Chapter 1: Prologue

Abel wanders around in a daze

Lady Date: laughing Welcome to Hell

Abel: O.O

yamihikari: Ignore her. She's insane.

yamikage02 walks in

Abel: Cain?

yamikage02: SHUT UP!

Abel: When did you become a woman?

yamihikari and Lady Date are in the background, laughing their asses off

Cain walks in

Cain:blink…Why is there a Chinese munchkin on your back trying to kill you


Abel:looks at Cain, then yamikage02 I'm confused.

yamikage02: Cain, I'm going to kill you, too.

Snape pops in

Snape: You're not confused, just stupid.

prettypeoplelie: I agree with that.

yamikage02: Where the fuck did you come from?

prettypeoplelie pops away

yamikage02: Where the fuck did she go?

Tres enters

Tres: To an unknown location

yamikage02: I wasn't asking you. It was a rhetorical question.

Tres: Rhetorical. Does not compute.

yamikage02: I'm going to kill you, you broken down robot. After I kill those two idiots.

Tres: Does not compute.

yamikage02: You're going down, lead boy.

yamihikari:raises eyebrows I'm surrounded by imbeciles…and homicidal maniacs.

Tres: I'm an an…

yamikage02 kicks Tres in the head

Cain and Abel are too horrified to move

Lady Date: rolls eyes Okay. pokes Snape

Snape: Fine. Disclaimer.

Lady Date: More than that, retard.

Snape: Or else what?

Lady Date: holds up Mr. Floppykins (insert creepy music and evil laugh here)

Snape: twitch Fine. Lady date, yamihikari, yamikage02, and prettypeoplelie do not own Trinity Blood or Harry Potter. No money is going to be gained off of this, even if it would be greatly appreciated. Suing would be pointless and wouldn't get you much money anyway.

Lady Date: On with the story.


Abel busied himself with his school bag. Homework: check. Pencils: check. Lunch for-

"Status report, Abel," a voice said behind Abel.

Abel turned around to the person behind him, his little pleated skirt fluttering as he spun. He was surprised to see Tres staring at him, expression blank, but expectant. "Oh!" he exclaimed, blushing ferociously. "Tres!"

"Status report, Abel." Tres stared closely at Abel. "Your face is red." He leaned in close to Abel, pressing their foreheads together and causing Abel to become even redder. Tres hummed. "Your temperature is abnormally high. Suggest going straight to nurse."

Abel held his hands up defensively. "No, no. I'm fine. Really, I am."

Tres glared at him. "Negative. Abnormally high temperature can lead to malfunction. Insist trip to medic."

Abel tried to push himself away from Tres. "But I'm fine." He gave a startled "eep" as Tres lifted him up effortlessly and carried him all the way to the nurse's office. "Tres, put me down. I'm fine!" Abel wailed the whole way as he pushed weakly at the smaller man.

"Negative. You require medical attention to maintain peak operation capacity." Tres set Abel down gently on the stiff infirmary bed.

Abel shuddered as Tres's hand ran along his thigh when he was put down. His face, after what Tres had done, was bright red.

"Please stay here while I retrieve the nurse," Tres said, pulling Abel away from his thoughts. He exited through the door to the main office.

Abel fidgeted where he sat on the bed, contemplating his odds of leaving the infirmary without Tres noticing. He didn't need to be part machine to know the odds were slim.

Tres came back into the room, oblivious of what Abel had been considering. "The nurse in currently unavailable," he said in his monotonous tone of voice.

"Then there's no need for me to stay," Abel suggested, trying to get up. He blinked as Tres pushed him back down.

"Negative. You need to rest."

Abel pouted. "But-"

Tres sat down next to Abel and pulled the taller man into his lap.

"Wha…? What are you doing?" Abel's voice came out as a squeak, struggling to get away, but failing as Tres held him firmly. Abel had failed to notice that his skirt had been riding up because of his wriggling around.

"Making sure you rest," Tres answered. Tres rested Abel's head on his shoulder. "You are prone to sneaking around orders, so I am insuring that you stay here."

Abel's blush, which had faded, came back in full force. "Tres…" he whispered breathlessly. Abel leaned closer to Tres as the other man closed gently stroked his thigh and hair, enjoying the warmth of the body that held him.

Tres opened his eyes and looked down at Abel's head, then to his lap, noticing that the fair-haired man's skirt had crept up enough for him to see the pristine white, lacy panties underneath it. Tres looked briefly at Abel's face before moving his hand from thigh to crotch.

Abel let out a startled yelp at the unexpected gesture. His head shot up and his eyes locked onto Tres's. "Tres!" he exclaimed.

Tres easily flipped them so that he was over Abel on his hands and knees.

Abel put his hands against Tres's chest. "What are you-?" Abel was cut off by Tres "shushing" him and slowly moving forward until their lips were mere millimeters apart. "Tres."


Abel shot up in bed, panting. He looked around his room at the Vatican. Nothing was out of order, well, if you could consider anything in his room in order, and nothing was missing. He jumped as the door swung open and Tres stepped into view.

"Status report Father Nightroad?" Tres asked in his usual monotone voice.

Abel gulped and looked down, blushing. "I'm fine, Tres," he said quickly. "Don't worry about a thing."

Tres looked down, where Abel was looking, and noticed and unidentifiable bulge in the sheets. "What is that?"

"What is what"

"What are you two talking about?" A new voice asked calmly, joining them. Hugue stood in the doorway.

Abel squeaked. "Nothing."

"Father Nightroad has-" Tres began.

"Absolutely nothing is wrong. I'm fine Tres."

"Are you sure, Nightroad?" Hugue asked, looking at him curiously. "You look a little red."

Abel blinked. "Huh?"

Without warning, Tres pressed their foreheads together and held Abel close with a firm, but gentle grip. "Father Nightroad's body temperature is higher than safe."

Abel's blush deepened. "For God's sake man! I'm fine!"

"Are you positive? You don't look it."



Lady Date: Mission accomplished.

yamihikari: Isn't that Heero's line?

Lady Date: Not the point.

yamikage02: is panting in the corner

Tres: is unaffected

Cain: grumble I'm scarier.

Snape: You haven't seen anything yet.

Abel: What do you mean? And why was I in a schoolgirl uniform?

Snape: You mean you don't know?

Abel: Know what?

Snape: Oh…nothing.

Abel: looks cutely confused

Lady Date: This is going to be good.

Tres: Reviews will increase the speed of data input.

yamihikari: sighs Please do review. Flames, however, will cook our dinner. Hopefully it's good (seeing as how it was done while Lady Date was in our math class) drags Tres off for unmentionable purposes