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Hermione had gone into labor six hours before. She had claimed that she did not want any potions that would help her with the pain. She wanted to have her children naturally. Now, six hours later, she was threatening to hex the mediwitch if she did not bring her something to ease the pain.

Severus was pacing back and forth in the waiting room. The people here were very old fashioned, and would not let him enter the hospital room to be with his wife. Olivia, Xaden, and Erica were exchanging looks of amusement.

It had been three weeks since the three had been on summer holiday. They were taking turns staying over at each other's houses, and this had been Olivia's week. Her father was keeping a close eye on Xaden Malfoy, now that he was dating his daughter.

"Dad, you are going to ware out the floor if you keep this up," Olivia told him, smiling. She was also anxious to meet her new sibling.

"So what is going to happen once the twins come? Are you guys still going to teach at Hogwarts?" Erica asked. Snape sat down on the sofa.

"I am," he told her, glancing nervously at the clock. "My wife is going to take some time off from teaching." Then he looked over to Olivia. "Uncle Remus is going to stay at the house to help her out. They have worked it out so I can go home in the evenings, and every Sunday to be with your Mum and the twins." Then his face became serious. "You better behave while I am gone," he said firmly.

"I will," Olivia giggled.

"That goes for all of you," he said, giving Xaden a pointed look. Truth be told, the young Malfoy was a bit afraid of Severus Snape.

Suddenly a mediwitch entered the room and walked over to them. Snape stood.

"You are the father of two beautiful children," She told him. "Would you like to come and meet your son and daughter?"

Severus and Olivia walked into the hospital room and saw Hermione cradling a baby wrapped in a blue blanket. Snape was promptly handed his daughter, covered in pink.

"I did it, Severus," Hermione said exhausted. Snape carefully walked over to her and sat in the chair next to her bed. Olivia sat in the chair next to his. She looked over at her baby sister, and decided the healer was right. She was adorable.

"What are you going to name them?" The mediwitch asked. Snape looked down at his youngest daughter.

"Nova. Nova Azraelle Snape," He said. Hermine nodded in approval.

"And the boy?" the healer asked.

"Balian Isaac Snape," Hermione provided. Olivia smiled.

"Nova and Balian. I like it," she concluded. "Who came out first?" she asked her mother.

"Nova. I guess she is the determined one," Hermione said laughing.

"Does that make Balian the lazy one?" Olivia said with a smile. Just then the boy gave out a great yawn. The three laughed and Olivia replied to her own statement, "I guess so."


Five years Later……….

The Snape family, Xaden, and Erica were gathered around the kitchen table when the post arrived. The "Silver Trio", as the name had stuck (especially after the werewolf incident), was talking over cups of coffee with Olivia's parents. They had never neglected their tradition of trading off houses over the summer holiday, and since it was the holiday after graduation, it was especially meaningful.

Severus Snape took the post and began sorting it into piles. He smiled and handed each of his "adult children" a letter. All three faces brightened, and then became nervous when they saw what it was. It was their N.E.W.T scores. They ripped open the enveloped.

"Three O's and three E's," Erica stated, relieved. "And I was worried. How did you do?"

"Five O's and three E's," Xaden said with a smirk. "And I even took and extra class. They looked over at Olivia, who had a huge grin on her face.

"Six O's and an E," she said triumphantly. "And who really cares about history of magic anyway.

"We are so proud of you," Hermione told her. Severus nodded.

"Well, I guess my future is set. I am going to specialize in Defense Against the Dark Arts," Olivia concluded. "And maybe someday I can teach at Howarts."

"Well I am sure Minerva would be happy to have you." Hermione said proudly. Severus cleared his throat.

"Actually, I have a bit of an announcement to make," he stated. "Minerva is stepping down from the headmistress position. She has asked me to be the new Headmaster. I have accepted the position."

Olivia got up and gave her father a hug, and Hermione smiled and gave him a kiss. Suddenly Xaden stood up.

"Professor Snape, may I please see you in the living room?" he asked. Severus looked surprised, but nodded. The men retreated from the room, and the women looked at each other questioningly.

"What was that about?" Erica asked. Olivia just shrugged. She had long given up and trying to figure out her boyfriend's odd behavior.

Ten or fifteen minutes went by before the men returned; Xaden, a bit nervously, and Severus with a small smile that gave nothing away.

"Is everything alright?" Olivia asked them.

"Oh, yes. Xaden just had a question for me," Severus said nonchalantly.

Xaden slowly stood up and walked in front of Olivia's seat. She was completely confused until he lowered himself onto one knee. Her Eye's grew wide.

"Olivia, after discussing the subject with your father, and gaining his permission, I have a question for you," He said taking her hand.

"Um, alrgiht," she said in quiet astonishment.

"Olivia Snape, will you marry me?" He asked her, pulling a diamond out of his pocket and holding it out to her. All at the table held their breaths. Suddenly she lunged forward and hugged him, almost knocking him off balance.

"Yes! Oh merlin, yes!" she said kissing him, and snatching the ring to put it on. The whole room began laughing and congratulating the couple. Suddenly, two very sleepy children walked into the room, rubbing their eyes.

"What's going on?" Nova asked; her usually very straight, dark hair tangled around her head. Balian, with a mass of brown curls, followed just behind her.

"Xaden and I are getting married," Olivia told them. The twins clapped and jumped and down, before fighting over the seat next to their new brother-in-law to be.


September 1st

Dear Diary,

It has been a long time since my last entry. I found you behind the bookshelf last week as I was packing, and I decided to make one last entry. My name is Olivia Malfoy now, and today is my first day as a Hogwarts professor.

This place seems to be the everlasting home of my family. We are many generations of inhabitants. My father is headmaster. My mother has taken up her old post, teaching transfiguration. My husband is the potions professor for the second year now. And I teach Defense Against the Dark Arts. Today is my brother and sister's first day as students.

We all sat on the edge of our seats during their sorting. My mother was hoping for gryffindor, and my father, husband and I hoping for slytherin. I guess all of us should be happy. Nova ended up in Slytherin, and Balian in Gryffindor. This should be interesting. Especially since my husband is the head of Slytherin, and my Mum the head of Gryffindor.

But diary, it is time to close you for good now. I thank you for being my confidant during my very difficult first year at Hogwarts. Finding you inspired me to purchase a journal for my sister. I would have bought one for my brother as well, but he said that would make him a sissy, so I refrained.

I hope my gift to her will be as helpful as my mother's was to me.


September 3rd

Dear Diary,

My name is Nova Snape, and do you have any idea what it is like to have your Father as Headmaster, and your Mother, Sister, and Brother-in-Law as professors? How will I ever survive!

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