I don't see him much anymore. Not many of us do.

And yet, though we rarely meet up with him, none of us can forget. He touched our lives.

All of us changed. Not a single one of us for the worse, some for the better.

We knew somehow, deep down, that he'd leave us behind.

He left everyone sooner or later, whether people or pokémon.

We call each other, sometimes we talk about him.

I bet the pokémon talk about him too.

And we all pray, hoping desperately, that one day we can come back.

I feel proud for myself.

I was one of the longest ones there,

Except Brock, but he does need a guy along.

And Brock is his best friend.

Everyone tells us to get over him.

But they don't know.

You can't live without him once he's gone.

It's impossible. He won't leave your head, taunting you with adventure.

He's an addiction.

He's a trainer. No,

He's a master.

He's all we'll ever want to be with again.

He's Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town,

And he's going to be the world's great pokémon master.

And we believe him, because we're all in love with him in our own way.

Ash Ketchum, we love you. All of us.