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September 17

Dear Diary,

My name is Olivia Anne Snape, and I just turned twelve. My mother gave you to me three days ago as a birthday present, but I just could not look at you until now. I am still so angry, but I just need someone to know how I am feeling. I think you may be perfect, because I don't have to hear you tell me stupid suggestions, or clich├ęs that are meaningless. You will just listen, silently, without interruption. I don't have to worry that you will laugh at me, or get angry with me, or tell me you don't have the time. You will save me from insanity.

I was so excited about coming to Hogwarts. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of all of the remarkable things I had heard about since the day my parents told me I was a witch. It took forever for the hat to decide to put me into slytherin. I could not have been happier. But now I realize Hogwarts is not as great as I thought.

Maybe it would be better if both of my parents were not professors. I am tired of the other kids complaining about the homework given out, or how mean my father is. Just deal with it. If it was not for him than the dark lord might still be alive. Perhaps you are confused?

My father is Severus Snape. He was a spy for the order of the phoenix, and helped bring down the evil monster, Lord Voldemort, with Harry Potter. I am just going to assume you know who Harry Potter is, because everyone seems to. They also know of my father, but since he used to be a death eater, they say really mean things about him behind his back. I know my dad knows, but he pretends he doesn't, or doesn't care. Even if it doesn't hurt him, it hurts me. My father is a hero, and I will hex anyone who says differently.

My mother is the opposite. As one of Harry Potter's best friends, she shines in the face of society. The only thing they ever question is why she married my father. What does Hermione Granger see in him? They ask. Well they are gits, and need to get their own lives.

Oh there is something else I should probably mention. I am adopted.

Yes, it's true. My father found me when I was five years old. The infamous Lord Voldemort killed my biological mother, and I cannot even remember my biological father. So my dad found me and had no idea what to do. He asked my uncle Remus, and he suggested that my mum come and take care of me. Okay, he is not my real uncle, but he is my godfather, so uncle Remus it is. My mum and dad were sort of forced to spend time with each other, and fell in love. They adopted me and then got married a year later. However, that is their story, and I am telling mine.

So for five years (six counting the year my parents were engaged) we have been a happy little family: just my mum, my dad, and me. But now all that's changed. Three days ago, the same day I got you, my mum told me the news.

She is having a baby.

"How could you do this to me?" I had yelled at her. Her face showed as much shock as I felt. My father decided to involve himself in the conversation.

"Livia, she didn't do anything to you. You should be excited," he told me in a stern voice. He had that "I'm disappointed in you" face. I hate that face. Doesn't he understand what a new baby will do? What this means? I am supposed to be his little girl. And what happens if he has a boy and likes him better? And hello, I was adopted. Of course they are going to like their own baby better than me. I was being replaced.

Right after he told me I was supposed to rejoice in the news of my replacement, I started to cry and ran out of the dungeons. I knew they had to be surprised, because I rarely cry. But I feel it was justified. Who wouldn't be upset with the news that their parents didn't think they were good enough, so they tried again? I am sure that if they were my biological parents I would feel differently. But the fact is, they aren't. They want to have "one of their own". It just isn't fair.

I hate that baby.

In class yesterday, my mum tried to talk to me, but I ignored her. She even deducted house points for being "disrespectful." Honestly, I am having enough trouble fitting in; does she need to make it worse? Those who are afraid of my dad have already decided that I am weird. Those who hate my dad have decided to make my life miserable. And those who like my mum are in griffindor, so therefore already don't like me because I am in slytherin. Oh yes, the houses still do not get along, and I am stuck in the middle of it.

And if I get the chance, I am going to hex Xaden Malfoy. I think he likes my dad okay, and is pretty indifferent to my mum, but he constantly annoys me. He is the cousin of Draco Malfoy, and Nephew of Lucius Malfoy. However, his father Nikolae was disowned because he did not share the beliefs of the rest of his family. He came out of hiding a few years after the fall of Voldemort. Boy I wish they had stayed wherever it was they had been.

Xaden lives to torment me. He trips me, mocks me, he even dipped my hair in ink! And this guy is in slytherin for Merlin's sake. Cunning is one thing, obnoxious is quite another.

I am not looking forwards to class tomorrow. Double potions with my father, how wonderful.

These classes are so easy I could do them with my eyes closed. My parents have been teaching basically since I could read. I was never allowed to practice the spells, but my mum drove the "importance of theory" into me, and my father used to let me watch him for hours, even letting me help prepare ingredients. Potions is a piece of cake; and yet I am never good enough for my father.

No matter what I do, I never get that top mark. He is always telling me some miniscule thing I did wrong. Why is he so hard on me? I am getting top marks in all of my other classes. They are calling me my mother's competition. But my dad just does not see it. He thinks I am not pushing myself enough.

I'd like to push myself off the castle.

My name is Olivia Snape, and I HATE my life.

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