Coming Clean

Prompt: #004 Trust In Your Heart

Notes: Written for 7rainbowprompts. My first Sheppard/Weir fic!

One of these days, she knew she would slip. She knew that she wouldn't be able to keep her feelings for him hidden forever. Inevitably, he would find out and there was nothing she could do to prevent it.

More likely than not, it would take a near-death experience to admit anything, but seeing as such circumstances came up every other day, that chance was exceedingly high. Every time he went out on a mission, she found herself feeling a concern for him that she would lose her job over if anyone knew, and every time he didn't make it back on the predetermined time, the fear gripped her like an icy vice and threatened to overwhelm her completely.

In actual fact, she didn't want to prevent it. She longed for the day that she came clean about what she felt. Despite regulations, it would be easier on her if she didn't have to keep her emotions in check as to how much his near misses affected her.

She wouldn't have to hide away. She could be free from the frustrations of keeping everything a secret and she could maybe, just maybe, be with him. She had seen the same longing in his eyes on more than one occasion after all, and knew he felt the same for her, so it was possible for them to be together.

Until the time that she spoke aloud what she felt though, the darkness would remain around them, pushing away the orange glow of what could be. She just had to trust in her heart that the day they would get together would come soon.