Hey everyone. This is the second one of the two stories I might continue. I had written the first chapter for the other one last night. But if this one does better, I'll continue with this one instead. This is totally like Saw 2, only its Supernatural Saw, as you'll find out in the later chapters. Oh and instead of Jigsaw, its a highly calculative and twisted demon. Anyways, I hope you like it.


Twisted. Rash. Alone. Pretend. Pissed. Evil. Dead.

Chapter 1... Games

Sam blinked his eyes repetitively, until his vision became slightly less blurry. He sat up with a jerk, hurting himself, and looked around the dull room. It was dark green, the paint peeling off, termites having eaten up most of the interiors. There were four other people inside the room, and it had one large black door, which seemed to be bolted shut. "Wh- Where am I?" He asked the others, a confused and worried expression on his face. The four others, one of them a girl, with shoulder length blonde hair and a depressed look on her face, sighed in despair and said, "You think we know?" Sam stood up, trying to shake off his nausea, and started looking around the room. He looked up to the corner, and saw two video cameras looking back at him. He pointed to them and said, "Have you guys seen that?" Since no one else in the room responded, the girl stood up and said, "Yeah. We're fucked right now aren't we??"

Sam raised an eyebrow and went towards the door. He saw that even though it was shut tight, the door could still be some how broken down. He went a few paces back, braced himself, as the blonde looked on, and raced towards the door and slammed into it. The hard hit clashed with the sound of a painful buzz as Sam flew back onto the ground with a hard thud. The girl bend down on her knees to Sam and said, "I was wondering what the hell you were trying to do. Don't you think we already tried that?" Sam was literally in shock, the air knocked out of him, and it took him all his strength to get his breath back and utter a few words, "So, you all know each other?" The girl smiled and said, "No. It's not supposed to be that easy. I'm Leah, by the way." Sam sat up with the help of Leah, and said, "I'm Sam. And you guys are?"

For the first time now, Sam noticed the others in the room. Neither was particularly old, and Sam knew that one of them was in his teens. The teenager, who had messed up spiky black hair, and brown eyes, said, "I'm Audric. I can't say that I'm that pleased to meet you, since we're stuck in some kind of hell hole." He smiled and Sam looked to the others, out of which seemed one to be in his twenties, with a buzz cut, and Sam asked him, "And you?" The guy didn't look up, he just kept looking to the ground and said, "What's it to you?" Sam didn't mind, and as he was going to ask the last guy what his name was, the man stood up and said, "We're all going to fucking die! And you're here taking introductions!" As he stopped, and breathed out loudly, a deep voice engulfed the room.

"Hello there. Leah, Sam, Audric, Phoenix, and Hayden. I'm sure all of you are wondering what you're doing here. Well you all don't know me. But I know you. I know all of you are special. Very, very special. But there's an old saying, isn't there, survival of the fittest? Well that's what we're going to try out here. I have locked five of you in here for one purpose, to see which one of you is fit enough to be my apprentice. To follow in my footsteps. I know all of you want to make it out alive. But that really won't be possible, will it? Only those who can harness their abilities will make it out alive, that is, if anyone does actually make it out alive. Right now it is 9 AM. At 5 PM, this building will implode. There are a number of keys that have been placed across this house, which you can use to escape from the house. Now I must bid you goodbye. Let the games begin…"

As soon as everyone heard this, they exchanged glances. The man who had earlier yelled at Sam clutched his hair and shouted out in anger. "I'm getting out of this shitty place. Hear me! I'm getting out!" He looked around for something, and then, slowly but suddenly, the big black door opened. The man looked overly excited at this and said, "All you fuckers can rot in this shitty house." Sam stopped him and said, "Don't do anything drastic. Who knows what weird tricks this house could hold?"

But the man didn't listen, and walked right outside the door. Click, crack. The planks right outside the door collapsed, and the main fell into a pit of spikes. His blood filled the small pit. Sam ran towards the pit, still a few steps away and looked back. Audric stood up in shock and backed away, while Leah wiped the sweat of her forehead and said, "Yup, we're screwed."

Somewhere in a motel in Louisiana…

Dean opened the door to the room, peacefully humming Metallica, and he yelled out, "Sammy! I got us some burgers and fries!" On hearing no response, or any sound from the bathroom, he yelled out again, "Sammy?" He put the bag on the table and went to the bathroom. "You in there?" he asked, as he knocked on the door. He opened it, and since no one was there, called up Sam's cell. But all it said was the phone was 'not reachable'. Dean got a little worried, and paced around in the room. Then he noticed it. It, being a note on Sam's bed. He went over and picked it up, and it read,


I am giving you a hint.

You don't know me. But I know you. Your brother is with me. And there's a very good chance you may never see him again. You're his only hope Dean. Otherwise, something horribly gory might happen to him. He has 8 hours. The game has begun.

That's the hint."

Well thats all. Hope you liked it. Please tell me what you think...

Oh, and here's a little random excerpt from the next chapter:

"And I'm supposed to trust you three?" She said, as she walked up the old stairway. She looked back at Sam while talking and tripped. Her knee knocked the step above and the wood broke off, falling down. Leah looked down in the hole, and her eyes widened. Audric from below asked her, "You ok? What happened?" Leah continued looking down and said, "I found a key."