A Phantom Spider: By Quacked Lurker (edited April 15, 2007)

I do NOT own anything besides the plot (and Mars, but he comes later). Thank you for reading.

Summary: This is an AU story. The science teacher of Casper High left and the town of Amity Park had to pull in a replacement. Will the substitute teacher survive with his secret intact? Will he discover the secrets two students hold? Only time will tell.

-----------------------------------Prologue, Amity Park-----------------------------

Friday began well enough—Danny Fenton woke before his alarm clock blared in his ear and he managed to finish his homework the night before. His best friends—Tucker Foley, an African American young man, and Samantha Madson, a goth oriented female—met him at the door and they walked to school.

Rather, they walked to the nearest alleyway where Danny let his ghost half surface and the three flew towards school. Before arriving, the three dropped down near an empty cul-de-sac and Danny's ghostly appearance gave way to his human form. Together they walked the remaining block and separated for class.

Mars, a freshman, groaned.

His morning had been excellent—his often absent dad was awake and had prepared breakfast. Midway through, his mom joined them for her ritual of morning coffee.

After placing the dishes in the sink, his father offered to drop him off at school.

Mars accepted and let a huge grin crack his face. This was too good to be true.

Mars' day turned sour during the drive over. It was a short ride and Mr. Leyland calmly broke the news that his job required him to travel to New York City this weekend. Mars nearly screamed with frustration, but accepted the news. It was inevitable. Silence prevailed for the rest of the trip.

Valerie Grey barely made it to school on time. Her alarm clock was in the repair shop and she hadn't woken early enough to take her time with the little things. At least having a hover board cut out the delay traffic could cause. The African American female frowned on her approach to Casper High. Her ghost detector was on the fritz again. It had briefly indicated there was a powerful ghost just outside the High School boundary. She saw no ghost—just Danny Fenton and his two friends hurrying to class.

Skulker made his weekly appearance in town. This time he appeared in the school itself during third period. His subsequent fight with D. Phantom hadn't lasted as long as the hunter had planned. To his distress, the Box Ghost was attracted by the commotion caused by the two ghosts. He was, in turn, followed by the Red Huntress.

At lunch, Desiree began granting wishes and unwisely granted one of Jazz Fenton's hard-to follow wishes and locked herself out of Amity Park for a month. It was interesting the logic, practicing psychiatrists could use. Of course lawyers also used confusing language as well and ghosts weren't the smartest beings around, so Desiree's eviction from the town was expected—just not from that source.

By the end of the day, Danny, Valerie, and others were looking forward to wasting time in the class Mr. Lancer was supervising. That was before the announcement generated by the vice principle. "Well, students, the school board has finally managed to find a replacement science teacher. He will be here by Monday, so today is the last day I watch you guys.

Samantha—who really preferred being called Sam—groaned and slid in her seat. Most of the other students in this particular class rarely paid attention to the vice-principle while he was substituting for absent, and underpaid teachers. Sometimes the newest teachers cracked under the paperwork and regulations. However, in Casper High of Amity Park, they and other transfers were more likely driven off by the frequent ghost attacks. "Why can't the jocks pay attention once in a while?" asked the goth.

The dark African American boy with a red beret turned around. "Sam, please don't stereotype. It's their personality and they don't care about school or college at this point. Next year or maybe their senior year they may decide to become serious. I really recommend focusing on our studies and classes right now for the head start against the athletics and 'in-crowd'. How about you Danny?" The African-American turned to look at their friend.

The fair skinned, black haired, blue-eyed teenager was slouching in his chair. He sat up straight and answered his friend's question. "Tuck, I'm doing my best in school. The frequent ghost attacks and bullying are not helping my case." Danny sighed. "At least, getting shoved in my locker occasionally gives me a chance to pass my injuries and bruises off as nothing."

Sam growled. "Danny! The injuries are too a big deal. Why won't you at least try to pretend to fight? You are practically the only sophomore that is picked on. And why do the bullies use you as an object lesson? It's because they know you don't fight, argue, retaliate or turn them in. You're easy pickings and I hate that!" Same buried her face in the textbook as students were supposed to say in their seats at all times.

Tucker and Danny looked at each other then went back to their individual tasks. Tucker Foley sat doing his homework from other classes while Danny Fenton doodled in the sketchbook his sister had bought him.

Meanwhile, Valerie Grey was doing the project Mr. Lancer had assigned before making his announcement. She fumed. If only the other students could know what this means. Great, another teacher who bumbles aimlessly around when a ghost shows up. Hopefully he won't get overshadowed. Valerie finished the project before she felt under control. She looked at the clock. Five minuets left.

As this was a Friday and the last class, the students stampeded out the door when the bell rang. The weekend was upon them and it would not be wasted, in the young adolescents' minds.