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Fridays. Axia disliked them the most of all weekdays. Anyone else would be happy, given that the weekend was just round the corner. But if you had to study Econs in the morning for four hours, then another three of Biology at night, would you like Friday too?

"A major component of a cell membrane is: phospholipid, a fluid bilayer consisting of the hydrophobic and hydrophilic..."

Axia stared blankly at the science notes on her table and pretended to be listening. It was only her second biology lesson that year and already she dispised it.

"Hey man, pay attention!" Keria, her new friend, flipped the pages for her in exasperation. "Huh? Oh thanks," Axia muttered in distraction. This is so boring.

A glance at the wall clock indicated that there was still two hours of the lesson to go through. She could have sworn that someone had jammed the clock, time seemed to go at a snail's pace. Once again, she ignored the buzz of her teacher's voice and began daydreaming.

Axia fell asleep, or so she thought.


Artificial light bounced off the walls and hurt her eyes.

"What the-" She was no longer in her classroom. Instead, she had woken up on some sort of hard floor in the midst of a corridor. Axia hurriedly stood up and looked around, the place was deserted.

A faint voice could be heard in the background, it was her teacher explaining something called 'Centrioles of the centrosome', a term she did not understand.

Ugh, screw Bio! Axia mentally ripped her invisible textbook to shreds and threw the 'pieces' aside. Her 'book' gone, she felt a sense of satisfaction. Now she was free to do what ever she wished. Never mind that she did not know where she was or the sudden change in surroundings, a girl could find out.

"Doesn't this place have a map or something?!" After the tenth time of passing similar corners, Axia was sure she had been walking in circles. She was saved when footsteps were heard coming in her direction.


The footsteps stopped when its owner saw her. Axia froze from shock and disbelief. The Imperial hid his surprise and approached. "What are you doing here?"

"I-I should ask you the same thing," One moment she was in her class, the next in a place that looked suspiciously like the innards of a Star Destroyer. The fees she paid for the Biology course did not mention a trip to another galaxy far, far away.

I must be dreaming, Axia was saved when another voice spoke.

"What've you got there, Captain?" A higher ranking Imperial asked as he saw the pair. "Admiral...Piett?"

Now she knew she was dreaming.

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