Dear Diary, My life is unfair, why?? Because, every time I like someone they seem to like my friend, Hermione. Every time, I end up heart-broken. Why is my life like this, diary, why? Don't get me wrong Hermione is like a sister to me, she has curly blonde-brown hair and blue eyes. She's the smartest witch in the whole school and many boys seem to like her. Every time I like someone, other people say that that person suites Hermione way better. But it's not their fault, they don't know I like that person. Oh well, diary, I better go. Ron is bugging me. Git.

Ginny sighed and shut her diary.

"Ginny! Open this door before I knock it down!" yelled the muffled voice of Ron.

" Go away Ron! Or I'll hex you to oblivion!" Ginny yelled back.

" Ronald, leave your sister alone! She has her own life..."the voice of Hermione Granger continued on and on about 'girls who need their privacy'.

Ginny got up and looked in her mirror. She didn't look that bad. Actually, she looked quite pleasant with her rich auburn red hair, hazel eyes and a bit tan smooth skin. She did not have as much freckles as her other brothers, only on her nose and shoulders. That wasn't bad...then what was the problem? So what if she was less girly and sportier than other girls? It was just quidditch. She was definitely not fat because of practicing quidditch everyday, all summer. Her teeth were perfectly straight. She had a nice voice and all. What was wrong? She wasn't mean...maybe a bit, to some Slytherins and Mal-ferret...

Oh well, I just better deal with this...she thought.

Then she changed into something more suitable to go to Diagon Alley with and she got her wand and went out of her room.

"Ginny, there you are. We've been waiting hours."

"Oh please Ron! It was just five minutes! Honestly, you are so impatient."

And Hermione and Ron bickered until they reached Diagon Alley. Harry and Ginny were silent and Mrs. Weasley was busy checking what items they needed for school.

" Harry, Ron, Hermione and Gin, dears, you go to Madam Malkins to fit your robes. I will go to buy your books. That way, it will be faster. Remember do not take anything from strangers. Cursed amulets and the lot are quite a number these days..."said Mrs. Weasley as she hurried off to buy books.

The four of them entered Madam Malkins and immediately they heard a familiar voice.

"...I can buy my things alone now, mother. Ow—watch where you stick your pins woman!"

As the four came closer, they spotted the same familiar face of Draco Malfoy. He was standing on a stool, fitting on a robe while Madam Malkins pinned it. He immediately spotted the four of them and narrowed his eyes.

"Look, mother, it's Perfect Potter, Mudblood, and the blood traitors. Have you come here to beg for money? Sorry but no filth allowed." said Draco.

"Shut-up, Malfoy!" said Harry as pulled out his wand and inched towards Draco.

Narcissa Malfoy walked away from behind the clothes rack and went closer to them.

" Put your wand back, Potter, if you hurt my son you will reunite with Sirius faster than I will with my husband." said Narcissa Malfoy threateningly.

"Use death-eater ways, why don't you. That's why your beloved husband went to Azkaban." said Harry.

"My husband is more honourable than any other person! How dare you insult him." said Narcissa Malfoy.

"Ow! Stop sticking your pins on my skin, woman! Mother, I don't think I want these anymore." said Draco as he pulled off the robes and threw them to the ground.

"Yes, Draco, now I know what kind off filth buys here. We'd do better in Twilfitt and Tattings." said Narcissa Malfoy as she turned to leave.

Before Draco left, he gave a glare to each of them. When his eyes met Ginny's they lingered a bit longer than they did with the others and the glare softened. But he quickly composed himself and left.

Ginny didn't redden but there was a tinge of pink on her cheeks. Harry shook his head and they continued their shopping as if nothing happened. Then they left and met up with Mrs. Weasley in the bookshop. After that, they apparated home, back to the Burrow. Ginny ran straight to her room and jumped on her bed. She grabbed her quill and diary and started a new entry in her diary.

I know that I am a terrible person because I don't know how to spell and punctuate. I'm sorry. I tried to make it better or is it worse? But you don't need to read it any longer and you don't need to tell me in my reviews that I am horrible, I know that already. Thanks and I guess I'm wasting your time I just really want to finish this whether people read it or not.