, I may have.

"Are they?" I asked smugly.


"It's called retro." I proceeded out the door, pulling the hat over my eyes for emphasis.

"No sister of mine is going anywhere with that hat!" She called again.

"I guess it's a good thing my last name is Masen!" I heard her growl. Snickering to myself, I walked over to Edward's still beloved Volvo. He couldn't stand the newer cars. He said they looked too science-fictional for his taste. The moment I thought this, the angel himself walked over to the car, placing his hands on the hood, smirking and shaking his head.

"What?" I asked him. He just laughed his angelic laugh as he walked over to the driver's side and got in.

"First day of school and Rosalie's already panicing. Way to go," he chuckled.

"Must be another one of my talents: Annoying Rose."

"You do it so well." At that we both laughed. The engine roared as he backed out of the gravel driveway and onto the unmarked street. School was a half hour away according to those who drive by the speed limit. We'd be there in ten minutes. On the way, we head banged to some screaming music Edward had grabbed for the drive. He'd made a bet with Jasper that he could go completely slacker and so close to punk it wasn't funny for the time that we stayed here in London. I had to admit, even though the rebel look wasn't my favorite, Edward looked amazing. His bronze hair was messier than usual, his fingernails painted black, a fake earring in his left ear, a loose tie around his neck, torn up jeans and a tight black AC DC shirt that made me drool. He looked way too good for high school. I had half the mind to stuff him in a closet and never let him out. I nearly snorted at the thought.

Edward raised a questioning eyebrow. Damn, he heard.

"What, my dear, is so suddenly amusing?" he questioned.

"Nothing," I replied, trying to cover up the laughter that was bound to explode from me at any moment.

"Sounds like something to me."

I couldn't hold it in any more. I burst into a fit of laughs and snorts, sounding like a pig getting tickled to death. Edward just stared at me, wide eyed. Once I finished, I held my stomach and glanced at him apologetically.

"Sorry," I said, a short laugh coming afterward.

"You know, any more fits like that, and you would be most certainly cramping my style," he said sarcastically.

"I'm sorry I'm not cool enough for you. I will now hang my head in shame." I dropped my head dramatically.

"As you should." We laughed. I hadn't noticed we'd arrived at the school. It was rainy and dark. A perfect day for a coven of vamps just as ourselves. Edward ruffled his hair again before stepping out of the car. He walked around and opened my side for me.

"Why thank you dear, how kind of you," I commented.

"And how very un-punk-like," Jasper whispered from behind him. Edward rolled his eyes.

"I'll win this, you'll see," Edward challenged.

"We'll see indeed." He laughed maniacly as he turned around and walked away. I rolled my eyes at Edward.

"Men," I muttered. He just shrugged as we began walking to the main office. The office was small and clammy. Wonderful. I tripped on the door stop. I heard a snicker come from Alice. I just shrugged. I looked up to see Rose standing in the corner, glowering at my hat. I pulled it down snuggly on my head once more, just to annoy her. It worked. She threw her hands to her face and began clawing at her eyes. Oh how amusing the blonde could be. Then, a small, stout woman walked in from down the hall. She glanced at her papers, reading through them.

Without looking up she called, "Cullen, Alice" with a heavy British accent. Alice walked over to her and picked up her schedule. The woman didn't look at her. "Cullen, Edward." Edward walked over to her as well, grabbing the piece of paper. As he walked back, he grimaced. I would find out what was so horrible later. "Cullen, Emmett." Emmett went to get his paper. "Hale, Jasper." Jasper's turn. "Hale, Rosalie." She jumped infront of the woman, startling her. She looked up at Rose. "My dear, please... don't, uh." She began stuttering as she looked at our beauty. "Er, uh... Masen, Isabella..." I went to get my paper, giving the woman a very warm, dazzling smile. She dropped my paper. This would be so much fun. "Yes, well, do you... um, have any questions?" she asked.

"Yes," Rosalie began. "Do you have any rules about hats?" Oh no she didn't.

"Hats? I don't... uh, I mean, yes. No hats inside the school building please," the woman said. I felt bad for her. Rose was being mean, dazzling her like that. Just to be nice, I took the hat off instead of attempting to get my way. "Oh, oh... and sir?" she called to Edward.

"What?" he answered rudely, harshly. Wow, he was dead serious about this bet. Er, nothing meant by the use of the word dead there.

"Please cut the ends of your pants, we don't want anyone to trip," she said weakly. Edward scoffed.

"I won't trip," he said, tilting his head in such a way you just wanted to slap his rebellious ass. The woman looked like she was fighting the urge to.

