Title: Dreaming of Pain

Fandom: Anime – Marchen Awakens Romance

Character(s): Alviss + Phantom (not a pair! Really!)

Summary: He dreamt about it; he was going through pain because of it.

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Based on anime episodes 88-92

Disclaimer: I have checked my account bank; still do not have enough money to own Marchen Awakens Romance.


"Phantom… Phantom is calling me…"

"Welcome, Alviss-sama, to our world of eternal darkness."

"If I go to the other side, will the pain go away?"


He woke up in a sweat. Looking around, Alviss searched for something, or rather someone, to calm down his sudden uneasiness.

"What is the matter, Alviss?" a voice purred beside his ear, causing him to shiver. Supposedly, the voice was to calm his feelings, but it only increased his worry.

"… No. It was nothing, Phantom. Just having a weird dream, and that's all," he replied quietly, lying back in the bed, next to the immortal man. Said man pulled him closer to his chest, arm around the younger man.

"Then you should go back to sleep, my dream," Phantom said; the last part was said with a purr and small smile on his face.

Obeying the Knight's words, Alviss closed his eyes, hoping to sleep off his uneasiness.


"So how about your important friends?! Are you going to leave them?"

"I know you're lying! It was me who fought you!"

"I will not give Phantom to you!"


He woke up again. But this time, he made sure he did not wake the man beside him.

He had dreamt about it. His recent fight with Rolan, another Zombie Tattoo wielder. But why must he dream about it? Was that conversation important to him?

Was that conversation important to his almost-lost consciousness?

Thinking about it, Alviss lied back down on Phantom's chest; he closed his eyes and allowed sleep to overtake him again.

Unconsciously, his hand moved to clutch his chest as if trying to ease the small, but noticeable pain in his heart.


"Al! If you continue this, Bell will forever hate you!"

"Alviss! I know you're not this weak! I know you're always capable of fighting the Tattoo! Don't lose to it now!

"We'll come back for you! Wait for us, Alviss!"


He woke up again, but this time it was because of someone's voice instead of another dream.


Looking up, he stared up into Phantom's purple eyes, intense as if searching for something in the youth's mind. "Yes, Phantom?"

"Why were you crying in your sleep?" the other man asked quietly, his hand caressing one of Alviss' tear-stained cheeks smoothly.

It was then that Alviss realized the tears running down his cheeks. The pain in his heart was now unbearable for him. And the pain he felt coursing through his body earlier that day was not helping either. "I… don't know. It's just… so painful all of a sudden."

Phantom just smiled at that, obviously thinking that Alviss was talking about the pain due to the Tattoo.

Sweeping the tears from Alviss' face with his fingers, he said, "It's okay. I'm sure the pain will go away tomorrow."


The next day, Alviss left Phantom's side and returned to the MÄR team.

He could still feel the pain in his body, but at least the pain in his heart had vanished almost completely.

And he was fine with that.


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