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Shining Riku: Did anyone mention to Jigglypuff those are actually real missiles?
Jigglypuff: She thinks that those are real fireworks. She always thought that those colorful ones that you light up in the night sky are toys, and missiles are real, hardcore fireworks.

Chapter 6: A Happy Marriage and a Happy Ending!

The God-Awful Rebels have been put to an end thanks to the courageous (?) efforts of the Smashers. The leader, Dumdumbelumbum, has been put behind bars along with the remaining survivors of the rebels. Fatty is also put behind bars, but he will not be facing any punishment because he turned good in the last second and helped stop the rebellion also.

And so, all ended well for Monstry, and King Binky can once again rule his country without fear of people wanting him to come down from his throne.


On the day of Mr. Binko's wedding, many people are waiting in the room where wedding ceremonies take place. "I can't wait for Mr. Binko and his bride to come!" says Roy. "I wonder how ugly she is."

"You mean beautiful, don't you?" asks Link.


Then several cheers and shouts are heard as someone announces, "The couple is here!" At once, everyone got up from the seats and clap their hands as they welcome the couple.

There comes Mr. Binko, dressed in white suit, and next to him is the bride, a very beautiful woman who doesn't seem to have any odd features that makes her a Monstrian.

"She looks very good!" says Reed.

"Is she a human?" asks the landlady. "She doesn't look like a Monstrian."

To make a long story short, the wedding ceremony went smoothly and perfectly. In the end, Mr. Binko is finally married to his new wife, which the Smashers later learned that she has retractable spines. After the ceremony, they had a huge banquet and everyone ate happily, especially Kirby.


The next day, the Smashers went on a tour around the city, accompanied by the king's royal guards. They went to shop in department stores and bought many things at low prices under the name of the king. It is up to your imagination to imagine what kind of fun they had. However, there is one part that I think is worth mentioning.

Luigi goes to a watch vendor and takes a look at the watches there. "Wow, these watches are beautiful!" he thought, and he asks the seller. "Can I have a look at this one with diamonds?"

The seller looks at Luigi from top to bottom, and because he sees him wearing simplistic clothes, he takes him for someone who doesn't have money. "What's the point? A poor guy like you probably can't afford it."

"I just want to take a look."

"Why take a look if you don't want to buy?"

"Fine! I'll buy one after taking a look!"

"I bet you don't have the money to buy!"

"How dare you look down on me?! I want to see your boss!"

"He's not here at the moment."

Luigi is very angrily now. "That does it! I'm going to sue you! Just you wait!" And he storms off angrily.

"Ha! I'd like to see you do something, human!" laughs the mean seller.

Then Luigi comes back with some royal guards, who say to the seller, "You have committed the crime of offending our prince's guests. You are to be kicked out from this store immediately."

And so, that's what happened to this mean seller. He deserves it, hahahahaha!!!!


The next day, at the airport…

"Guess this is good-bye!" Mr. Binko says to the Smashers.

"We had a great time here!" says Zelda. "Thanks for the invitation!"

"Thanks for the foods too!" says Kirby.

"It was really fun here! I wish I can come again!" says Luigi.

"Me too!" adds G&W.

"I feel so sad to leave this place," says Bowser.

"I had a fun time too, but I'm very happy to be able to return to my country," says Roy.

"Very fun here!" says Jigglypuff cheerfully.

"I hope I can come again," says Link.

"I wish I could stay here forever," says Reed with a sigh.

"I'll never forget the great time I had in this place!" says Susanna happily.

"Though I like it here, I can't wait to return to my own apartment," says the landlady.

After saying their farewells to Mr. Binko and his servants, the Smashers and the 3 apartment residents board onto their plane and set off for their own country, Onett.


Back in Onett and on a car that Captain Falcon drove to pick them…

"So you are able to buy whatever you want with huge discount, eh?" asks CF, who is behind the wheel.

"Yeah! I had the greatest shopping experience ever!" replies Zelda happily. "They have lots of beautiful dresses and also jewelries, all at incredibly low prices!"

"I bought lots of delicious snacks too!" says Kirby. "I can't wait to share it to Yoshi."

They chat throughout the whole car drive and eventually reached 10 Lives Apartment, where they let those three come down.

"Thanks for the ride," says the landlady.

"Good-bye!" says Reed.

"I'll never forget you guys!" says Susanna.

"It's not like we only meet once a year…" G&W tells him. "We meet very often."

After this, the Smashers drive back towards their mansion.

"So was everything all right while we were gone?" asks Roy.

"Well, things were a bit rough," says CF. "Pikachu hasn't got over about having a bounty yet. And also, some bounty hunters came around these days to claim our heads."

"Really?!" gasps Luigi. "Is Mario all right?"

"Relax, he's fine. We were able to get rid of them. They were easy targets, except for one extremely girly boy who fought using a yo-yo; he provided some challenge, but we still got him packing in the end."

Author's note on above: Guess who that is!

As they are nearing their mansion, they suddenly see a bunch of people shooting out from their mansion's garden and disappearing over the horizon. "What was that?" ask Kirby.

"Another bounty hunter sent flying," replies CF. "The 6th one in four days."

"A lot sure happened while we were gone, eh?" asks Roy.

"Sure, but those were nothing. Oh well, that's what we deserve for messing with the government. By the way, have you seen the recent news?"

"Nope; we've been to busy enjoying ourselves," replies Bowser.

"Sad news actually… It seems that Pokey's parents died in an elevator accident."

Hearing this, the others are totally shocked. "What?! That's horrible!" gasps Zelda.

"True… Though he was an annoying neighbor before he moved out, we still felt sad for him. But one thing good for him is that he now inherited his father's position, and now he's the boss of New Pork City. He's a rich tycoon now."

"Well, that seems to be one good thing," says Roy.

"Let's hope he doesn't feel too bad about this," says Zelda with tears in her eye corner.


Meanwhile, in an unknown place, the mysterious leader of the Negativities, King N, is communicating with another unknown character via a TV screen. And no, I'm not going to tell you who they are just yet.

"This is amazing and incredible power, Earthling," says the being on the screen.

"Yes, it's the ultimate masterpiece for my plans," replies King N. "I'm glad that we are able to get into good terms. With your help, things will go much easier."

"You can rely on us, Earthling. Do not underestimate our technology of our race. We will let the whole world tremble before our power! And do not forget that I get part of the world as my new empire too!"

"Relax, I'm a man of my words; nothing will disappoint you."

"Very well, Earthling. Do not break your promise; I'm not the kind of person to be messed around by you lowly beings! For an Earthling, you are very top notch."

With this, their conversation comes to an end. King N stood up and paces around his room and says to himself, "Heheheh! If someone ever asks me who is responsible for the creation of Project Gamfax, I would reply that it's the people of the world who helped made this." Then he points to you, and by you, I mean the person sitting in front of the screen reading this right now. "And YOU too!"


Thus ends the story… I hope you loved it!

The ending is the beginning of what will be my next biggest masterpiece after Darkling. I'm still waiting for more news on SSBB to be released before I start this story. I really want to know more what characters will be in. My biggest hopes are for Diddy Kong, K. Rool, King Dedede, Black Shadow, Lucas, and Lucario to be one of the new characters. In fact, I even prepared roles for them in that story!

What connection does Age of Gamfax have with Project Gamfax? And what does King N mean by the people of the world, including you, created Project Gamfax. All will be revealed in Rise of the Negativities. And get the spelling right!

Well, only time can tell when the game comes out. Let's all wait for the good news that will someday come.

So long!

1. In case you haven't guessed out yet, that girly guy mentioned was Bridget from Guilty Gear.