Chapter 5: Tenta-Porn

WARNING: This chapter contains semi-graphic tentacle porn and mild angst. If you do not like either of these, or are not old enough to be reading this kind of crap, please leave now. As stated before, flames shall not be tolerated, and will probably be used by yamikage02 to cook any and all Kinkubi (you'll find out what a Kinkubus is soon enough). You have been warned. Any complaints can be shoved up your butt, around the corner, and three blocks away.

yamihikari:smirk Let the fun and games begin

Lady Date: laughs maniacally This is gonna be good.

yamikage02:stares What is wrong with you two?

yamihikari and Lady Date look at yamikage02 innocently.

yamihikari & Lady Date: Nothing.

prettypeoplelie: They lie…

Abel:naively But they aren't pretty people.

Lady Date: snorts Thank you for that lovely observation glare

yamihikari: I'm insulted.

Abel: squeaks

Lady Date: Calm down. We aren't going to kill you.

Abel: You aren't?

yamihikari: No. We have something more interesting in store.

Abel: looks worried

yamikage02: Where's Tres?

prettypeoplelie: Don't know.

Tres:comes into room, glaring

Authoresses back away quickly

prettypeoplelie:clings to yamikage02 Mommy! Mommy! He's scaring me.

yamikage02:Gah! tries to pry prettypeoplelie off Let go of me, you freak.

yamihikari: He's showing emotion.

Lady Date: I know. It's almost as scary as Mandy smiling. shudders

Abel:cutely Is something wrong, Tres?

Tres:blinks and stops glaring Negative, Father Nightroad.

Abel:pouts Are you sure?

Tres:fidget Affirmative. gets up Excuse me. leaves


Lady Date: …Okay, enough of that. Time to get this puppy going. looks at Snape

Snape: grumbles

Lady Date: You're still mad about the whole chicken dance thing?

Snape:glare What do you think?

Lady Date: Ummmm…Yes?

yamihikari: Move it, Snape. You know the drill. is holding Mr. Floppykins

Snape: I hate you, too. The authoresses of this fic do not own Trinity Blood, Final Fantasy, or Harry Potter (or The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy for the reference above). Don't bother suing them because it would be pointless. They do, however, own the Kinkubus.


"You know, brother dear," Cain said, "you made that far too easy."

Like Abel really needed that reminder as he stared down at the pitch black pool of water below him. He hung from a hook in the ceiling as his brother circled the pool. '"It's time to leave," I said. "No, we're fine," he said.' Abel ground his teeth together. 'I swear, the next time I see Leon, I am going to-'

"Tell me, brother mine, do you know what is in the water beneath you?"

'No, and I don't really care, but I know that you're going to tell me anyway.' Abel shook his head.

"I thought not. It's a very special creature; it's very rare, also."

Abel rolled his eyes. 'Blah, blah, blah…For the love of God, shut up, you self-absorbed pretty boy!'

"Are you even listening?" Cain glared at his brother.

'No.' "Yes," Abel said, not really paying any attention to his brother.

"Anyway, this lovely beast happens to be a cross between a Kraken and an Incubus."

That, however, managed to catch Abel's attention, surprising him. "What the hell?! How did you accomplish that?!"

"Don't ask. It was a long, messy process, with more technical terms than your pretty little head can handle."

Beside Cain, Dietrich gave a small, impatient cough.

"Oh, right. Anyway, it feeds off sexual energy, just like an Incubus, with the intellect and appetite of a Kraken."

Abel gulped. 'Not good. Definitely not good.' Abel began to struggle in earnest as his brother just laughed.

"It's no use, Abel. Even if you were to transform into your Crusnik form, your body would be too aroused to react quickly." Cain pulled two small, pink bottles from his breast pocket. He carefully pulled the cork from one, splashing its contents all over Abel.

As soon as the scent hit his nose, Abel felt the threads of arousal pulling at his body. He wriggled profusely, trying to hide the arousal under the pink nurse uniform.

