Turning the Tables

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Author's Note: Thanks to everyone who read and reviewed my first story "Mamorinuku." That was intended to be a one-shot, but I do have some more ideas for stories that will fit within that piece, so stay tuned.

As for this particular story, I realize the basic plot of this has become way beyond cliché, but before you click on the back button, I think I might just have a different twist on this. Forgive me for adding some fuel to the forest fire, but this little plot bunny was the first one to bite me, and it wouldn't let go until I had fed it.

This story begins sometime after the anime ends…


Pain. There was so much pain. Kagome gasped as she rolled over, trying to push herself up on unsteady arms. The claw of the scorpion demon had flung her up against a tree, tearing a nice gash in her abdomen. She wasn't sure how long she'd lain there; the impact must have knocked her out. She shook her head, trying to clear her mind from the black fog as she focused on her surroundings.

"Kagome! Kagome!" She heard frantic voices calling out her name, but she was still trying to catch her breath and unable to respond. She glanced down at the torn remnants of her school blouse, the once white fabric now a dark red, warm and sticky with her own blood.

"I'm…I'm ok," she gasped softly, bracing herself against the tree, the rough bark cutting into the palm of her hand. "Where's….Inuyasha?"

In answer a soft growl came from her left. Her eyes widened in surprise. From the side view that she could see, Inuyasha's upper torso was covered in blood, his haori and undershirt missing. The remains of the dead scorpion surrounded him, the chunks of flesh steaming in the cold air, mixing with the stench of blood.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome called out hesitantly. At the sound of her voice he turned slightly, revealing the stripes on the side of his face. She swallowed, her eyes desperately searching the nearby area, trying to see where the Tetsusaiga was. Panic swiftly overrode the pain of her injury, and Kagome knew she had to find the sword quickly.

"Kagome! Are you all right?" At the sound of Miroku's voice, Kagome glanced away from Inuyasha long enough to notice that their group of friends were standing just a few yards away, fear etched on each of their faces. Inuyasha had also noticed their presence, and he growled again, fangs bared, his claws curled as though he would pounce at the slightest provocation.

"Inuyasha," Kagome called softly, hoping to get those blazing red eyes focused on her, and not their friends. Experience with Inuyasha when he'd lost control to his demon side before had taught her that he best responded with her. Her first inclination was to use the "Sit!" command that would activate the rosary around his neck, but judging from the amount of blood that covered his body; she was reluctant to do anything that would cause him more pain.

"Inuyasha," she said again, slowly reaching out her hand to him, palm upwards, "Come here." Kagome nearly wept in relief when he started slowly towards her. She kept her arm extended, not daring to move a muscle, her eyes never leaving his.

"Where's the Tetsusaiga?" she asked in a near whisper, hoping her friends could hear her. "We need to find it fast."

"B-B-But Kagome," Shippo whined, clinging to Sango's shoulder. "Inuyasha a-a-a-already has it."

"What?" Kagome let her eyes fall from Inuyasha's face to his side, her mouth open in shock when she noticed that indeed, the Tetsusaiga was safely tucked away in its sheath. Kagome took another deep breath, her eyes watering from the pain the effort had cost her.

"Inuyasha," she repeated softly, her arm growing numb from being held still for so long. He took another few steps, and Kagome let herself rest back against the tree.

Suddenly, Inuyasha let out a low snarl, growling fiercely, his ears and nose twitching as a new sound drew his attention away from her.

"Inuyasha, please," Kagome begged, a bit of desperation in her voice as she shoved herself away from the tree.

In response, he growled again, his arms now outstretched in what appeared to be a ready-to-fight stance.


He threw her a look over his shoulder as he started backing up towards her. He was so close to her now that she tentatively touched his shoulder, not knowing what had caused him to react so defensively. His skin felt hot beneath the layers of sweat and grime. At her touch, his snarls turned into loud rumbles, and Kagome peered around to see what was going on.

Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and a untransformed Kirara were still grouped together just a few yards from them. Miroku held his hands up, palms facing outward, trying to show Inuyasha that he was unarmed and not threatening. Sango stood next to him, holding a very frightened Shippo with Kirara on her shoulder.

