Welcome to the author's notes! The section where I run my mouth like I did in the temporary chapters, but (ought to be) here to stay.

First the literary side:

It is unfortunate that the character listings are as incomplete as they are. This should be listed more under Zelda/Midna or Zelda/Ashei rather than Zelda/Link. The protaganist is Zelda. Her antagonists are Midna and Ashei mostly. Then again, everyone (including herself) was an antagonist in a way.

The story's arc is the standard Shake-spear of five. The introduction is that there will be a Summit of Peace. The rising action is laying down the pieces. The climax is where Zelda drops on Shad how she has everything handled (except for her dismissal of the Triforce of Wisdom in regards to her father). The falling action is where things start happening that aren't part of that plan. The resolution is when Zelda loses Link, and in effect the world.

I tried to make it a true tragedy, where the protagonist will suffer due to her actions and there's no other option considering her character flaws. Wow, that's a run on sentence. But the thing is, I tried to sell that Zelda's 'fatal mistake' was loving her father. Had she sided with the Triforce of Wisdom on the issues of "One Last Preparation", would this had been avoided?

As for the end, it seems a little rushed to me. But I saw Link killing Midna, the Twili killing Ilia and Link walking into the sunset when I was writing chapter "Hail to the Chief" or earlier. There were several things that I couldn't get to flow right, like Saria specifically asking as a counter favor for Red Lions to tell people of the Hero of Time instead of Twilight because she was partial to him. And there were two alternate epilogues I had in mind, Ilia's funeral and an old maid Zelda going through her scrap book. Those would tell 'what happenned after'. But since the 'fatal flaw' was the Red Lions and the Saria set up...

Secondly, the Legend of Zelda side:

Things I completely messed up on-Bokoblin, Moblin, boblin banana fana mo-moblin, Bokoblin. And which Triforce was shattered in Wind Waker.

The Moblin thing was simple ignorance as I remember Moblin from Wind Waker and didn't pay attention to any renaming for Twilight Princess.

Which Triforce was to keep in time with how they were 'dealt out' traditionally in the story. Wisdom to Zelda, Courage to the hero and Power to whoever could claim it. Since her disobediance is going to kill her anyway, Saria shatters than one. Oops.

Things I stretched too far-Apparently, there are a relatively large amount of people that feel the Twili are more Majoran than Gerudo. Maybe so. But playing only the first three day sequence of Majora's Mask and all of Ocariana of Time and TP led me to connect the Mirror and Gerudo's desert and Ganon being down with Zant and the Twili frustrations. The lack of Gerudo combined with the presence of Goron, Zora, Sheikah led me in the same path. When I was playing, even the fact that you could go on the same path to things in Ocarina but not far enough to get there (Past the Forest Temple and through the Lost Woods will lead to the Deku Tree and Kokiri Village or up the waterfall and through the throne room to Jabu Jabu's lair) enhanced it. Also, there was one point I wanted to have and the Twili equal ex-Gerudo did that. But that's another section's discussion.

I further stretched the whole seperate countries like laffy taffy to make this work. Obviously, the Navajo in 1200 A.D. were a larger nation than Death Mountain or even the Kingdom of Hyrule. But whatyagonnado?

As for characterizations, I think I stretched Saria a lot more than Zelda.

Saria is specifically from Ocarina of Time, and is incredibly soft spoken if strong hearted. I can see Saria easily feeling as fiercely as she spoke to King Hyrule. But actually speaking in a scolding rather than warning or pleading tone of voice? I wish I had the gumption to redo that scene. Saria is a lot more how she spoke to Ralis rather than Cor Goron.

Zelda appears in all the games, but is a different Zelda in each. So I would ask to think of how Zelda behaves in Twilight Princess rather than remember the sheltered and hidden Shiek of Ocarina or the rambunctious Tetra of Wind Waker or the childhood friend of Minish Cap or the damsel in distress of the others. This particular Zelda was in Ganon's custody throughout the entire game of Twilight Princess. When Twilight descended on Hyrule, he didn't destroy Castle Town as he had in Ocarina. Zelda in Twilight Princess did what she had to immediately upon its need-her sacrifice for Midna midway through, or riding with Link into battle. She struck me as a lot more...seasoned, due to whatever reasons.

Also, the premise of the games is that the Triforce of Power will give swine traits if the user doesn't have the Triforce of Wisdom. The premise in this story is that any corrupt user of a shard will show it. I tried to paint Zelda as many of the flaws that nobility were supposed to have, but actually looking out for the common good. I think she points out that she has to control herself or suffer the consequences in "Inviting the Moblins", and all of her thoughts that have some element of visciousness or condescending manipulation are laced with looking forward to greater good. So Zelda not being "kind" in this story? I'll leave it at kind doesn't equal chump, nor does it neccessitate not having the stomach for things that will eventually be for the best.

