Chapter 3 – Thoughts and Motions

- please note that once again as always, italics means thoughts or a boldly spoken word

Queen Maeve sat in her dark throne room, wondering what she could possibly do to escape this new peace treaty.

'Why do I always have to start these? Oh, of course, because High and Mighty King Conchobar doesn't trust me or my people enough to stay out of his lovely Kingdom! Well, I think it's about time to break this treaty once and for all. If only I could think of a way to pull it off without Mider. Ever since I was banished he's treated me as nothing, but I am not nothing. I have more power than he'll ever have since I found that stone outside of my kingdom. Yes, that's right! I've found the stone that Draganta was looking for, and now he'll never get it back. Ha! But, how do I use it? For what point and purpose? Needless to say, I will hunt down those Mystic Knights. They have been more of a hindrance than I could have imagined. A few more days of planning, and I should be able to conquer Kells, like I should have been able to the day I was born!'

Rohan had not decided to go out the next morning. He needed to talk to Deirdre, and he knew that it was about time that he did. But, he didn't know how he could do it, not without completely embarrassing himself. 'The world is a confusing place, it really is. Angus told me that the Princess obviously liked me and that I should just tell her how I feel about her. But, what does Angus know, he's only recently met Katrina, and the two of them were already stuck to each other's faces like the sun was stuck to the sky.'

Rohan breathed a sigh. He made his way up to Deirdre's bedroom in once of the turrets of the castle, knowing not what he was going to say. All he knew was that he loved her with all of his heart, and he always did, ever since they were little kids. On his way up, he met Deirdre coming down the stairs in a long pink dress. 'She looks wonderful today. I should tell her. But, how? What if she thinks I'm making fun of her? Oh God, I don't know what to say!'

"Uh, hello Princess," Rohan stuttered, starting his conversation with her the same way that he did every day.

"Good morning, Rohan. Have you seen my father today? I was supposed to meet him in the throne room we that we could discuss something."

"Oh, no I haven't seen him yet," Rohan replied, wishing that he could be the one discussing things with Deirdre.

"Alright, then I'd better be off! Goodbye, Rohan!" Deirdre smiled at Rohan and walked past him down the rest of the stairs. 'I wish I had said more to him. Or he to me. Oh, I don't know what I want anymore. I want what Katrina has, but I don't want Angus. I want to be with someone, namely Rohan. But, how can I tell him?'

Rohan watched Deirdre leave with a glazed look in his eyes. He sat down right where he was on the spiral staircase, and put his hands to his head. 'Why does this have to be so hard? Love should be the easiest thing to come to people, especially me. I can fight monsters and dragons, but I can't win fair lady's heart? Some knight I am...'

Meanwhile, Ivar stood with his back against the castle wall, thinking about home, and how he was going to get his chalice back. He had recently found out that Torq had it, but he hadn't the slightest idea how he was going to get it back. He was just reminiscing in his old thoughts, when Aideen fluttered up beside him.

"Something has upset you, Ivar?"she asked, knowing that the response would be short and sweet, like a tale told to tykes by their parents.

"Yes," Ivar replied, adjusting his sleeve, "I really need to get my chalice back to it's homeland. My father will be missing it." 'Actually, I am rather missing it. Not so much the chalice, but my homeland and my father.'

"I see. Is that all?" Aideen asked, knowing full well that this was not all, but that she was not going to find out the real answer to his problems.

"Yes," Ivar replied once more, ending the conversation. He turned his face away from the tiny fairy, and sat down, his back against the wall. Aideen took this as her cue to leave, and she flew away, determined to come back later. She had taken a liking to Ivar; not the way that she liked Rohan, but as a friend. She wanted to help him, and make him understand that people cared about him here, as much as they did in his homeland.

Meanwhile, Angus sat alone on the grass by the river. He was attracting a lot of stares from younger children, as they had seen the 'new girl' Katrina and the Princess arguing over him the previous day. He didn't seem to notice them though, because he was trapped in his own mind.

'Why can't I find her anywhere? Where would she run off to, I don't think I said anything? Maybe it was Deirdre, they were talking yesterday. I should go find her. I should find either one of them. Who though? This is so confusing.'

Angus sighed and got up. He headed towards the castle, knowing full well that the Princess would be there. As always, he attracted several dirty looks from the older villagers in Kells, but he didn't care. He was going to talk to Deirdre, and find out exactly what she had said to Katrina. After what seemed like ages, Angus finally arrived at the castle. He had his usual hassle trying to get in, but as always, he got past the hot-headed guards. Luckily, his search for Deirdre didn't take long, as she was standing right near the door.

"Hey," Angus greeted his friend, "Have you seen Katrina?"

Deirdre rolled her eyes. "No, fortunately I haven't." Angus raised an eyebrow.

"You don't like her."

"Isn't it a bit weird to you that she just shows up, and automatically starts making eyes at you?" Deirdre retorted.

"No," Angus said, shrugging. "What have you got against her anyway? She didn't do anything to you, so what's you problem?"

Deirdre crossed her arms and frowned at Angus. "I don't have a problem. And, it's not what she did. It's what she didn't do. She has no reason to be here, so why would she be?"

Angus gave up. He was losing the battle, and decided to surrender. The Princess had more authority anyway. "I'll just find her myself then!" And in a huff, Angus turned and left the castle, headed directly for the forest.

'What was the point in asking her? She doesn't like her, so she wouldn't know or care where she was. Where would she be?'

Maeve sat once again in her throne room, but this time she wasn't alone. She was talking to Torq, her new captain.

"I finally have a plan that will defeat the Mystic Knights, Torq."

"What is it that I must do?" Torq asked.

"I hear that there is a new girl in Kells, and she has become rather attached to one of the knights. I need you to find her and bring her to me."

"Where will I find her?"

"The last I heard of her was from Numain, and she was sitting alone in a forest. My guess is she is probably still there, weeping. I want you to bring her to me, and leave a note to the knights. They will come here to find her, and here they will meet their doom. Motion passed."

"Right away, my queen." Torq bowed to the evil queen and left.