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warning: has yaoi situations with some graphic sex in later chapter. some angst and ooc, but there will be a happy ending. I swear! OishixEiji. don't read if you don't like homosexual relationships or descriptions of sex. this is my first non-smut oriented story! please read and review!

you have been warned, proceed.

I am watching you during practice.


Your eyes are bright with your characteristic wildness and unrestraint. With everyone you bandy about hugs and endearments, like cheap (inconsequential) candies from a dime store. You are everyone's best friend and no one's at the same time. No distinctions, no differential treatment; you show the same face to everyone. Acrobatic play Kikumaru Eiji—lovable, tactless, beautiful Eiji. Everyone watches you.

Including me.

My heart's jealousy burns like the sun before the last burst of energy, of light. Before it dies in an explosion of fire and heat. What am I to you? To you, who am I?

Oishi Shuichiro.

But I knew that already, what else am I to you? I am your lover, your friend, your confidant, your eternal partner on the court and in the bed. Such lofty positions to hold in your heart, people (fuji? momo?) would kill to have those places. So why am I uneasy?

Why do you treat me the same as everyone else? Show me (only me!) a different smile, a special nod, a touch! Show me that I am different from being merely friends, acquaintances, or strangers. Why do I get the same cheap (insignificant) candies?

The team goes inside to change clothing. It's time to go home and start studying like the studious students we are.

You take off your shirt, revealing your healthy, flushed skin.

(can i-)

Your nipples, hard and standing up from the cold fall air, are driving me crazy.


Your legs, thighs, calves, and hips, which I've grasped and licked so many times, are bare and provocative.


From the corner of my eye, I glance at you as you laugh and smile with our friends. Again and again, my eyes are drawn back to you, distracting me, making me put my shoes on before my socks. Your laughter is infectious, I think I'm addicted. Momo and Echizen are loud, trying to con you into giving them a free meal and you respond with your usual pout before conceding.

But not today.

I grab your arm and, pulling you firmly towards me, I smile gently at our kouhai, "Eiji has to do something with me today. Next time, okay guys?" They seem surprised, but you just smile your same cheerful smile without missing a beat and wave good bye to their bug-eyed faces. Skipping and laughing all the way home, you are chattering away to me about music, tennis, Fuji, school, your family, and fast food. My lover, you are vibrant, effusive, and the very embodiment of joy. You make me smile. You treat everyone equally and give your love freely. That's why I fell in love with you. That's why I love you. But it makes me insecure.

Maybe that's why I have to make you cry when we are alone. Your tear-stained, slacked-jawed, lustful face against my pillow is mine. Only mine.

And I shut the door behind us, locking you in, and we are alone now.