I tried to keep Midna to that devilish rather than infernal demonic tone she had in game. She was never (really) the sell me your soul, spin possessed child's head around type. She always struck me as a lot more the bad conscience of a cartoon character, impish type. Like when she suggests lighting bomb arrows in the Temple of Water, or the glint in her eye while deciding to retain the wolf curse. That friendly, fun loving, rules are for losers and you're not a loser are you? Also, Midna points out throughout the game that she's down with being in Twilight and that she's fighting Zant for the Twili's sake. I think she cared somewhat about Link and Zelda because of her act at the end of the game, but not above dissolving Zant's curse on her people.

Ashei was more fill in that stretch. The only thing the game mentions is her affiliation with the group, her propensity to be rude (which I never really saw) and the Snowpeak scene. That was filled in to make the adventurous, wild girl personality.

Everyone else, I think I got pretty right. Link's supernatural bravery was hard to remind the audience of but keep in place. I mean, it's easier to say "Superman can fly" without saying exactly that. People can grasp that. How do you describe someone that wouldn't know how to flinch at walking into a dark tunnel in 28 Days Later, or doesn't get the same kick out of fireworks because he's the only mammal on the planet that loud noises don't bother? I hoped to illustrate how the Triforces, and their imparted divinity, dehumanized characters. Compare Ganondorf Dragmire the wily behind the scenes sorcerer of Ocarian of Time with the over bloated madman of Twighlight Princess. Imagine never being startled because you had Courage, or watching everyone around you make mistakes when you never did because you had Wisdom, or never being frustrated at not overcoming a problem because you had Power.

Oh yeah! Midna asked Link to hand over his triforce because she couldn't kill him for it (it would go to the next hero) and she couldn't torture him out of it (triforce of Courage). The only way to get it was for him to hand it over. Whether she actually still cared for him, or what she would have done afterwards is up for the audience to decide.

Third point, politics-

I honestly don't have hope for anything. And I think it's our fault.

We all have different ideas on how much protection and how much freedom we (and others) should have. So what government could possibly encompass it all? Democracy and its derivatives (constitutional monarchy, democratic republic) will fail because most of us don't know the right answers to most things, so every policy decided on will be the wrong one. Dictatorship and its derivatives (exclusive monarchy, computer of the future, etc.) will fail because nothing's omniscient. Oligarchal systems take the traits of both.

On top of that, the people who choose to be politicians choose to be politicians. Every government in the world is run by people a)who chose to run a government over every other alternative open to them b)who had the power to enforce their will enough to be the government c)who are, no matter how extraordinary as the case may be, people. And for every Ghandi hunger strike there's more than enough Cambodian intellectual cleansings.

I percieve that a government's sole duty is to protect the rights of its citizens. Others will say it's to defend our border(s). Others will say it's to perform the will of Allah.

And we're supposed to make this work?

So in this story, there is no one who represents a government I am particularly sympathetic to. I would have liked to communicated that the governments in this story worked for the people they governed-the Goron system would fall flat in Hyrule, or the fae system in the Doman of the Zora.

What gets me is the total lack of sympathy for the Twili. I tried to point out that they are the minority to end all minorities:starved, force relocated, genocide, DAMNED, etc. etc. And every time they voice being upset by it or show some desire to fight back is met with a review of "I hope the Twili get what's coming to them!".

Oh well, onto specific reviewers.

Ri2:How about some critique of my writing instead of a repitition of what the story is? Just wondering. But thanks for your very enthusiastic interest. Hopefully, are your minor questions are answered by now-like what "bruddah" means, etc. And the building used as "the opera house" is the one that the minstrels play outside of next to the castle entrance in Castle Town. The minstrels are supposed to be some of the opera house band/actors. Also, I tried to paint Hyrule as the only global superpower (because the Golden Realm keeps out of such lowly things).

Gooey:I think your questions are answered as well.

Greenbird of BlueSky: Don't worry about your English, as I'm told I have bad grammar. I did want a sense of the television series Alias or Angel ended up having, with their vast conspiracies added to winning and losing taking on different meanings. Gor Coron got stomped to total defeat long before Minda did, for instance.

pat the almighty: I tried to show that Ashei didn't have the same inhibitions that all the other characters did. She was the one person that just voiced whatever came to mind. As for my being careless, or fast and loose with certain game aspects-Oops?

