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With a small squeeze from him, they set off toward his front door. The jingle of his keys sounded like wind chimes as the path beneath her feet blurred into a porch and then a foyer.

She could already smell the sawdust from all of the wood downstairs. How much progress had he made on that boat of his in a years time? She wondered if she would get the chance to find out for herself; to get another look at the illusive masterpiece that everyone had always gossiped about but never really seen.

Questions better left for later. She thought. If there was anything that she should be thinking about right now, it's the man in front of her. Not his boat.

Gibbs led her into the living room, turning on a few lights as he went.

"Do you want anything to drink?" He asked, both of them coming to a stop in front of his sofa.

Ziva shook her head and stepped closer to him, letting her hypersensitive body brush against his. "Not right now."

She tipped her head up and took the initiative for the first time that night, kissing him before he had a chance to protest. He inhaled sharply at the contact and she could feel him snake his arms around her waist, his fingers caressing her bare back.

"Bedroom?" She gasped, before bringing their mouths back together in a tangle of lips and teeth.

He moaned eagerly and started backing her toward a set of stairs that he'd brought her past on their way in.

They stumbled blindly up to the second story, miraculously still wrapped in each others arms near the top. She could feel his hard length pressed into her hip as he leaned against a wall once they made it to the landing. His fingers had found her breasts, making Ziva arch into his touch while she unbuttoned his shirt, her hands shaking slightly as she reached the last few.

Gibbs let the material fall off his shoulders before moving again, guiding her through the only open door upstairs. He tore his lips from hers, ignoring her when she made noises of protest, in favor of gliding them over her jaw and up to the ticklish spot behind her ear.

Gibbs had found the tie on her dress by now and loosened the knot, unwrapping her as if she were a present. Her skin flushed as he took a step back to admire her, the silk as it slid sensuously down her body. He caught it before it hit the floor and threw it carelessly toward a chair behind them, leaving her standing there only in her panties.

She actually felt a little embarrassed as Gibb's gaze seemed to leave burning trails all over her body. The last time that happened, well- she couldn't even remember. He looked like a predator, unconsciously licking his lips determined to toy with his prey before pouncing.

Ziva wanted nothing to do with that, though. She needed to regain some control over the situation, and decided to make her move. Even if this was the only thing she put into motion tonight, she didn't care, she just needed to touch him.

With only inches between them, she ran her hands down his stomach, letting them rest at the top of his pants as she pulled him back to her and resumed their kiss. His bare chest felt incredible against hers, sending a little thrill through her body as the sparse hair that was sprinkled there rubbed pleasantly against her peaked areolas. She was helpless against the sensation, rubbing herself along him as he walked her backwards until her legs hit the edge of the bed.

She felt him pushing on her shoulders and unquestioningly sat in front of him; her palms still resting on his hips.

He groaned as she finally popped the button open on his trousers and slid the zipper down, the backs of her fingers fleetingly caressing him as she helped them over his hips, pooling at his feet. Toeing off his shoes and socks, he kicked everything to the side and crouched in front of her, running his palms down her thighs and calves before removing her heels as well.

Ziva grinned down at him as he explored his way back up her body, teasing the wet material at the apex of her thighs for a moment before motioning her to scoot back to the middle of the bed.

Without prompting she reached down and rid herself of her panties, her eyes glazed over in lust when he followed suit and stood before her completely naked.

He was magnificent, especially so considering his age. Muscles still curved his body, strong arms and legs, and a throbbing erection standing proudly at attention.

She crooked her finger, beckoning him as he crawled across the comforter and settled comfortably between her legs.

They both moaned as their groins touched, and she writhed beneath him. He began dropping kisses over her chest as he started grinding into her, letting his cock slip across her groin, her arousal coating him until he was completely slick.

Ziva gasped as Gibbs' chin scraped the underside of one of her breasts and took her nipple into his mouth, suckling it as he accidentally hit her clit with one of his thrusts. A twinge of delectable pleasure curled in her stomach with each one of his movements. She needed more.

Ziva knew that they'd been quiet thus far, but couldn't help letting this particular demand slip out. "Gibbs, if you don't fuck me soon, I promise that I will kill you in a very slow and painful manor."

His groaned rumbled against her sternum, and she felt him shift into position; the head of his penis resting just above her entrance. Her fingers ran through his hair, bringing his lips up to meet hers, muffling her moan of relief when he finally thrust into her.

It was so perfect.

She was almost stretched to her limits as he began moving, an intoxicating mixture of pain and pleasure washing over her every time he rolled his hips with each drive.

"God," he grunted. "You feel so good."

Ziva moaned and met his gaze, his blue eyes darker in the midst of passion, and wrapped her long legs around his waist matching his rhythm as best she could.

She was pleased that she could already feel her orgasm building in her womb. Usually it took quite a while for her to reach this point, but then again, she normally didn't extend her foreplay out over dinner and a ride halfway across DC. She knew they wouldn't last much longer.

His head dropped to her shoulder, leaving a trail of sloppy kisses where ever he could reach as he began thrusting in earnest. Moans from both of them filled the room, getting louder as the minutes passed, their heavy breathing and slapping of skin the only other things that were heard.

She could sense his need as their movements become erratic, his body tensing as he felt her inner muscles flutter around him, both of them dangerously close to the edge.

All it took was his rough hand on her cheek, a thumb slipping into her mouth until it was wet with her saliva and greedily sucked upon, and then it's decent between their joined bodies where he gently swirled it over her clit.

Ziva's entire body froze, and a scream erupted from her throat. All of the tension that had built exploded into waves and waves of mind bending pleasure, rippling her inner muscles torturously over him.

Somewhere through her fog of pleasure, and her mind finally registered Gibbs' penis throbbing inside her, his orgasm ripping through him at an alarming speed.

She grinned lethargically and kissed him when he collapsed spent on top of her, still twitching with aftershocks around him as she ran her hands soothingly up and down his back. His breath was ragged against her damp skin, the weight of his torso comforting as she remained pressed into the mattress.

"Well, that was…" He trailed off, still trying to regulate his intake of oxygen.

She smirked, kissing his jaw in appreciation. "Indeed, it was."

Eventually he rolled off of her and to the side when he slipped out of her, feeling a sense of loss before he spooned her from behind. His hand snaked around her waist and rested on her stomach, fingers tracing small circles over her skin. Somehow, she'd never thought of him as the cuddling type, but was oddly glad that he was.

A satisfied haze settled over both of them as they lay there together, the sound of his old fashioned alarm clock ticking away on the little table nearby. She opened her eyes a crack, seeing that it was just past 0100 and shut them again when she realized that they had several more hours until the had to be to work the next morning.

Her mind drifted as she remembered their evening. Starting out at work, and then the restaurant, and his friends…

Oh, my God! His friends!

She tensed and turned over in his arms. "Gibbs? What are we going to tell Sheila and David? We left them at the at the restaurant!"

He didn't even open his eyes as his chest rumbled with restrained laughter. "It wouldn't be the first time."



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