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Numb. I was numb all over as I walked around the house. Only a few days had passed since we finally met Lyza. Only a week had passed since Charlie's death. It felt like an eternity. Everyday was just another day of it. I tried to act like nothing was wrong, and that I was perfectly fine... However, I know my family could tell there was something wrong. Edward was right, I could never be an actress. It's too hard to just pretend I'm not in pain. I couldn't stand faking any other emotion.

We drove to school in silence. I had to focus on Edward's odd outfit to keep from screaming. A trench coat. A black, leather trench coat. He was wearing black leather pants as well, and a black muscle shirt. Oh, and his black boots were covered with buckles and zippers. All unnessecary of course. I think he had some hand cuffs on his wrists too. His eyes were outlined with heavy eyeliner. It was... not him. Once we parked, I expected him to get up and open my door for me like he usually did, however; he reached into the ashtray and picked up a black tube. Oh god. He smeared the black lipstick on his lips.

"What the fuck?!" I practically yelled. He smacked his lips together. "Oh my god."

"It's just a bet, Bells," he tried to reassure me. I think the worst part was that he looked good. He looked really good. I rather liked the look on him, however; it wasn't him. By now the black nailpolish on his nails were chipped, seemingly more him, but still far from it. I wanted Jasper to just call it off so I could have my Edward back. I mean, he was still him, but he didn't look like himself wearing that stuff.

I sighed and got out of the car before Edward could get out himself. I began walking towards the school in a huff, but Edward's iron arms caught me and wrapped around my collar bone. He rubbed his cheek into his hair. I stared at his hand. At least he left his wedding band on during this stupid bet. I smiled at the small piece of metal.

"Just a bet," I murmered to myself.


I spun around to kiss his cheek.

"Fine, but you're not getting any kisses on the mouth with that goop on."

As I walked away, I think I heard him whimper. He was such a dork at times, but he was my dork. I smiled at that. After 30 years of being married to him, I still wasn't use to it. I unconsiously began fiddling with my band.

The classes went by in a blur. They always did. After you've gone to high school for about, oh I don't know... 3 times now? Anyway, after graduating 3 times, the ciriculum begins to lose it's challenge. I was really just thinking about lunch. You see, Edward and I had a kind of plan working out.

So we're going to surround her during lunch, right? I asked Edward in a note. It was one of those times I wished he could hear me. He nodded. You're doing the talking, right? I asked again. Edward took the pen from me and wrote quickly.

If you want

I want

He chuckled at that.

Then yes

I smiled. I had no idea of what I would say to her. I'm not even sure of how she would react to us now. Part of me knew she would glare darts at us, same as ever, but another part wished it were different. I really didn't like having enemies.

I'd already developed theories as to what she was. I thought of 'batgirl' and 'nightcrawler' and first, but of course those just seemed silly. Eventually, I came up with an explanation that seemed very right to me. Werewolf. How else would she know what we were so quickly, and hate us the minute she knew? And of course, there was no other way that exposing us would expose her as well. I could just imagine the interrogation now.

Curious Police Eating A Doughnut: So miss, how did you, a normal English girl, figure out that they were a coven of vampires?

Lyza: I used my ultra sensitive wolf nose to sniff them out.

Police drops doughnut. Oh yea, that would go over well. I almost laughed at the thought. Luckily, though, I stiffled it before even Edward could realize it.

Finally, the bell rang, and we were going to pay little miss wolfie a visit.

Edward found her quickly, spotting her via her thoughts. I'd come to realize that she never sat at the same spot, and never sat with the same person twice. Her mind was the only way to find her. Edward lead us to her table and we snatched up some seats before anyone else could sit and before she could get up and leave. She just glared at us.

"Hello," Edward greeted her. She continued her heated stare. "Mind if we sit?" He slouched in his chair.

"What do you want?!" she spat out.

"Company and a good conversation," Edward answered quick wittedly. He pulled his hands out of his trench coat's pockets and placed them on the back of his head.

"I'm leaving."