Teroghlan: If I was writing professionally instead of for my own amusement, I'd be all over your advice. But I'm not and I am, so eh? I mean, I do understand that bad grammar makes a story harder to read. I just don't have the motivation currently to do a better job. In the same way that I don't prepare a seven course meal everyday-I could do better, but its diminishing returns.

Nena Firewind:Yeah, it was the subject matter that disturbed me, not the way it was presented.

Ryu-Gi:Woo hoo, a fan! I agree that there are many fan based works that have no other the worth than the person seeing something they made online. In the same way that there are amv that are absolutely brilliant, tear jerking matches of lyrics to anime amongst a sea of "I like this song, I like this anime, see?". But whatyagonnado? Besides, I'm sure there's someone who dislikes my writing as vehemenently as you apparently dislike some others.

High Priest of Ducky:I mostly wanted to show that Zelda was climbing a sheer rock face to get Link. So he had multiple suitors he was a lot more inclined to than her.It's sort of the whole Batman ain't that bad ass if there's no Joker.

Twilight Alumina:Your reaction was exactly the one I was going for.

Bytemite:I never figured what Midna would have done had she lived. The completed Triforce may have given her the strength to start ruling rather than leading. But I agree, the canon for Zelda is nearly as difficult to reconcile as the canon for Final Fantasy.

Ice Dragon3:I don't get why people would have Link speak in other stories, honestly. As for "you should have seen this coming"...I pointed out that the Triforce of Wisdom was against King Hyrule sitting on the Triforce of Power. I put Ashei in basically the same place as it, and pointed out her hatreds of Zelda. What more could I do?

Spartan-3x13:See the 'characterization' section. but thanks.

Luigi III:Other nations have different ways of governing that are far worse.

Revanninja:1)See my little speil on characterization. I didn't mean to portray anyone as 100 percent evil. And much of Zelda's point was that she wasn't tyrannical because people were happy with her rule. She regularly points this out throughout the story, in the bath with Midna, in dissolving the Revolutionary Party, in the cart with Link. As for what Midna would and wouldn't do...she basically bullied Link through the first part of the game because she could. 2)As for my spelling, grammar, etc.Yeah. So? Nyah!

Fulcon:Yeah, updating this wasn't my highest priority in life. Sorry to leave someone who actually likes it hanging.

Peanuckle:1)Yeah, the Oocca weren't pivotal. But the story was more about Zelda. I actually first envisioned it as Link running back and forth between everyone, but Zelda rose to main character around the Twili invitation. 2)And Minda wasn't evil...exactly. I take it more as an early Malcolm X. If you opress a people through no fault of their own long enough, you're going to get a mentality that's part caged animal part unrepentant over tactics part untrusting of absolutely everything. I mean, Palestine voted Hamas into power. What does that tell you? 3)As for pairing Link other than with Zelda being heresey...yeah, in a way it is. But that just shows that LoZ games are growing beyond what the 80s cartoon once was.

bushes238:I don't get why Midna taking the triforces is so evil. It's like saying our enemies are evil for gaining access to weaponry we have. Sure, we'd like people to believe that, but really? Even when people are evil for completely other reasons (like Iran or North Korea's treatment of their citizens and neighbors), gaining the weaponry of people that hate them have shouldn't be thought of as evil (even if it should be labelled as such if it meets your goals). So in short, Midna wasn't any more evil than she always had been up to that point. I think you're gonna have to make your own choice on whether or not she was always evil or not. As for the races I left out, I should have left out the Deku as they don't have any bearing either.

katanamaru:Thanks for the support. I do think a chapter should actually be a particular part of the story. Not just what one happened to feel like writing that moment.

Kerezteny:I think it's unfair to decide I'm male based on my neautrality, but "eh?" + shrug. As for who I think has the best idea of government in this story-I don't. I think that each system came about due to the particular citizens and resources and politics of the nation. While each system may be the best for them, others would probably hate it. In the Ooccan system of technocratic meritocracy, Mido would be the ruler of the Kokiri because he's smart and nosy and the only one inclined to make others do things. And every last Kokiri hated Mido. Also, lengthy reviews are better. Particularly with why the story gives you a particular opinion rather than just what you had an opinion on.

As for the line that made you smile-I was trying to point out how inhuman Link was due to the Triforce of Courage, to accent his suffering when it wasn't embedded in him. It was his casual dismissal of remorse.

Exp.626.Fan:I think Midna's biggest downfall was being born Twili/Gerudo.To quote ICP, they "never had it made". Meaning that every single action she could have taken was either going to be construed as evil or weak and both were going to lead to her death. Richer, more blessed nations were happier. The Twili will never get justice for their opression, and offerings of redemption are simply insulting.