Cain smirked in satisfaction, watching the crimson blush creep across his brother's face. "Having fun, brother dear?" Cain stepped back as Abel tried to kick him, clicking his tongue. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. That's very nice little brother."

"Fuck you," Abel growled.

"Such language! And from a priest, no less." Cain gawked in mock-disapproval. "Why, what would our mother think? Oh, that's right, we don't have one!" He was shouting over-joyously. "Oh well, nothing to help that." He uncorked the other bottle and poured the potion into the black water before chucking it over his shoulder to break.

Abel continued to struggle.

"Enjoy yourself, dear Abel." He smirked as he spoke, glancing over his shoulder. "It's the last thing you'll feel." The stone door closed behind the insane blonde with a loud, creaking thud.

Abel hung there for a moment, contemplating his situation; he was about to be raped, quite possibly to death, by a creature that, by all rights, should not exist. A creature that his brother had created for the sole purpose of making his life miserable. Sometimes he really hated his life.

Abel let out a noise that could only be described as girlie when one suckered tentacle wrapped securely around his ankle, pulling him down, closer to the water. He watched in sick fascination as more tentacles erupted from the water, swirling around him gracefully, caressing any bare flesh they could find.

Abel whimpered at the pleasure begin heaped upon him by the inhuman limbs. He let out a startled yelp when one particularly bold tentacle dove down the front of the nurse uniform; with a sharp tug from the tentacle, the front of the dress was torn to shred, exposing Abel's pale body to the chilly air. He could feel his nipples harden at the sudden exposure.

The Kinkubus purred in delight; the smell coming from the lithe form was absolutely heavenly. He wrapped his tentacles firmly around the pale legs, holding them securely, as he ran suckered limbs over the flat, creamy plane of the man's chest.

Abel moaned as the suction cup pulled at his nipples, squirming deliciously as one bold tentacle clipped beneath the waistband of his panties, massaging his engorged sex. He moaned again, in pleasure.

Abel was the picture of debauched beauty; silver tresses and segments of pink uniform clung to his sweat-drenched skin. Pale skin was flushed light pink with arousal. His long, creamy legs were pulled wide apart, exposing Abel's most private parts to the chilly dungeon air. He yelped in pain as powder blue panties were unceremoniously ripped from his thighs, exposing him further.

The tentacle that had first plunged down his dress was now roughly massaging his cock. It pulled and constricted, milking the seed from Abel's body. Another tentacle ran down the crack of Abel's ass, massaging the sweet virgin pucker; it lapped hungrily at the sensitive flesh, as if trying to devour the secret part.

Abel wasn't sure how long he would last; his whole body felt like it was on fire. The scorching heat that seemed to consume his very being, pooled in his groin and anus.

The tentacle caressing his ass became more persistent, applying more pressure to the virgin orifice, causing Abel to shift repeatedly in an attempt to dislodge the wayward appendage. It didn't budge, but, instead, continued to push, until the tip was inside.

Everything went still suddenly, before a loud bang resounded through the room.

Abel closed his eyes as he felt himself begin to plummet into the cold water below. To his surprise, he landed not in the freezing cold water, but in warm, firm arms. Blinking one eye open, Abel's cool blue eyes met fiery hazel. He instinctively wrapped his arms around his savior. "Tres…," he whispered in a barely audible whisper. His eyes misted up before sobbing into Tres' chest.

Tres, unsure of how to respond to the usually bubbly priest bursting into tears, pulled the distraught man closer to his body, holding him tightly. Wordlessly, he carried the other man out of the base, cradling the other priest to his chest as if he were the most precious thing in the world. He didn't even know why he acted that way, and, when questioned, he only stared blankly, trying to compute an answer that never cam out.


Lady Date: I'm quite proud of that.

Abel: O.O

Cain: What the hell are you on?

Lady Date: Besides caffeine?

Sephiroth: That has got to be the most disturbing thing I have ever read.

yamikage02:had passed out a long time ago

prettypeoplelie:stare Meh…I've seen better.

yamihikari: 'Bout time.

Snape: O.O I have nothing to say to this.

Tres:shoots at remaining Kinkubi

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Abel: ……