In a flash, Edward's white hand grabbed her and made her sit back down. "We're not finished," he said icily. He gave me chills.

"We want to talk," I spoke up.

"So you've said," she said, unleashing her venom and poisonous stare on me. Fun times.

"Why do you continue to glare at us?" Edward asked. I could see what he was getting at. "We won't bite..." He smirked at the last part. I tried to keep from laughing.

"Perhaps not, but you might snap my neck," she whispered ferosciously.

"And what would make me want to?" he asked again.

"You know what!"

She wasn't giving anything away verbally. Perhaps Edward was getting more information from her.

"Do I? You overestimate my intellegence."

"Hardly. Maybe they didn't tell you anything just so it would be more fun for them!" She glared at the table instead of us. What ever she was thinking, she was thinking we were now to be victims too. I furrowed my brow.

"They?" I asked. "What would be more fun?"

"Don't play dumb!" she spat out. Then a wicked smile fell on her features. "Or maybe you're not playing." She laughed darkly.

I just continued to stare at her. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Edward held a look of surprise and utter disgust. I was so confused.

"No matter," she finally said, breaking the silence. "Once my protection shows up, you won't be able to get to me anyway."

"As if we wanted to," Edward said quickly before standing up in an almost invisible motion, reaching for me to stand too. I stood as well, nodding good bye to the odd girl, and walked out of the cafeteria.We rushed to the car as quickly as possible. I didn't understand the hurry, but I was sure he would tell me.

Once we were in, he huffed.

"What was she thinking?" I asked him.

"She believes we were told to kill her, but for some reason if we were to kill her, it would mean a painful death for us as well. She feels sorry for us. Oh, and her 'protection' is just a bunch of wolves." This was just a flurry of words that I was amazed I could understand. Once he was finished, all I could do was stare at the dash board.


"Yeah, oh..."

"Well," I began, looking at his face, "did she mention what we would kill her for."

He shook his head. This was just too difficult...

"It's like she knew," he said suddenly. I frowned. "Her mind was blank for the most part. Guarded... It's like she knew what to do to keep me in the dark."

I almost gasped. I think I should have known. This girl was something different by far, and it was pissing me off. Figuring Edward out wasn't even this hard. Suddenly, Edward hit the steering wheel.

"This is so inFURIATING!" he yelled.

"It is..."

He growled. I had to keep him calm, other wise he might do something he'd regret, like murdering his precious Volvo. He'd be moping for days. I grabbed his face and kissed his cheek. He looked utterly surprised.

"What?" I asked him.

"Oh, so I don't get real kisses anymore?" He looked hurt.

"Fine fine," I told him. I leaned in as to give him a real kiss as I reached into the glove box and pulled out a tissue. "BUT THE LIPSTICK MUST PERISH!!!!!!" And thus began the war between good and fashionablly evil.

I ran into our bathroom before Edward could catch me. On the way home he'd lost his trench coat as we made out. It was rather stupid as I thought about it now. I strattled him while he was driving, kissing him over and over again and reaching down to do some rather inappropriate things. We almost crashed into a tree. I giggled.

Now, I was running into the bathroom to start the shower and strip down. I had just pulled off my jeans when Edward ran into me and began kissing me roughly and pushing me over the shower. We really were like animals in heat; it was disgusting, yet utterly pleasurable.

He'd stripped his clothing with my help and we found our way under the steaming water when we heard Alice call us. We ignored her; surely should could hear that we were busy. We were just about to really get started when the black haired pixie ran in.

"I've been calling you guys!" she scolded us. "Now finish up and meet me upstairs!" Then she slammed the door.

I slid down the shower wall, my passion suddenly lost. I did rather like the idea of finishing up, but I didn't think I was capable of it after being interrupted like that.

"Um..." I started, "Wanna... finish?"

"I went flat the moment she opened the door..." Edward murmered.


Damn you Alice.

"This better be important, Alice," I said coldly as Edward and I walked up the stairs.

"It is..." she answered gravely. Edward, who was originally furious, grew very worried.

"Al?" he asked softly.

"I had a vision... and I really didn't like it."

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