"The other students sir, your pants are long enough that-"

"If the other students are smart they'll stay away from me." His tone was deadly. That was the end of that. The small woman just rolled her eyes.

"Any other questions?"

I shook my head, as did everyone else... except Edward.

"One more," he said with sarcasim just lacing his voice. "Mind telling me how big the lockers are? I want to know how many freshmen I can stuff in there. Do you have a general idea?" Oh, he was having fun, I could tell. The woman's face went hard.

"It's time for you to go to class," she said harshly.

"Why waste your venom on me?" Edward asked slyly as he headed out of the room. Once we were in the hall, I burst into a fit of laughter. "Dear, you are most certainly cramping my style now."

"HA! That was just halarious! She didn't know what do do with you!" I squeaked. He bent his face down to mine, so I could hear him whisper.

"She was debating on whether to whip me for being rude or to kiss me for being hott," he mumbled, partially out of humor, partially out of disgust.

"Both of those would get her murdered..." I whispered darkly. Edward let out a quiet laugh.

"I suppose."

We reached a stair case in the back of the building. We both took out our schedules, examining the classes.

"Seems that we have every class together," Edward said happily.

"It does seem that way." I smiled. I suspected that was his doing. I heard him tip toe away last night while I was meditating. He was probably arranging our schedules.

"Off to class?" he asked in his usual musical tone. He extended his elbow to me, and I looped my arm around it.


The rest of the day was rather boring. People gawked at us, Edward got sent out of the room for sarcastic remarks, many guys tried to ask me out but began stuttering because of my beauty or because of Edward's growling. I suppose the day was amusing enough, but the only part of it that stood out was lunch...

The cafeteria was huge. Kids rustled and bustled about, chattering about nothing of importance. Of course, once the new kids walked in everyone went still. I heard Edward give a low growl.

"Hush," I scolded him. He snorted, but ceased the growling anyway. Gripping me tighter, Edward pushed us into the crowded room to find a table. We found one in the back of the room, far away from the rest of our classmates.

A few of the statues came to life, and suddenly the quiet room was filled with meaningless chatter again. Edward rubbed his temples. Eventually, Alice and Jasper joined us, as did Rosalie and Emmett. Edward was holding his head in his hands, just on the brink of snarling.

"Anyone crushing on the Cullens yet?" Emmett teased.

"Of course," Edward nearly growled. Emmett let out a hardy laugh.

"Times like these when I would hate to be you!" Edward did growl that time. I suddenly felt like running through a meadow of flowers. I would have to thank Jasper for that.

The rest of lunch was spent in silence. I traced abstract shapes in the palm of Edward's glorious hand. Every now and the his head would shoot up as if he were being called. Then his head would shoot back down just as quickly and some nervous giggles would be heard. Yes, people were crushing on the Cullens.

Suddenly, something, someone caught my eye, A girl, possibly as small as Alice, sat across the room. She was pale, paler than I was when I was human. Her hair was a dark, umber brown. Her lips were painted crimson. She was undeniably beautiful. Had I not been one myself, and had her eyes not been liquid sapphire, I would have thought her a vampire. However, it was not her beauty that caught my attention. No, it was that she was glaring in our direction. I wanted to back away in terror. Her look rivaled Edward's deadly stare the first time he saw me. Luckily, her venom was not pointed at me, but at Emmett. I wondered how she could hate him so quickly, she didn't know him from Adam. Suddenly I was having deja vue. Sarcasim was building up. Did he smell delicsiously edible to her too?! I fought a giggle at that. Then, the girl's hate was directed at someone else... Edward. All humor gone, she glared at my angel. The question is... why?

For the rest of the day, that girl stayed on my mind. Who was she? I wondered if this was how Edward felt when he first met me. So concerned over a meaningless human. I shook my head, trying to ignore her for now.

"Bella?" Edward questioned. He looked down at me with pure concern in his topaz eyes.


"Are you alright?"

I nodded. We were walking down the hall, going to our locker.

"Are you sure?" he asked again.

"Yes mother," I replied sarcastically. He smirked. He adjusted his loose tie as he unlocked the box of tin. As the door opened, a small piece of paper fell gracefully to the floor. I picked it up, reading it. I think I gasped.

"Bell?" Edward asked. I shoved the paper in his face.

I know what you are & you won't get me. Give it up.

Edward and I glanced at eachother. I had a sinking suspiscion I knew who put this in there. Maybe I had a reason to be so preoccupied with this simple human. I wondered how she could possibly know what we were so quickly... and what did she want us to give up? I thought of the only thing of mine that was worth anything. That was something I would never give up. Never.

This called for some investigating...

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