The day Naruto licked his fingers, he'd almost died.

It was midsummer, the hottest time of the year, and they were the only two of the rookies who didn't have anything to do at the moment; Naruto, because one of his team members went AWOL and the other was training with the Hokage, and Shikamaru, because he was a chuunin now and didn't have any missions awaiting him. Naruto had found him cloud gazing, and being the ever-so-thoughtful person he was, offered to go get ice cream and cool off.

Due to this, Shikamaru found himself sitting at the top of the Hokage Monument for the breeze with Naruto, an ice cream cone in each of their hands. His was vanilla; A simple flavor, easy to find a storage of, not pricy, good tasting. Naruto's, however, was a mix; The cone was filled with mint chip, then a scoop of an odd coffee flavored ice cream that had swirls of caramel laced throughout it was on top. He wouldn't admit it, of course, but that upper scoop looked particularly tasteful.

"Oi, Shikamaru, your ice cream is melting all over your hand," Naruto pointed out.

Blinking, he looked down, idly spreading his legs further apart just before some of the melted ice cream impacted the spot his leg had occupied. "Oh," he replied quietly. He wasn't about to admit that he'd been so focused in the pure art of the way the blonde licked his ice cream to pay attention to his own treat. Shrugging absently, he began eating his treat again, not minding as a small pool of melted ice cream slowly gathered by his knee.

Finishing his cone, he lay back, making sure not to slide his leg into the mess. One of his hands was under his head, but the other was hovering above the ground to the right of him, dripping every once in a while although most of it was just a sticky coating on his hand. He closed his eyes, leaving his hand in the air, only to have his eyes snap right back open when he felt Naruto lean over him. "Wh-what are you---!?"

An odd grin on his face, Naruto grabbed his hand and pulled it closer to him, and Shikamaru had the reward of watching -feeling- him lick all the ice cream off his hand. It was like his tounge was a long, sensual, dancing snake. It wrapped around each of his fingers, running over the skin repeatedly in an effort to make sure that not a drop of vanilla was left. Like a puppet, he allowed him to lift his hand and move it around as he trailed his tounge from his wrist to his palm, reaching the center only to spiral out in a barely visible sheen of saliva to replace the sweet substance that had been there moments before.

'Holy sh---' His mind froze when Naruto began sucking on his fingers, one. By. One. Until there was absolutely no trace of the ice cream left. 'Oh my dear sweet Kami-sama.' He had to hold in a groan when the whiskered boy released his hand with a bright grin, and as he looked from Naruto, to his drying hand, and back again, he thought, 'I think I want more ice cream.'

"You really shouldn't waste something that tastes so good, Shikamaru!"

He held his sleeve to his nose.