They don't understand

Insanity with profanity

Lost and alone

Society so corrupted

media has got us so wrong

Why so these people think we are a disease

when they are the cause of the disease?

Who do they even think they are judging us

We are the future

yet they are so lost

We are the answer to the problem

An answer from above

All they do is abuse us and put us down

Why do they want us to have no life

They think we will not over achieve them

They can think again and think twice

If they think they can hold us down, think again

We are the children of today and the next

They may think we have it easy

we live in a corrupted world

They don't understand us

They consider us a threat

Treat us like children

That is not right

They make more mistakes than we do

yet we pay the price

How dare they think we are low lifes

They are the ones with the flaws

No one is perfect

Society can never understand

So they think they can mess with us

Guess what? We will mess with them

They can talk all they want but they will never understand themselves.

The world is so maddening

They think they understand when they have no clue.

Do they think they can solve problems when all they do is cause them?

Why is there always bitter feelings when there shouldn't be any?

Think about what has been going on.

You don't understand the famine and racism going on.

I'm sorry but it's government's fault for false advertising

They are all to blame for trying to warp society into the perfect image

We rebel for the cause of protecting others

There is no such thing as perfect

So back off and spare yourself the trouble

Think about what has been going on.

In society, no one wins.