"Inuyasha," said Kagome. "Those are our friends. They're not going to hurt you."

If Inuyasha heard her, he gave no sign of it. She stroked his shoulder in what she hoped was a comforting touch, and again, he let out a low rumble. "Inuyasha, turn around and look at me," she said. "It's ok. Everything's ok."

Finally, he faced her, and Kagome nearly cried as he backed her up against the tree, thankful that she had finally got through to him. Her relief didn't last long however, as he immediately threw his arms around her, growling lightly as he pulled her to him. The fear that had erupted in her stomach was quickly replaced by utter shock as she felt Inuyasha's hands gently caress her, as though he were trying to comfort her, while his nose was buried in her hair, deeply inhaling her scent.

"Kagome?" called Miroku in alarm.

Inuyasha pulled away from her and let out another harsh growl in the direction of the group.

"Miroku," Kagome replied, using the same smooth, even tone that she'd been using with Inuyasha. "Take the others and get back to camp. Inuyasha can smell your fear, and it's still making him nervous."

"How do you know it's not your fear he can smell?" whined Shippo, who was clinging onto Sango for dear life.

"Because, Shippo, I'm not afraid." She whispered, placing a hand on Inuyasha's cheek and turning him back to face her. She gave him a small smile for reassurance.

"Sango," Kagome called out to the demon slayer. "My bag, do you see it? I dropped it somewhere over there when the demon attacked."

"We found it," Sango replied. "I've got it now."

"Good. My first-aid kit is in there. Take whatever bandages you guys might need back to camp and leave the rest here, please. I can't tell how bad Inuyasha's wounds are, but he needs to have them seen to. Mine as well, for that matter," Kagome finished. The pain in her abdomen was not as bad as before, but Kagome wanted to get it taken care of, in addition to whatever wounds that Inuyasha had. The blood on his chest appeared much darker than before, so hopefully that meant his wounds had begun to heal.


Sango rummaged around in Kagome's ever present backpack, searching for the first-aid kit. Finding it, she quickly opened it and pulled out a handful of those small sticky bandages, along with the extra tube of that strange glue that Kagome had told her helped with infection. While their injuries weren't nearly as bad as Kagome's and Inuyasha's, Shippo did have some minor cuts and scrapes, and Miroku had quite a gash on his arm.

The scorpion was one of the most unusual demons they'd seen in quite some time. Not only did it have four tails and two sets of razor-sharp claws, but two heads as well.

Sango quickly closed the top and slowly approached her friends, careful not to make any sudden movements that might alarm Inuyasha. Sango laid it just a few feet away, noting that Kagome held Inuyasha's full attention. She couldn't help the warm flush to her cheeks as she noticed that Inuyasha appeared to be licking a cut on Kagome's forehead. Sango twisted around quickly, feeling as though she were intruding on something…private. She was thankful, however, that Kagome was so focused on Inuyasha that she'd not noticed the other person who had joined them.

Sango exchanged a look with Miroku. Of course that lecher's sharp gaze hadn't missed the scene between Inuyasha and Kagome, and despite the seriousness of the situation, there was a wicked gleam in his eye. Sango sighed. If he thought for one moment that she was going to perform the same deed for him….

Gathering up Kagome's backpack and her Hiraikotsu, Sango nodded to Miroku, who was holding a still trembling Shippo.

"What should we do?" she asked, keeping her voice low enough that Inuyasha and Kagome couldn't hear. Kirara hopped on her shoulder and let out a small mewl.

"Let's go back to camp," came the monk's reply.

"No, I meant about…" Sango's voice trailed off, using her head to motion towards the silent figure standing not far from them.

It was Kikyo.


To Be Continued…

Don't worry, I'll explain everything in the next chapter.

Additional note: To my knowledge, Kikyo has never witnessed Inuyasha's transformation to a full-demon, at least not what's been given in the anime and the movies, and in my random looks at the manga chapters available online. If I'm wrong in that, then please just for the sake of the story and my sanity, assume that she hasn't. :-)