Fun with Mirrors

Chapter 1

Note: This contains spoilers, and if you haven't played the game, you won't know what I'm talking about.

Ganondorf lay on the floor, after being knocked back by Link's blow.

"YAH!" Link screamed, stabbing Ganondorf in the chest.

"Urgh! GAAH!" Ganondorf screamed, dying a slow, painful, death.

"MWAHAHAHA! I defeated the almighty Ganondorf!" Link said triumphantly, as Ganondorf still screamed, and it didn't look like he'd stop anytime soon.

"Shouldn't you say something more heroic instead of acting like a super evil villain and laughing like one?" Zelda said, throwing a rock at Link.

"Well, what would you have said?" Link asked, walking towards Zelda.

"Something like, um… Now, because of I, the day is saved! And then you do that cool sword thing," Zelda said.

"Can't you think of something original for once?" Link said.

"Original? You called your horse Epona! How unoriginal can you get!?" Zelda screamed.

Epona stepped on Zelda.

"I'll get you! Just you wait! I'll get you!!!!" Zelda cursed, struggling from under the horse.

"Well I'll show you!" Link said, walking towards Ganondorf.

"You? Stab me with a sword?" Zelda laughed, not noticing that her arm was broken.

"Can I have my sword back?" Link asked Ganondorf, unaware that Zelda was bleeding to death.

"No! I need to make my death more dramatic!" Ganondorf said in protest, screaming some more.

"HELP ME!" Zelda screamed.

"Please be quiet! Can't you see I'm trying to have a conversation?" Link said.

"So, um… er… My death needs to be more dramatised!" Ganondorf said.

"This is melodramatic! Gimme that!" Link shouted, pulling out the sword.

Ganondorf died.

"HELP ME!" Zelda screamed, again.

"Boy! You are impatient! What is it!?" Link screamed.

"I'm bleeding to death!" Zelda screamed.

Link pulled Zelda out from underneath, and then he saw a familiar shape.

"ZOMG! It's Midna!" Link gasped.

He ran towards Midna as fast as he could and then stopped.

There stood a strange, weird looking creature.

"Hey, um… have you seen Midna?" Link asked.

"I am Midna, stupid!!!!!" Midna screamed, slapping Link.

"I thought you died!" Link said, relieved.

"I'm still dying!!!" Zelda screamed.

"What happened to Zelda?" Midna gasped.

"I'm dying!!!" Zelda screamed.

"Maybe you should heal her," Link suggested.

Midna healed Zelda.

"Thankyou, Midna. Now, I will kill this slob wearing his stupid green rag of cloth!!!" Zelda said, drawing her bow.

"It's the Hero's Tunic, not a rag of cloth! And this is the Hero's Bow! And this is the Master Sword!" Link said, showing all of the mentioned items. "Therefore, you can't kill me!"

"What?" Zelda said, puzzled by Link's bad sense of logic.

"Maybe we should just go to the Mirror Chamber, and then I can leave, and you two can kill each other!" Midna said, positively.

"Okay!" Link and Zelda said simultaneously.

And thus, the three went to the Mirror Chamber.