Interlude: All the ways Voldemort has died so far.

A/N: Some of you have had questions about the deaths and more have requested that I post the titles of worlds where he dies.

So... here are the first forty deaths and each chapter after this will have the titles at the end.

Some of you read this when I first posted it... and for some unknown reason, it deleted all the numbers and my formatting. I fixed it as fast as I could and here it is again.

1. Highlander.

2. Care Bears.

3. Dungeons & Dragons.

4. The Dukes of Hazzard.

5. To be honest, I don't remember the name of the film that inspired this now. It was about a society where you could be arrested before you committed a crime. (LionofPerth and Immortal7 were the first two to inform me that the name of the film was Minority Report.)

6. Deliverance.

7. Nightmare on Elm Street.

8. The Smurfs.

9. Terminator.

10. No film/book, just a terminal case of bad timing.

11. No film/book, a headline about one of the militia groups in America.

12. No film/book, Suggested by Greeneyes as the worst possible punishment for him.

13. King Kong.

14. X-Men. (The real ones, where Wolverine is the shortest one and Storm is tall.)

15. Random Merlin encounter.

16. WW2. I think you can figure out when and where.

17. Doctor Who. (Specifically, the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker.)

18. The Hobbit.

19. The werewolf world of White Wolf.

20. No film/book, just a terminal case of bad timing.

21. Friday the 13th.

22. No film/book, just a request for an asteroid death.

23. The Roadrunner. (Another request from dave-gerecke )

24. The Roadrunner, again.

25. No film/book in particular, choose any monster from late night B rated films.

26. Jaws

27. The Spanish Inquisition.

28. Any film/book they destroy a building in, choose your favourite.

29. No film/book, just a memory from my home, of watching an avalanche destroying a hillside one winter.

30. Back to my Montana home. Mother Nature got to kill Voldemort, I thought it'd be nice to give the wildlife a shot at it.

31. Ghost Rider.

32. D&D dragon. (As requested by DiamondChild.)

33. Pokemon.

34. Predator.

35. Alice in Wonderland. (In the court of the Red Queen.)

36. Kim Possible.

37. Any concentration camp of WW2.

38. Inspired by Dances with Wolves, but not actually in the film.

39. Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein. (The Book, not that pathetic film.)

40. This is most definitely not Anita Blake by Laurell K. Hamilton since she doesn't allow fan fiction. (Any amazing similarities are purely coincidence.)

Bonus Death at the end of Chapter Four: Alien. (Ten house points to Slayer6 for being the first to recognize it.)

41. The Hulk.

42. Star Wars.

43. Star Wars. (again.)

44. Star Wars. (and again.)

45. Star Wars. (So many ways to die in that series...)

46. Roman Mythology.

47. Harry Potter. (Like any of you didn't get this one.)

48. Our world again, during the building of the Nile Dam.

49. The Belgarion Series by David Eddings. (Well worth the reading.)

50. Ultimate punishment... nothing but kiddie show themes forever.

Alrighty... That will catch us up to the current chapter and starting with the next chapter (Coming soon, like this month,) the titles will be at the end of each chapter.

Raven, off to plot more ways to hurt the Voldemort idiot.