Title: Tainted

Fandom: Anime – Marchen Awakens Romance

Character(s): Alviss

Summary: He could not return to the 'him' 6 years ago, no matter what other people said

Rating: PG-15 for naked!Alviss

Spoilers: After the end of the manga. If you do not know what happen in the manga, it can be quite hard for you to understand.

Disclaimer: I have checked my account bank; still do not have enough money to own Marchen Awakens Romance.


Alviss left the en suite of his room, hair wet and body clad in pale blue robe. Walking slowly to the other end of the room, he listened to the noises outside and smiled inwardly.

It was the night of celebrations. MÄR had won the War Game. The King and Queen were defeated. Phantom was finally vanquished from the face of the earth and he was finally freed from the Zombie Tattoo that had been haunting him for the last six years. More importantly, Danna-san turned out to still be alive and was still the same person that Alviss had grown to respect and admire.

Yet the blue-eyed teen was still feeling uneasy.

Walking towards a body-length mirror hanging on one side of the room, he stood in front of it and stared at his own reflection for a few minutes. He then untied the tie that held the robe and let it slid down his once scarred body.

Looking at the pale porcelain skin, it was hard to believe that there was once red, angry tattoo trailing all over his arms, legs, torso and back. Turning around to look at his own body through the mirror, Alviss himself did not believe that the Tattoo was really gone for good. Closing his eyes, the young warrior could still remember the red trails covering his body, reminding him of how his life had once belonged to someone else.

Danna had said earlier during the celebration that Alviss had not changed at all after he last saw him six years ago. Alan interrupted by saying that he was more stubborn than before, but it came with a good reason; Alviss was stronger than he ever expected the youth to be. Gaira then continued the story by telling the rest of MÄR how he was six years ago, causing the 16-year-old to blush non-stop before he excused himself from the party.

The young Cross Guard's heart swelled as he recalled what had happened that night and smiled softly, only to have the smile faded as he recalled something else.

'Once the Tattoo covered your whole body, you will be just like me. A useless zombie. Let's be friends, Alviss-kun.'

He had recalled precisely what Phantom had said to him before he lost consciousness six years ago. Turning back to face the mirror, he slowly lifted his hand to touch the reflection of the last remaining Zombie Tattoo on his body. The small, fire-like Tattoo in the middle of his chest – the first Tattoo he received from the strongest Knight of Chess no Koma.

Ignoring the cold wind that caused his body to shiver, he left the robe lying on the floor in front of the mirror and walked to the bed. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he trailed his shaking fingers on the red and black Tattoo on his chest.

'No,' he thought, 'I have changed.'

And as he lied down on the bed, ignoring the fact that he was naked, he closed his eyes. One single trail of tear running down his cheek not for the first time that day, and he gave up on one single thought.

He was tainted, and the last remaining Tattoo on his chest was the proof.

Is it too late for him to turn back?

For he was tainted by the man that had left forever.


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