Nobody expected another Game2002 story after the completion of Times in 10 Lives Apartment: The Remake! Hope you enjoy it!

BTW, this story will contain characters from the story mentioned above, so if you haven't read it yet, I might as well recommend you to give it a try so you can know most of the OC in this story.







Chapter 1: A Royal Invitation to Monstry! The Start of a Grand Vacation!

This is how it all began. Mr. Binko, the prince of Monstry and a good friend of the Smashers, sent out invitations to them and also residents of 10 Lives Apartment for them to come join his wedding ceremony in Monstry. Yes, Mr. Binko has at long last found the girl of his dreams to marry.

These are the main Smashers of the story: Roy, Game & Watch, Luigi, Jigglypuff, Zelda, Link, Kirby, and Bowser. The landlady of 10 Lives Apartment, Susanna Luvly, and Reed A. Buke are also among the ones invited.

Our story begins onboard a really high class plane…

Zelda sits back against her seat and relaxes for the remaining of the comfortable flight. "Ah… I always wanted to ride this kind of plane," she says happily.

"I never dreamed of riding a plane like this!" says Link.

"Too bad the others couldn't come."

"Can't be helped; the kids have school to attend, some of the others have work to do or are busy, and some even got wanted bounties and didn't want to travel around in fear of getting arrested.

"Don't worry!" Kirby tells them. "We promised to bring lots of pictures and souvenirs back and show them what we did there! I can't wait to taste the foods of Monstry!"

Roy is sitting rather bored next to the window seat. "Aye… Too bad Lilina couldn't come… She would've loved this."

"Well, I still came even though my older brother isn't here," Luigi tells him. "I figured that it would be a nice change to come out by myself once in a while."

"Hey, cheer up, for you are enjoying this yourself already!" Bowser tells Roy. "I don't care whether or not that criminal Mario is here."

"He's not a criminal."

"At least in the government's eyes… Anyway, just be glad that we are here to accompany you!"

Note: Read Those Who Deserve Beatings to learn more about this criminal thing, but you should start with Armageddon: The Corruption first to truly understand that.

"And don't forget us too!" says Reed, popping out from behind their seat.

"We also got invited!" adds Susanna. "It's been a while since we've been together."

"Sadly, Priscilla and the two policemen can't come due to work," says the landlady. "I think Priscilla is filming for a new movie called The Konami Code."

"It's a movie based of a novel of the same name," explains G&W. "The plot in a nutshell is two people trying to solve the secret of the code up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start. Along the way, they encounter several enemies and madmen trying to stop them. The wonder how this film adaptation will turn out?"

"Anyway, I wonder what Mr. Binko's bride looks like," wonders Zelda.

"He said she's the most beautiful woman he's ever met, in our term, that is," adds Link.

"That would mean very ugly in their language," says Roy. "Remember, Monstrians see the ugliest as the most beautiful and the other way round. To put it simple, the bride is attractive in our eyes."

Then they hear an announcement saying, "We are now arriving at Monstry. Everyone please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for landing.


To make a long story short, the plane finally lands at Monstry Airport and they all went through passport checking and reclaimed their luggages. They all step out into the departure zone.

Roy looks around and asks, "Mr. Binko said he and his royal servants would come pick us up in the name of the king. I wonder where he is."

"Maybe he's a bit late?" asks Bowser. "Not everyone is always on time, you know. Even royal entities may be late sometimes."

Almost immediately, a bunch of ogres in black suit and sunglasses approach them with knives and guns in their hands. "You guys are the Smashers, right?" they ask. "Hands up or you'll die!"

"Uh? What is the meaning of this?" asks Link.

"Wait! I'm not a Smashers!" protests Reed

"Never mind, you lot better keep your mouth shut or else you won't live long," says one of the ogres.

"If it's a fight you want, then you shall have it!" roars Bowser, getting into offensive stance.

Suddenly, Mr. Binko shows up from behind a pillar and shouts, "You villains stop whatever you are doing at once and let go of my friends!"

The ogres point their weapons at him. "You should die!" The ones that are wielding knives charge forward to get him, and Mr. Binko fought back using a sword that he pulled out from within his pants. Using not the greatest skills in the world, he easily fought off the ogres.

"Wow! Mr. Binko sure knows how to fight!" says Roy.

"But the skills with sword are a bit simplistic," says Link.

"We should help him!" says Zelda. "He can't hold up by himself with this much people!"

Mr. Binko hops back several steps from his attackers, and then he whips out a bazooka and points it at them. "Behold the ultimate weapon!"

"Hey! He's pointing the bazooka in our direction!" gasps Susanna. "We're in his range too!"

Mr. Binko pulls the trigger, and smoke shoots out from the bazooka. When the smoke cleared, one can see a banner sticking out of the turret, and the banner writes, "Welcome, Smashers!" All the Smashers fall over to the floor—anime style.

"Welcome, Smashers!" shout all the ogres, taking off their sunglasses.

"How do you like my unique welcome?" Mr. Binko asks the Smashers.

"You had us frightened!" shouts Roy. "Do you think it's appropriate to do something like this here?!"

"I was thinking of cosplaying as the Power Rangers, but scratched that idea. Anyway, welcome to my country, Smashers! You shall all be treated nicely and live in the country's palace along with my father and the royalties.

"So we get to live the life of a king?" asks Luigi.



"I remember when I was a king back in my olden days," says Bowser. "How I miss those days…"

So the Smashers began to leave airport, walking along a beautiful red carpet prepared for them by the royal servants. As they walk pass each servant, they would bow to the Smashers and greet them with kind words. "So this is how it's like to be a king," says Kirby.

"I feel great!" says Jigglypuff happily.

As they are walking towards the exit, a couple of Monstrian girls passing by see Reed and say to him, "Wow! That guy is so handsome!"

Reed turns to them and smiles happily and waves back, making the girls go wild over him. "Look! That turtle-looking guy is even more handsome!" exclaim the girls.

"Wow! I didn't know I'm attractive in their eyes!" says Bowser.

Blackman, the royal helper of Mr. Binko and you should know him if you read the mentioned story, says to him, "In Monstry, the ugly and the beautiful is viewed differently. People like you and Reed would be very popular among girls."

"And I didn't know there are cute girls in the form of humans in this country too!" says Reed. "Though they do look a bit different from usual humans."

"That girl with two heads is very cute!" says Bowser.

"I prefer the one with one head, but I could've sworn I saw her hair wriggling around like earthworms."

Roy makes a cool pose in front of those girls in hope of getting their attention, but they simply replied, "What an ugly man… He must be a pervert to act like that before us."

Hearing this, Roy sinks down into depression, and Blackman reminds him that handsome people like him aren't generally liked among Monstrians.


The Smashers walk out of the airport accompanied by royal servants and guards, and before them they see a long and extremely fabulous black limousine. "Wow! That's one heck of a car!" exclaims G&W.

"I saw a lot of those on TV!" says Bowser. "I never thought I would ride it!"

"I'm still looking forward to Monstrian cuisines!" says Kirby excitedly.

"Come aboard!" Mr. Binko tells them. "I hope you enjoy your great time in this country!"

And so begins the vacation of the Smashers and the residents of 10 Lives Apartment.


This is only the first chapter, so things may seem a bit dull, but I hope it's enough to grab your attention.

Just so you know; there will be a plot and action in this story.

1. The Konami Code movie/novel I made up here is obviously a parody of The Da Vinci Code.
2. The Konami Code is a famous secret code found in most Konami games. It usually gives players full power ups or lots of lives.