And now, the wholly optional, completely unnecessary, Season Four-inspired closing credits. Enjoy!

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"So, She-babe not only helped Red take my wheels away, she ran off and left me to deal with the fuzz," Motor Ed, who was reclining on his bunk, complained. "That was so rank. Seriously."

"Ach, must ye keep saying that?" Duff Killigan asked.

"Say what?" Motor Ed replied.




"Yeah," Motor Ed answered. "I must. Seriously."

Duff Killigan hid his head beneath his pillow.

"So, Dude," Motor Ed asked, "Why are you always wearing a dress?"

Killigan sat up, threw away his pillow, and glared at his cellmate. "How many times must I tell ye, laddie, it's not a dress! It's a kilt!"

"Whoa, chill out, bro," Motor Ed said as he held out hands defensively. "It's okay to wear a dress. A dude's gotta do what a dude's gotta do!"

"I kenna believe I am taking this guff from a man wi' a ponytail!" Killigan groused.

"The lion's mane is NOT a ponytail," Motor Ed exploded. "It's a righteous mullet!"

The villains' conversation was interrupted by the sound of their cell door opening.

"Okay, boys, amp down" a guard said as he entered. "We've got a new bunkie for you. She, I mean he, should fit right in."

"It vas NOT A DRESS!" Dementor raged as he was led into the cell. "It vas A HOUSECOAT!"

"Sure, buddy, you just keep telling yourself that," the first guard's companion said as he left the sputtering Teutonic villain behind with his two new roommates.

"Zis is an OUTRAGE!" Dementor bellowed. "You vill pay for ZIS!"

"You tell them, Little Dude," Motor Ed agreed. "Seriously!"

Dementor looked curiously at Motor Ed.

"That's one righteous goatee," the mechanical-engineer-turned-criminal opined as he noticed the pint-sized villain's chin hair. "But you should consider growing a mustache. Seriously."

"Vhat iz vith zis 'seriously'?" Dementor asked. "I am in need of zome explaining."

"Seriously?" Motor Ed replied.

"Zeriously," Dementor said.

"Seriously?" a disbelieving Killigan sputtered.

"Zeriously," Dementor answered as he adjusted his orange jump suit. "You know, zis prizonwear iz not that bad. Not az comfy as the housecoat, but it vill do …"

"You wear a housecoat?" Motor Ed asked.

"Sometimes," Dementor confessed.

"Seriously?" Motor Ed asked.

"Zeriously," Dementor said. "You should try wearing one."



"Ach! That's it!" The world's most dangerous incarcerated golfer bellowed as he rose to his feet and glared at his cellmates. "I'm a gonna kill ye both if ye don't stop it."

"Stop what, bro?" Motor Ed asked.

"Saying seriously!" Killigan shot back.