A/N: This was quickly written after a rathe heated discussion about TSR and how Zuko and Katara behaved. And how Aang behaved. I'm putting this as a chapter in "Ah Romance" because during that episode Aang loved her. And not all romances start off a barrel of roses...

Toph Knows

Toph knows that when Zuko calls Aang "Guru Goody-goody" and mocks the teachings of the young Avatar's beloved people that he has wounded the boy deeply. She feels his heart speed up as he tries to keep his emotions in check. She doesn't have to see Aang's face to know that he is trying to hide the hurt he is feeling in order to keep the focus on saving Katara from herself.

And Toph knows Aang is trying to save Katara from the rage she is feeling because he doesn't want to see her end up like Jet or Hama or even himself.

She feels Appa take off with Katara at the reins and Zuko seated in the saddle, knowing that Aang will watch the sky long after they have disappeared from sight. Toph feels Sokka in his tent, settling in for the night despite worrying for his sister. She feels Suki curled up in Katara's extra sleeping bag, her breathing and heart rate even as she sleeps.

Toph knows that Aang sits alone on the edge of the cliff. She can feel him sobbing, the dam holding his emotions breaking. The earthbender silently curses both Katara and Zuko, hating them both at that moment for hurting Aang. She, the Queen of the Sarcastic Comeback curses Zuko for being insensitive. And she curses Katara being blind to how much Aang loves her.